EXCLUSIVE: Below Deck’s Amy Johnson Talks Celebrity Charter Guests, Her Brother Kelley Johnson, Showmances and More!

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Amy Johnson, star of Below Deck is making a big splash on the Bravo hit series, as she travels the world, while living and working aboard a luxury yacht.

Recently promoted to second stew, Amy dishes in an exclusive interview with All About the Tea about her background, celebrity charter guests, working with her brother Kelley Johnson, showmances and more! 

Amy, 31, is a southern belle known for her spirited attitude and enthusiastic personality, grew up in the small town of Wichita Falls, Texas.

Below Deck is currently in its third season and has become a hit for the Bravo network, thanks in part to engaging storylines and the fun-loving relationship between Amy and her brother. Read our interview below.

What made you choose yachting as a career?

Amy: Oddly enough, I knew nothing of the yachting industry when I landed my first job on a boat. I moved from Texas to Florida in search of travel and adventure and Fort Lauderdale seemed like the perfect place to find it. Through a wildly fateful succession of events I was offered a position I was completely unqualified for… in many ways I feel like yachting choose me. I stayed in the industry because it has allowed me to travel all over the world, and experience things I never imagined; all while doing a job I enjoy.

How do you balance “Below Deck” the reality show and nailing the details of a charter?

Amy: It is a tricky balance. We are literally working two jobs, and oftentimes the duties of the two positions conflict with each other.  In my opinion, my job as a stewardess and the charter guest come first. I’m a professional, this is my real career, and it is important to me to deliver exceptional service and nail the details of the charter. I think that is why Below Deck is such a captivating show- we are really working, performing a demanding job with high level of expectations, and it is important for us as a crew to provide an excellent charter experience for our guests.

Do you ever adjust to living/working in such tight quarters?

Amy: Oh gosh. Adjust? Yes, you have to. But when I get frustrated with the tight quarters I tell myself “you could be sitting at a desk job right now” and that helps remind me how grateful I am for my surroundings.

Looking back at last season, was there anything you would do differently?

Amy: Ha. Absolutely. At the top of my list, I wouldn’t of cried in a pirates costume.

How was it working with your brother Kelley?

Amy: Getting to work with Kelley and go through that entire experience with my brother, was one of the best things about season 2 for me. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there were additional stressful aspects having my brother on board, but overall that was the best takeaway of the season for me.

There are a number of interesting charter guests in the new season, including fellow Bravolebrity Cynthia Bailey. How was that experience?

Amy: We had a lot of really great charter guests this season. When I first heard we were going to have some of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” onboard, one word came to mind, high maintenance. Ironically, it was the exact opposite. Cynthia and Claudia were extremely laid-back, kind, and gracious charter guests; it was a pleasure having them aboard.

I see there will be some showmances, how do you manage the drama that comes with that?

Amy: Fortunately, I didn’t feel like I had to manage the drama. I like to be the type of friend who is there for my crew members and help them through situations, but ultimately it all just has to play itself out.

Congrats on your promotion to second stew. What can viewers expect from Amy in season 3?

Amy: Thank you! Viewers can expect to see pretty much the same Amy, same southern hospitality, big Texas hair, just with a little more fun and a lot less tears.

What was your most memorable moment from filming without giving away too much?

Amy: There were a lot of memorable moments this season… the one that stands out the most involves bubbles and champagne while in a bathtub with Kate and Connie. After we got over the shock of the situation and realized we didn’t flood the master bathroom, it quickly became one of my favorite nights on the boat!

Don’t miss Amy Johnson and the crew of Below Deck, Tuesday nights on Bravo TV at 9|8c. Check out an exclusive preview of tonight’s episode below and follow Amy on Twitter.


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  • doggiedaddy

    Luv the show!
    But that new dude who’s all ME ME ME ME my body ME me me exercise ME me…is exausting.

    • RonnieRIB

      LOL he is such a juice head…

  • RonnieRIB

    I love Amy and I am glad she is back.

  • Amy is so chill. I love a southern girl. And she’s an Aggie…sweetens the deal.

    • Raine Woman

      Hi Doc! What’s an Aggie?

      • Hi Raine Lady. An Aggie is a nickname for current or alum students of Texas A&M University.

        • Raine Woman

          Why thank you, I didn’t know that! 🙂 Tonight’s episode was good, hope you enjoyed it!

          • Sophia Z.

            Raine… No twitter gossip but maybe you would consider a twitter account just to follow Lee Radzwill. It’s one of the best accounts on twitter in my opinion. Lots of funny tweets.

          • Raine Woman

            Hi Sophia! Thanks for the update. 😉 I have read her tweets and she’s quite funny. The one parody account I always read is a Bill Murray one. It’s so funny, it brigs me to tears with tweets such as….”Ever talk to someone so stupid it make you squint?” and “Of course size matters. No one wants a small pizza.” Although I think sarcasm should be an art form, so it may just be me.

            Have a great day! 🙂

          • Sophia Z.

            I always loved Bill Murray. Thanks for the tip, I will follow him for some laughs. I agree about sarcasm.
            You enjoy your day also. xox

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  • Kate Kack

    Amy is cool but I LOVE Kate she is so witty

  • chickpea2015

    Love this show! Mexican spaghetti?

  • Sophia Z.

    Am I the only one that does not like Amy? Did everyone watch last season? Her and that gosh awful excuse for a brother she had. And that sickening accent.
    I love Kate though.
    Sorry to pee on the Amy parade.

  • RubyT

    i like amy and her enthusiasm. it’s needed to sweeten kate’s sour side. i actually like them both.

  • Tammy

    It took me a while to like Kate but She’s def grown on me! I’ve always like Amy…I’m hoping they both can get along the entire season this time! Captain Lee is (of course) the man! Can’t help but love a man in uniform!

  • Lila

    Im enjoying this season so far . Last couple seasons were a bit raunchy.