Caroline Fleming on Her “Superficial” Sit Down with Marissa Hermer

Posted on Oct 27 2015 - 2:27pm by Terri L. Austin

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Caroline Fleming, the Baroness on Ladies of London, is not one to let things go, despite her arguments to the contrary. If you offend her, as Marissa Hermer did with outrageous cougar comments, you will find yourself having to apologize. Many, many times.

Last week at the shooting party dinner, Marissa trailed Fleming to the ladies’ and asked to speak to her privately. Since Fleming had been talking smack behind Marissa’s back, she wanted to clear the air. It seems Fleming did not appreciate the ambush.

“I found my sit down with Marissa, sadly, to be very superficial and not very kind. The first time she tried to talk to me was extremely uncomfortable and inappropriate for me as I had gone to the bathroom discreetly.”

Doesn’t everyone go to the bathroom discreetly? Am I missing something here? Anyway, that talk did not cut any ice with Baroness Fleming. She wasn’t prepared. Perhaps she’d left her Jill Zarin-like list of grievances at home. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

“I felt dragged into a conversation that I was not ready to have with Marissa, especially because we were not really friends at this point… I was literally taken on the loo seat, I didn’t have time to really think about what I wanted to say – hence the coffee meeting a few days later, as I felt I had a lot I needed to say to her.”

I have to question this, because according to Marissa’s blog last week, she called the Fleming to apologize, then she showed up at Fleming’s house before the shooting party and apologized in person. They left on a good note. Or so Marissa thought. But Fleming tells a different story:

“…I felt it important to clear the air with Marissa and very sadly, Marissa’s style is to roll her eyes and bang her head against a wall and say we have had a conversation a hundred times even though the truth is we have had it twice, once being dragged from the bathroom and second time over coffee. I don’t find her coming from a place of kindness or humility or compassion, for that matter…”

Someone is lying. And the way Fleming is carrying on, demanding apology after apology, talking about how honest she is, I’m guessing it’s her.

“…who I am is honest and transparent… I think it’s so important in life to be completely honest and always get out what’s bothering you instead of letting it grow inside you where it will only cause more damage.”

And what about all the drama their first night in Denmark, where Annabelle looks each one of them in the eye and tells them what she really thinks?

“So far the trip has had a little more tension than I had hoped… I think Annabelle is saying the things that have probably bothered her for a while.”

On the burdens of being royal:

“Growing up in an old aristocratic family means there is always a level of media interest and eyes on you…which can be difficult if everyone is judging you all the time and you are still young and vulnerable and sensitive. I decided to move to England because it was easier for me to exist amongst many more people…”

So whose side are you on in the battle of a million apologies—Marissa or Fleming? And did you see the previews for next week, when the two Carolines hiss at each other like cats? Who will win the battle for world dominance? Stanbury or Fleming?


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  • URRT~princess of pinot

    Caroline F is being a bit of contradiction. You are not supposed to hold in your feelings or what you think yet Marissa is wrong for coming to her (albeit in a bathroom) and wanting to clear the air? Which one is it? What is good for the goose is not good for the baroness?

    • 🐯🌸 Tigerlily 🐅 *·.¸¸.·*·*

      Exactly URRT. Either we talk or we bottle, which one is it? LOL

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Lots of arguments and grievances can be hammered out in the bathroom so I don’t understand what’s her problem. In fact, back when I was much younger and used to go out partying… if we had issues we took it to the bathroom so we wouldn’t have to discuss it in public.

  • TartLemon

    IMO, the biggest problem is Marissa reporting back to CarolineF’s Family. Marissa is not someone I’d trust with ANY personal information.

  • Jennymckitty

    Carolyn F seems to be a bit of a flake and a fairly superficial friend. She seems to only reveal what she wants to be seen, but maybe that is because of the cameras. I feel that there is something between her and her family…especially her and her sister. I imagine that Marissa knows what it is. Perhaps Carolyn is a bit worried how much Marissa really knows about her. And of course Marissa is going to tell her sister what she honesty thinks about Carolyn’s boyfriend. They are close friends. The guy couldn’t be all that great or they’d still be together.

  • Sandra Oh

    Reality shows always bring out the worst in people and it’s no different here. Carolyn Fleming is a narcissistic loon who’s basically an entitled ahole.

  • Jo

    Caroline Flaming comes across as a bit nuts, very halloweeny. I like that. I find it weird and funny that that they all stress the importance of using one’s full name and title.

  • TartLemon

    This is not CarolineF’s first turn at reality tv PLUS being a tv personality in Europe. She knows the power of the cameras. They’ve been in her face all her life. When CarolineF married, she was required to give up her peerage. Of course, something like 6 years later she divorced and received $400-700 MILLION in a divorce settlement. (reports vary)

    I like both Carolines because they are from TRUE $$. Not wannabes at all. Even though they were raised and now live lives I will never know, still like watching them. Make our NY ‘Countess’ look like the the low rent she is.

    • I find it ironic that Marissa keeps blowing off the Caroline F’s drama when Marissa usually sniffs up foreign butts. I like Caroline F also and like you mention, she comes from REAL money.