Caroline Stanbury on The Annabelle Drama in Denmark

Posted on Oct 29 2015 - 8:12am by Terri L. Austin

Caroline Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury, resident Queen Bee on Ladies of London, had to close her business, Gift Library, this week. It was sort of heartbreaking, watching her shut off that Be Nice neon sign. She laughed to mask the pain, using that stiff upper lip the British are so famous for, be we saw through it. She was devastated.

“Closing Gift Library was a total shock and I just found it impossible to go back. I haven’t been back since and seen it. It’s very hard and still is.”

In the midst of this setback, she tromped off to Denmark with Caroline Fleming the other ladies.

“I am not a huge group trip person so I was apprehensive and not really in the head space to deal with drama.”

What drama, you ask. Well, Annabelle Neilson seemed off her game this week, and it colored the trip for everyone.

“When Annabelle arrived late I thought it was her way of making her presence known – leaving us to wonder if she was coming or not, and we were all left to wait and worry.”

My question: did they call her? Was she simply not answering her phone? We’ll never know, because it wasn’t addressed. I always have questions at times like this.

And how did Caroline feel when Annabelle decided, in true Festivus style, to air her grievances over dinner?

“Annabelle likes to tell us all what’s wrong with us and how we should behave but apparently we aren’t allowed the same luxury…I was a little surprised she took our happy dinner to such a negative space but again I rather know how someone feels than not.”

So were the ladies right to be ticked off at Annabelle? And do you think Fleming is trying to usurp Caroline’s role as Queen Bee?


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  • italiano bambino

    Caroline gets offended yet she makes comments and want to people to suck it and take it. Lady has a nerve.

  • Jo

    They’re all mental. Worrying daily, about their social status, hilarious.

    • DumbChick2

      Are they really supposed to read into what it meant when someone showed up late to a party? I would never wonder about that.

      • MidwestMiddie

        Exactly …….
        If I had a question about a friend running late for an engagement, I’d
        simply ask if traffic had been brutal? If it wasn’t traffic, my friend would have
        the option to pull me aside and tell me if something serious was going on or not.

        • DumbChick2

          I think this qualifies you as officially normal, which in this group is a compliment. 😛

          • MidwestMiddie

            I just got off the phone with my brother and he would
            never agree with you. : )

    • MidwestMiddie

      IMO – this is Bravo’s Influence on the show. Wish the BBC had kept it and
      not sold it.

  • TartLemon

    Very admirable that Caroline accepted responsibility for he business and chose to quickly move on. The Carolines are very long and dear friends. I don’t believe S is concerned one iota about F usurping her ‘throne’.

  • side of Sour Cream

    I thought what Annabelle did at dinner was rude, but in her defense she was just following instructions from the host. I also think it was part of a greater plan to give her an excuse to ignore the drama that is sure to follow. That way she can spend quality time with the people who really matter on this trip: the Baroness’ fancy pants relatives.
    Because of her little round table of insults Annabelle is going to be able to excuse herself from all messiness and go on her merry way, technically not offending anyone by not taking sides, because she already said her piece. It’s a brilliant plan really!