EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Huq Dishes on #MarriedtoMedicine Drama, Being Excluded From The Show & Her Costars

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AATT: What’s the true reason you only appeared in 4 episodes this season of Married of Medicine?

Mariah Huq: I went through a lot of health issues. Although I welcomed the cameras into my world, I think the producers had a different vision. I was truly ‘married to medicine,’ in a VERY real way this season. Being married to a doctor was tough because my husband couldn’t heal me after I suffered my miscarriage, then faced tumors and then I had fluid in my lungs. In a course of six weeks, I was hospitalized three times. I had to focus on my health.

AATT: Did the producers understand your health situation?

Mariah Huq: I think they understood it but they didn’t want to show that side of me. They didn’t want the average viewer to be sympathetic to me. My role on the show is supposed to be the villain and unless it’s conflict with the other women, they did not want to show it.

AATT: Did they film you in the hospital?

Mariah Huq: They filmed me home with my family. The would NOT film me in the hospital during the two surgeries I had and the recovery process. The hospital gave them clearance but they would not do it. I wanted people to see it because I feel people can relate to it. I don’t think they wanted people to be sympathetic to what I was going through. It’s been one of the roughest years of my life, health wise. 

AATT: When Bravo ran the promos and excluded you, what was your reaction?

Mariah Huq: Yes, they did and I think they felt it was supposed to break my heart because I’m the creator and have my hand in decisions made. If they don’t want me in the picture then so be it but ultimately I think it backfired. Ultimately you never cut your nose to spare your face. The crazy part is they had no reason to do it. I could see if I was boring but I bring a lot to the table.

AATT: How did you react to Lisa Nicole’s accusing you and Quad of having a lesbian affair?

Mariah Huq: I thought it was crazy that she said that. She knows how it feels to have someone throw out fabrications about her own family. She said Quad was doing that to her husband so why do it to me. Then I thought it was so far from the truth, I honestly I couldn’t get mad. I thought she was reaching and projecting since somebody accused her husband of being gay so maybe that was the first thing she could think of. I reached out to her and told her I didn’t appreciate it and she apologized. I’m a mother and I don’t tolerate anyone making up stuff about me.

AATT: Where does your friendships with this cast stand?

Mariah Huq: I think friendship is a strong word and I’ve learned not to use it so loosely as I have before.  I think I am extremely cordial and copacetic with every one of them. Of course I still talk to Dr. Simone because she delivered my sister’s Lake’s baby so our families are still connected. But I don’t do tea with any of them but I’m cool with them. My sister went through a lot having her baby. We almost lost her. She started hemorrhaging and had internal bleeding. She was on life support and in ICU for 6 days but she’s home now. So much has happened to my family health wise this year. My mom had a stroke. it’s been back to back but we’re all here and it’s made us closer.

AATT: How do you deal with the lack of compassion from Toya?

Mariah Huq: Everybody is not raised the same and what’s common courtesy to me, requires a lot of effort for someone else. Once I got that some people just don’t get it, I just stop trying to fool myself that they are something they aren’t. I deal with her knowing who she is and she has been pretty consistent the entire time. She’s one of the only women that has remained consistent so I was in the wrong expecting something different from her. My expectations were WAY too high for someone like Toya!

AATT: How do you deal with Heavenly’s shade?

Mariah Huq: I have grown to expect that from her, that’s who she is. Heavenly will say whatever she needs to say to keep Heavenly where she is. She’s cool. She’s been the main one in the past few months that has reached out the most. She’s nice off camera but when you get on camera expect she’s going to shade you. But I don’t mind light shade — this is a show and it does have to be entertaining — that doesn’t bother me. I just don’t like the things that go below the belt like things about my family or when it’s false.

AATT: You mean like Toya hitting below the belt by her gossiping about your daughter in season one?

Mariah Huq: That happened years ago and they [the show] kept brining it back up. I was over it and still grieving and they [the show] wanted to make that my story line and they didn’t want to focus on the fallout from my miscarriage. It was a very vulnerable time for me so anything they would have said I would have snapped. 

AATT: Have you spoken Jill Conners since the news broke of her marriage scandal?

Mariah Huq: I love Jill and I’m praying for her and John. I wanted Jill to be a part of the show. She’s a sweet girl and she loves her kids. I’m praying for her and her family.

AATT: Last season your cast members blamed you for the drama yet there was a ton of drama this season without you?

Mariah Huq: I think they’ve always known I was not the center of the drama. They wanted to project things on me. I think my double role [executive producer and cast member] was too much for them for all of them so they blamed any little thing on me. But they knew, I was never the one to start an argument or spread rumors. I don’t take sides and I will consistently call each one of them out. I think my big personality is the problem and they wanted me out of the picture. I have some type of integrity because I picked every one of them and shared the platform with them. 

