RECAP: Ladies of London “Something Rotten in Denmark” [Episode 8]

Posted on Oct 27 2015 - 5:47am by Dani-K

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It’s London’s fashion week on Ladies of London and Juliet and Marissa are at a show to watch Annabelle and Naomi Campbell strut their stuff on the catwalk. I’m not sure why Annabelle invited these two since they aren’t particularly close. Maybe she invited everyone and Marissa and Juliet were the only ones who could attend. Annabelle looks great and her black McQueen dress flows beautifully. After the show, Annabelle, Juliet, and Marissa have some fun practicing their fierceness on the catwalk.

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Over at Gift Library, Caroline is having a final meeting with her assistant Rania and CFO, Pauline, who is laughing to keep from crying. She no longer has a job. No one at Gift has a job. Caroline says she’s “desperately sad” but damned if you can tell. The British stiff upper lip thing is in full swing.

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Naomi and Annabelle have a teary sit down to rehash the fashion show and the good ole days. They admit that over the years they’ve had a row or two, but the ladies still believe in one another. Naomi tells Annabelle how much Alexander McQueen believed in her. Annabelle explains she can share things with Naomi that she can’t with the other ladies because they always bring the drama.

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Marissa is waiting at a café for Carol to see if she really has put the cougar drama behind her. Carol arrives and right away tells Marissa how betrayed she is feeling because Marissa spoke negatively about her new young chap to her sister, who happens to be Marissa’s best friend. Marissa, who is bored to tears with this subject, tries to explain, but Carol cuts her off and makes Marissa promise she will never do it again and will be a loyal subject to her now. Marissa apologizes again. Carol accepts again. And the ladies hug it out again.

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In an effort to create a memorable ad for JUB balls, Lady Julie is going to pose nude. Sort of. She’ll be showing her backside and it will be painted in the JUB logo against a JUB poster. It’s actually very cool. The bright colors and design are comic book-like. Luke and Juliet got to see parts of Lady Julie they never wanted to and no worries from her in-laws who are into “art.” It’s a win/win for Lady Julie.

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Caroline, Carol and Sophie meet for lunch. After Carol forces a hug on Caroline over the loss of her business, the ladies discuss the upcoming trip to Denmark. Both Sophie and Caroline assure Carol that something in Denmark will be rotten. Why? Because the Americans aren’t as tough as the Brits. Blah, blah, blah. We’re too sensitive. We’re too emotional.

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As the ladies pack for Copenhagen, we learn it’s very cold there. How cold? Zero degrees Celsius, which transfers to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, in case you were wondering. They arrive at the airport with way too many bags for a four-day trip and Annabelle is late. Just when I think she’s going to be a no-show, she strolls up, calm as an ice-cube in Copenhagen. Luke and all the ladies take off for Denmark…in coach! So not what I imagined.

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When they arrive, paparazzi are everywhere snapping pictures of their beloved Baroness. Actually it’s only one guy with a camera and a large flash. Juliet has to ask if it’s paparazzi because it’s only one person, and perhaps he’s like that guy on the cruise ship who takes your pictures then hands you the number your photos will be stored under. Carol warns the others that the paparazzi will get worse. Spoiler alert: they don’t.

Unfortunately they aren’t staying at the castle just yet. The ladies arrive at a swank hotel and check into their rooms. Annabelle admits to us in a private interview she’s going through something and would have preferred to stay home. She wishes that Lady Julie would reach out to her and offer her some support. Wait a minute…the emotional American is supposed to recognize the non-emotions of the British?

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It’s tour time, and the ladies march out of their hotel, past Annabelle. Lady Julie is the only that notices Annabelle is missing and stops to look for her. Annabelle catches up just in time to meet Carol’s 9th great-grandfather, a green statue in the middle of the street, Niehls Juel. He was a Danish Admiral who won a battle and was paid with various castles instead of gold. Carol’s family home is in one of those castles.All About the Tea_ladies-of-london-recap-s2

Next, the ladies are going fur shopping. Yay! Break out the red paint. What’s that? Oh, apparently fur is okay in Europe, but Lady Julie wants no part of it. Lady Julie announces she will be right next door drinking coffee because nobody dies from the making of coffee, not including Columbia. Annabelle tells Lady Julie she finds her behavior rude and calls her out for putting her nose in the air.

