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Kate Chastain, star of Below Deck is making waves as the accomplished and witty chief stewardess on the Bravo hit series. Kate’s yachting career has taken her through the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Central America and New England but her favorite experience was a 21 day trip crossing the Atlantic Ocean. 

In an exclusive interview with All About the TeaKate doesn’t hold back her feelings about the drama surrounding Rocky Dakota, Chef Leon, Eddie & Rocky’s showmance and much more! Read our interview below.

What was your path to becoming a chief stewardess?

Kate: I started working on yachts after graduating from college in 2007.  I literally spent the first nine months ‘below deck’, working in the laundry room and guest cabins on a busy charter boat in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.  It wasn’t easy but the money, travel and life experiences made it all worth it. I freelanced on boats of all sizes around the world for a few years, the entire time learning what made a boat program run well. Eventually, and with quite a bit of trial and error, I worked my way up the ranks and was happily employed as the Chief Stewardess on a beautiful 151’ yacht when I got the call for the show.

How hard was it dealing with Rocky Dakota’s seemingly defiant attitude while catering to charter guests?

Kate: I’m not exaggerating when I say that this season on “Eros” was the most difficult charter season of my entire career, mostly because of Rocky’s blatant disrespect and disregard for the amount of work we needed to accomplish. She didn’t want to work and she didn’t want to learn, which meant that Amy and I had to pick up her slack the entire time.  Then, to add insult to injury, she would bad mouth me to the crew, saying I was an awful slave driver, when all I ever wanted was for her to do the job she signed up for. Climbing up onto the radar while the boat was underway, jumping off the boat in her underwear with guests onboard and having almost daily hysterical breakdowns made having Rocky on the boat feel like we were all just hostages to her emotional whims.  She was out of control the entire time and any attempt to hold her accountable for her actions only made her behavior worse.

On part one of the reunion, Rocky labeled your management style as rude and claims you wrote her off. What’s your response to her portrayal?

Kate: Quite frankly, Rocky’s opinion of my management style doesn’t hold a lot of water.  And actually, I would say that it is her professional demeanor that is rude and she is the one who wrote me off. I lead by example, and only expect the other stewardesses to work as hard as I do during charters which I think is quite fair. Rocky didn’t appreciate the way I ran the interior but she certainly wasn’t complaining when the charter guests left us generous tips.  I think she not only owes me an apology, but she also owes Amy and I a big ‘Thank You’ for all of the money we earned her.

What are your thoughts on the Rocky and Eddie drama after watching the season play out?

Kate: I don’t think there is anything special or unique about it. People on boats hook up. It happens, no big deal. At first it’s exciting because it’s a secret, and then the new wears off and the realization that it was just a cabin fever-induced fling sets in. I think Rocky enjoyed the drama from the aftermath of it all more than the fling itself.  It’s no secret she loves attention and this was just another way for her to get it.

You work really hard to build your brand/professional resume, how do you manage difficult staff members that challenge your management?

Kate: When we’re working I don’t really have time to focus on anything but the guests and trying to stay one step ahead of their requests, but once the charter guests leave, I always try to make it a point to spoil my stewardesses in some way.  Usually on days off I like to take them for a pedicure, or a nice sushi dinner with wine, or a pool day with champagne, just something to show them that we can have fun girl time together off the clock.  That’s actually really important to me because when you’re working away from home, your coworkers become your friends and family. When we were working on “Ohana” I got all of the girls onboard cute little mermaid dolls from Tortola that matched each of our hair colors.  On another boat, I gave my stewardesses pearl friendship bracelets from St.Barths. I like to surprise them with small souvenirs from whatever port we are visiting so they will have something to remember the trip with, long after we’ve left the boat.

You have a huge social media following and presence…do you enjoy the fan feedback while live tweeting?

Kate: I enjoy writing as a hobby so coming up with fun captions or being able to say something funny in only 140 characters is super fun for me. Because I’ve spent the majority of my career travelling internationally, social media has always been a major way for me to keep in touch with loved ones back home. And I love reading feedback from “Below Deck” fans, they are so supportive which makes this entire experience that much more enjoyable.

Rocky made a shocking accusation when discussing the fire incident, she accused you of drinking. Why did she make such an accusation?

Kate: I actually wasn’t that shocked when Rocky accused me of drinking. She has no boundaries and will say or do anything if she thinks it is to her benefit, regardless of truth or reason.  I think at that point in the reunion, Rocky was feeling overwhelmed with all of the negative feedback she was receiving and resorted to finger-pointing and blame shifting which is sad but not surprising.

Where does your relationship with Chef Ben stand today?

Kate: Ben and I are great friends.  He is one of the funniest people I know and we have both been there for each other to offer a laugh and advice when needed.  In regards to past hook-ups or arguments, we both know that neither are ever that serious and at the end of the day we will always be friends, nothing more, nothing less.

Your thoughts on Leon skipping the reunion?

Kate: I wasn’t surprised at all seeing as how Leon was mentally checked out of the entire Below Deck experience from day one.  I was disappointed however that he chose not to attend, as I would have loved for both Andy and Ben to meet him and witness firsthand what I had to deal with for five long weeks.

