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#LadiesofLondon Returns Tonight — Watch Sneak Peek!

Ladies of London

Are you ready for another British Invasion – Season 2? The “Ladies of London” are back to show us a bloody good time as we live vicariously inside England’s high society. Two new ladies have joined the cast and two have left–so how about a quick refresher course on everyone.

Returning Ladies

Annabelle Nielson – British

Born into an aristocratic family, Annabelle is a socialite and author of children’s books. Last season she was indifferent to the American cast members, finding them rude and boring. Annabelle was the muse and best friend of the late designer, Alexander McQueen, who committed suicide in 2010. At the end of season one, Annabelle was thrown from her horse during high speeds, breaking her hip. Hopefully this season  will be a lot more fun for Annabelle.

Caroline Stanbury – British

There are two Caroline’s this season, but make no mistake, this Caroline is number one, Queen Bee. A self-described pit bull of a business owner, she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind, no matter how scathing. Caroline is always trying to discover the next hottest trends for her wealthy, worldwide clients. She is married to Cem and live outside of London with their three children.

Juliet Angus – American

The pushy, loud, name-dropping American from Chicago, Juliet, once ran with Hollywood A-listers. Now that she lives in London with her husband, Gregor, Juliet is on the outside, trying to find her way in. She can also be counted on for lots of drama. Juliet is a personal stylist, mom to two adorable children, and runs a lifestyle website selling the clothes you’d find in her closet.

Marissa Hermer – Dual Citizenship

The girl-next-door from Newport, Ca, Marissa is straight-up sweet, even though Caroline S has referred to her as, “Stepford.” Marissa now has another baby, so we’ll see if she’s as easy-going as last season. Her husband, Matt Hermer and family, own most of the swanky pubs and luxurious restaurants in town. Marissa, who is accomplished in her own right, started a new venture bringing American culture to England. Can you guess what it is? Custom built hot dogs at Top Dogs in London’s Soho. Hot diggity dog.

Julie Montagu – American

Last season, Lady Hinchingbrooke, who is married to Luke Montagu, heir of the Earl of Sandwich, was on “friend” status, but received a title upgrade this season and to “Lady” for the second time in her life. Go America! Born and raised in Sugar Grove, Illinois, Julie was introduced to her future husband, Viscount Hitchingbrooke, who is in line to the throne, by mutual friends. Julie just released her first cookbook, Superfoods. She and the Viscount have four children.

New Ladies

Caroline Fleming – Danish

New to #ladiesoflondon but not to reality television, the second Caroline is no shrinking violet. She was host of “The Baroness Moves In” and “Denmark’s Next Top Model.” She’s a real Baroness, but here’s the thing with the two Caroline’s – they totally look alike. The best I can offer to tell these ladies apart for now is the new Caroline has long blonde hair and THE returning Caroline has shorter blonde hair. God save the Queen if they both wear an updo. Caroline is a business owner, author, mother, and was married to the nephew of James Bond creator, Ian Fleming.

Sophie Stanbury – British

I’m sure by her last name, you can tell how Sophie was referred to the show. Sister-in-law to Caroline Stanbury, Sophie’s bio says she was sent to school at a “traditional convent” for her education. After that, Sophie worked for “one of the world’s largest hedge funds” before changing directions to work at the Member’s Club. Caroline introduced Sophie to her brother, Alex, and they  married. Today Sophie juggles her design company, mothering, and partying. Sounds like she’ll fit in just fine.

As for the two ladies who left, Noelle Reno and Caprice Bourret, they are no longer part of the show, most likely, for very different reasons. Noelle is enduring the most difficult time of her life after her fiancé, Scot Young, jumped from a third floor window last year, ending his life. As for Caprice, she had two babies, one month apart, so she’s busy. Plus, I think she was surprised she wasn’t loved by the public. Tune in Monday night’s on Bravo at 10:00/9:00pm or read the (hopefully knee-slapping) recaps here.

So mark it on your calendars: Season 2 kicks off TONIGHT, September 7th at 10|9c.

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of season 2 below. It’s Thanksgiving, but Americans Juliet Angus and Marissa Hermer aren’t exactly coming together.

Ladies of London premieres Sept. 7 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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