AATT: Do you think Quad was involved in exposing Lisa Nicole’s alleged gay lover?

Mariah Huq: That whole thing was a mess. My heart went out to Lisa Nicole (and she’s never been nice to me) but I thought it was wrong. I don’t know if Quad was involved or not but I would not have allowed anyone to come into my event with that type of filth — they would have been asked to leave. And as a married woman, you have to be careful what you wish on other marriages because it could come back to you. People have said ugly things on Twitter about her husband [Dr. Gregory] and none of us never took it to television. I mean they’re trying to ruin someone’s career and I thought it was horrible. The guy did approach me also and I told him, ‘Don’t Monica Lewinsky yourself, sweetheart.’

AATT: If there is a season 4 of Married to Medicine, will you return?

Mariah Huq: I’m not sure if there will be a season 4, so I don’t know. Right now, I am really busy producing other shows. I just wrapped a pilot yesterday. I signed a production deal with PowerHouse Productions and G. Garvin. And I’m working on some big projects for my own family so I’m not sure. Additionally, I don’t go where I’m not wanted.

Mariah Huq: I’m really excited and I think people will be shocked about my upcoming projects. I want to thank all the people who supported the Huqs. I love and appreciate you all. 


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  • Trippinhhard

    Good article they are all shady to me, but they did know Mariah’s personality before hand..
    Quad needs to be voted off the island, she’s always involved in drama..IMO.

  • Awesome! I love Mariah. She’s the realest and funny. Mariah can read all of them for days!!

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Doc! I liked Mariah too up until it was revealed on part 2 of the M2M reunion that she did not reach out to either Quad or Jackie after their fathers passed away. That was revealing to Mariah’s character as she was really on the cast for not supporting her during her health crises.

      • Hey Marsie…I didn’t see Mariah admit to not reaching out. Did I miss that?

        • Marsbars09

          In one of the preview snippets it was revealed Mariah did not reach out to neither Jackie nor Quad after their fathers passed.

          • They didn’t show this on the actual reunion. The preview video may have been edited to look like she didn’t. But IF she didn’t, shame on her.

      • Shelly Jones

        I don’t remember any of them saying that. I remember Simone saying that she didn’t hear about their father’s passing on social media, they reached out and told Simone directly…..they argued about that. Apparently Mariah did not reach out to them directly and let them know she was in the hospital or had lost her babies. If she didn’t send her condolences then that is immature.

      • Emmanuelle

        I think Mariah is over them, so i wouldn’t blame her for not reaching out to them. I don’t know if this is a part of the “Secrets Revealed” episode, but if it is for some reason, then i still don’t blame her. These ladies set rules for Mariah only, but they never set rules among themselves.

  • Marsbars09

    I think it’s really sad that the executive producers or the Bravo execs chose not to air Mariah’s medical crises while she was in the hospital. I feel that would have been beneficial to the show to air something that was REAL for a change instead of manufactured drama.
    It’s interesting how reality TV works. They wanted Mariah “cast” as the villain so bad they wouldn’t air what was going on in her REAL life, even though she insisted on it being included on the show?

    • Right. This show has deviated so far from its original premise, it only shows how desperate the producers have come to keep up drama. Sad.

  • Greta Tunnie Walker

    Well then the show need to be cancel but Bravo is so Damn messy they keep it going to hurt her….. a good article #allaboutthetea see u on Twitter…lol

  • Shelly Jones

    Cancel that sh!t show and move on. This was a great interview and I’m shocked that the producers did not want to include Mariah’s personal struggles that says a lot. They really want to focus on these ladies tearing each other down…that’s sad. This was a horrible season. I’m glad Mariah is moving on to other projects.

  • I really didn’t like Mariah last season and was totally Team Quad, but those 4 episodes did more than enough to pull me back in on her side. All these women have flaws and no one is perfect, but I just thought that it was really messed up that the girls didn’t reach out to her after she suffered a miscarriage. That was totally classless on their parts. Also, I would have laughed when Lisa Nicole claimed I was having a lesbian affair with someone. Like this is the early 80s or 90s or something, and accusing someone of being gay is an insult. LOL. Girl bye. Its 2015. With her nasally voice. Sound like someone is pinching her nose when she talks. Sit down. Great interview.

  • I love Mariah. SHE is such a classy lady. Beautiful in and out!! Those women are dead wrong for how they treated her during and after her miscarriage.

  • toxicgranny

    Mariah is such a phony. She is so used to being the center of attention that it enrages her when others are not impressed by what she considers to be her beauty and wittiness. Girl , please. You are not all that, and you should be aware that you reap what you sow. You want others to be sympathetic to you, try extending some empathy for others in your TV circle, instead of trying to be the HBIC all the time.