When Kate’s not busy catering to the demands of her high-profile charter guests, she enjoys working on her blog Lucky Charming and is excited about the release of her book of the same name later this year.

Tune in tonight (Tuesday, December 1) for part two of the “Below Deck” season 3 reunion at 8pm ET on Bravo. Check out a preview of tonight’s drama below:


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  • Izzy

    Thanks AATT for this great interview. I love Kate’s no nonsense, tell like it really is attitude. She put up with so much shit from “ceiling eyes” (Rocky) and Leon. Those two lazy MoFoers should have not received equal tips.

    Rocky is a proven bonafide lying liar. She gave an interview where she stated that Eddie still loves her and that she has cooked dinner for Captain Lee and his wife at their home. Her castmates called her out on her lies, and of course the crazy bish said she was just joking. Seems she has taken a cue from the felon of NJ when caught in a lie.

    • NaNaDee

      Rocky Stated that was a joke when she said that

      • Izzy

        No, you are wrong! She did not state it was a joke when she gave that interview. Captain Lee and Kate called her out on Twitter, and then and only then is when Rocky ADMITTED that she had lied. Get your facts straight.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Great interview Tea. I love Kate’s energy. She calls it like she sees it and takes no one’s bs. Especially crazy Rocky!!! I appreciate how candid she is in the interview.

    • sideof Sour Cream

      Yes, Rocky is named correctly —-> dumb as a ROCK.

      • E P🎉

        Right on the mark soSC!

        • sideof Sour Cream

          thx E P! lol

  • Mags

    Great interview with Kate AATT! I love Kate.

  • sideof Sour Cream

    Kate makes the show, have loved her since the beginning.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      Is it so wrong that I have a girl crush on her?

      • sideof Sour Cream

        🙂 Elizabeth I totally get it!

      • E P🎉

        Kate rocks!

    • E P🎉

      Right on soSC! Kate is the best, bar none. And I also loved Capt Lee for setting Rocky straight. Thank God, because Andy was letting her run rough shod all over that reunion.

      • sideof Sour Cream

        Captain Harold Lee could give some lessons on how to conduct a proper reunion interview that’s for darn sure!

      • Loren

        yeah that was weird Andy doing that. I felt like he kind of stuck up for Leon a little too! Thats not like Andy usually

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Great interview AATT!!! Kate is Da Bomb! Love her and her talking heads!

  • RubyT

    she is tough, but she’s fair. that’s what you want in a good leader. it’s quite clear in the reunion show that the captain has no time for rocky. neither did i.

    • Sulamith

      Yep, I know the captain is tough, but I have to admit I was surprised by how tough he was on rocky. I don’t care for her at all and I really think this is the first time in her life that someone has really gotten in her face like the captain did.

    • NaNaDee

      Every year Kate has a problem with someone. Has everyone forgotten how she treated me last year?

      • Izzy

        You were on the yacht last year? GTFOOH!

  • Abby_Wabby

    I didn’t read….Don’t like bitch resting face real life bitch Kate….that’s all I got

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  • RustyToddler

    Great questions. Well done Tea.

  • luvmesomereality

    I enjoyed this interview and the reunion. Kate must have hair extensions on in this picture. Her hair did not look good at the reunion. That dark root look is not my favorite. I do think she had some wine in that coffee mug. She skirted around the question and so did Amy when questioned by Andy. Poor Rocky took a beating at the reunion and I do wonder if she was lying about hooking up with Eddie after filming.

    • NaNaDee

      She definitely had one and that love you could tell by Amy’s reaction

      • tibi

        You say “she DEFINITELY had one”. Were you on the boat to see Kate have that drink? The word definite states an absolute positive and I believe that just because you dislike Kate you make an nasty absolutely vicious lie about something you know nothing about. Rumor mongering is a low class hate filled specious remark.

        • Loren

          AGREE w NaNaDee!!!!

        • Loren

          AGREE w tibi!!!!

    • Disco_Nap

      Yes. Very suspicious that neither Kate nor Amy would answer the question. They just redirected.

  • Loren

    I love Kate. That interview was awesome and dead on point! Funny thing is I hated her season one I thought she was the biggest bitch. I think after first season she chilled a little on her attitude and I started to like her. This season she was awesome just for the simple fact of how she handled the awful abuse Leon had given her. He treated horrible. No one should be treated that. I actually felt for her at that point. Then Rocky started in on her for no reason except that she was taking Leon’s side. Kate did nothing to Rocky, nothing. In fact, she was trying to get along with her. It was seen on the show.
    Who give a f*** if Kate was drinking. If she was it was not shown on TV nor was it shown in her actions. She ran that boat like a BOSS!! Ran circles around Rocky drinking or no drinking. THE END See you next season Kate!

  • catcrawl

    that’s a ton of photoshopping to her face…. jesus!

    • catcrawl

      she does not even look like that !

    • oopsyIdroppedtheball

      Have a look at her latest mugshot, now that’s the Kate we know and are horrified by.