Annabelle Neilson Addresses The Dinner Debacle “I Told People What They Needed to Hear”

Posted on Oct 28 2015 - 8:20am by Terri L. Austin

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Annabelle Neilson was large and in charge on the latest episode of Ladies of London. First, she looked phenomenal in the Alexander McQueen dress. It was a lot of dress, but she pulled it off with flair at the Ebola Relief fashion show. So kudos (or kudooze, as Ramona Singer might say) to Miss Annabelle.

“My dress – It’s a big dress to try and have fun with and you could walk down all serious, but really that’s not in the spirit of what you’re doing. …I’d left the shorts that go underneath this dress at the Dorchester where Naomi and I had planned to meet before the show. Then we were so late and I had to wear some show knickers…”

That’s the cell phone-lobbing Naomi Campbell, y’all. In case there was any doubt.

“Naomi and I have been friends for many years –  along with John Galiano, Kate Moss, Lee Alexander McQueen, and Edward Eninfour to name a very small number of the fashion elite the … Naomi invited me along to be involved with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund… Most importantly she is my friend…”

Annabelle referred to some kind of problem she was having throughout the episode, but she never gave any hints as to what it might be. She seemed very hurt that the ladies didn’t ask her what was wrong, Julie in particular.

“I felt really sad hearing Jules back up Caroline’s snippy remark behind my back. You obviously could stab me in the back and not in the guts; when standing behind a wall like me, a wall that when it is crumbling… What happened?”

And as for Caroline Stanbury and her snarky remarks about Annabelle always being late:

“What do I think of Caroline? If you do travel business class you should now you can arrive 45 mins before check in and 30 if you pre board…Oops, dig yourself out… What did Caroline say, you can smell a social climber a mile away…so true!!!”

What prompted Annabelle to confront everyone at dinner?

“I told people what they needed to hear and to their face, not behind their backs… By the way if anyone can give these girls a therapy session it’s me. And if Jules can have her bum out, then I can certainly have an opinion and say it to everyone’s face, not behind their backs.”

Would she take back anything she said?

“I take loyalty and friendship seriously, bitchiness is not my style – it is done cowardly and with no respect… I don’t hide or tittle tattle or snipe, I say what I think like a real English lady, with style, confidence and mental agility something unfortunately rather lacking in present company. I might be dyslexic but good breeding is a privilege not a disadvantage.”

So, that would be a no then. I loved seeing this uninhibited Annabelle, but something was definitely off with her last night. I don’t know if she was in emotional pain or what her personal drama was, but she took off the gloves and let those ladies have it.

Did Annabelle do the right thing, telling everyone off to their faces? Or should she have spoken to the each of the ladies privately?


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  • italiano bambino

    She really came out of her shell this season. Glad she’s calling them out

  • itsjustme

    Am I the ONLY one finding the americans insufferable? Holy Hannah are they something. Julie is the biggest whiner and ass kisser, Juliet, I don’t know, it just seems she is somehow unstable and ready to crack at any minute. And Marissa. talk about a social climber, man if she even SMELLS someone is from London’s elite she is all over them like flies on…

    • Vicki

      And please, can we stop with the Mapperton references in every single episode? Enough.

    • LOL no you are not. And we wonder why some countries hate when we visit.

    • side of Sour Cream

      I can’t stand Marissa lately. She’s just do damn full of herself. At least the other 2–their antics CAN be entertaining. (especially the yoga contest breakdown –lol that cracked me up 🙂

  • side of Sour Cream

    I don’t really care for any of the characters on this show. But I watch because I LOVE London, and seeing the interiors of homes, restaurants, etc.
    & After the last episode I think I may want to visit Denmark some day.

    • Lila

      I too, watch for everything you said. But I like Annabelle. She comes across as the only Real person in the bunch. Caroline..I go back and forth with her. She dishes it out real good, but can’t take it very well.

      • side of Sour Cream

        I liked Annabelle by far the best until I found out she was buddies with the crazy-violent Naomi Campbell! (And she seemed to be kissing Naomi’s ass–which I thought was kind of icky)
        But out of all of them I agree with you, Annabelle and CS are the favored ones for me as well.