Carol could care less if Lady Julie joins them fur shopping or not. They try on the furs inside Birger Christensen and instantly look glamorous. One of the furs is a reported $49,000 Euros, that transfers into 54,228.13, in case you were wondering. Carol strolls out of the store wearing a 70’s inspired fur. No word on the price tag of that sucker, but rest assured, she can afford it.

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The ladies are going to dinner, but Luke is late to do Caroline’s hair and make up and she’s miffed at the little wanker – until she hears why. Seems Annabelle and Lady Julie had a tiff 45 minutes earlier. Annabelle is annoyed…at everyone basically, but mostly at Lady Julie. Carol says she doesn’t want any drama at her castle. Caroline smirks and says, good luck with that.

Everyone looks smashing at dinner. This is Carol’s favorite, favorite, favorite restaurant and orders lemon, lemon, lemon for the ladies, ladies, ladies. I have no idea why she is speaking in three’s. After their delicious dinner, Carol dings her wineglass and announces that if anyone has anything to say to or about anyone, do it now. She starts with Juliet who says, she’s happy and grateful right now. A sigh of relief spreads around the table.


No one else has anything to say until they get to Annabelle. Turns out, she has plenty to say and goes around the table with her thoughts. To Juliet: listen more and tone down her anger. To Caroline: be more careful of hurting other’s feelings. To Lady Julie: remind herself not to talk so much. Caroline suddenly remembers something she’d like to say to Annabelle: sometime she goes inside herself, isn’t present and comes in making a face.

Tune in next week when the ladies continue to bicker amongst the opulence and Annabelle gets a dreadful phone call. (Is there any other kind?)


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  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Thanks for the recap… I recorded it last night and will watch it tonight. What is Annabelle’s problem with everyone?

    • Dani-K

      Annabelle admitted she’s going through something, but what? What if…don’t hate me…but what if it has something to do with pain management from her broken hip? I’m not saying she’s on drugs (okay, yes I am) but I really don’t think she’s simply bored with life and misses Alexander McQueen. It seems deeper.

  • Chloe

    Thanks for a great recap, Dani-K. I’m not a fan of fur…lots of faux fur that looks good and is fun and equally as glamours. Can’t imagine what these animals went through to make those coats. Want to buy something expensive and ostentatious, lots of things you can buy that don’t involve animals.

    • Dani-K

      Thanks Chloe! I’ve seen gorgeous fake fur. Lot’s of options. I was wondering if Carol actually purchased the coat or just made it look like she did by walking out of the shop with it on.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    I love how Caroline S made sure she was right next to Caroline F when they came through customs and the paps were waiting. And is Caroline S having an affair with her makeup guy or is she not capable of putting on her own makeup because I do not understand why he goes everywhere with her!

    • Lila

      Yea I don’t get the make up guy either.

  • italiano bambino

    I don’t get why everyone walks on eggshells with caroline.. Fuck her… Love Annabelle.

  • Terri L. Austin

    OMG, I nearly choked on my coffee at the “one guy with a camera” like on a cruise ship line. Very funny, Dani!

    • Dani-K

      Thanks, Terri!

  • TartLemon

    I admire the way Caroline S takes full responsibility for her business. She is a celebrity in UK because of her extremely wealthy Family and proximity to the Royal Family. Did you know she dated Hugh Grant and HRH Prince Andrew among other notables? She was roomies with Caroline F. My point is they are used to the paparazzi.

  • 🐯🌸 Tigerlily 🐅 *·.¸¸.·*·*

    So close! So very close. Almost made it through one entire episode without any drama but no. UGH!

    • Dani-K

      Ha-ha-ha-ha. Maybe next week Lily!

      • 🐯🌸 Tigerlily 🐅 *·.¸¸.·*·*

        LMBO Dani. I thought we were gonna get one. One lousy episode without crying or screeching or whining. But then again it’s Bravo, what the heck was I thinking?

  • Lila

    Thanks Dani-K. If Carol didn’t want any drama, why ask if anyone had anything to say. Could it be she was a little tipsey when she asked? Lol. I love Annabelle.

    • italiano bambino

      I love her too

    • Dani-K

      Good point! I think perhaps she wanted to clear the air, but this will backfire as evident from next week’s previews. She’s on a reality show – there will be some level of drama. If you don’t want it around your family, don’t bring the ladies and a film crew to the castle.

      • Lila