Exclusive Interview: #RHOC’s Shannon Beador Dishes on Her Marriage, Brooks’ Cancer and Her Beef with Meghan Edmonds!

Posted on Aug 24 2015 - 2:42am by Editor

Shannon Beador_RHOC interview with All About the Tea

Feng shui queen Shannon Beador and star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, has shared some very intimate moments of her life with viewers this season. 

In an exclusive interview with All About the Tea, Shannon opens up about her husband, David Beador’s affair, rookie castmate Meghan Edmonds, why she told Vicki Gunvalson about the psychic at dinner and clarifies if Brooks Ayers visited the doctor she recommended.

There is major drama this season surrounding whether Brooks’ is being truthful about his cancer diagnosis. Read our exclusive interview below:

What was your reaction to your costars publicly admitting that they knew about David’s affair before you?

Shannon: To clarify, Vicki did know ahead of time…you will see this later in the season. She wasn’t keeping anything from me. The bottom line is, they [her costars] heard rumors and I wasn’t in a good place with Tamra and Heather for them to come forward with something they really didn’t know was fact or fiction. They weren’t going to do that and I understand. They heard a rumor…I have no hard feelings.

Did reality TV put a strain on your marriage?

Shannon: No, my husband’s affair started the day after I started filming. Prior to filming this season, the conversation was whether I was going to return for another season. My husband’s infidelity was a reality in my life and if I’m authentic and I’m going to be on this show, I will talk about it. But I’m not enjoying it because my husband and I are in a good place now and don’t like to relive certain things. We went back and forth, had quite a bit of counseling (with our church and relationship counselors) and we have an opportunity to show people that you don’t have to end a marriage after something as devastating as an 8-month affair.

Thank you for opening your life to viewers. I’m sure many couples can relate to your situation and have reached out to you.

Shannon: It’s amazing how many people say they are currently in that situation and my story has given them hope.

Have you and Meghan Edmonds moved past your initial falling out? Are you on speaking terms?

Shannon: You’ll see as the season progresses that we start to mend fences. Am I happy today with some of her commentary about me? I think it’s very below the belt and I have let her know that so I’m keeping my distance at this point.

What are your thoughts on the episode with Vicki and Brooks at his birthday dinner where the accusation about Brooks faking his Cancer was shared?

Shannon: I had no intent of telling Vicki anything that was said about Brooks at that dinner. I just wanted to inform her there was something negative that needed to be discussed at a later time. I did not want to ruin the dinner but she got upset by me saying anything at all. I know Vicki, I was basically put in a no-win situation…I either say nothing and then have her come back and say: I thought you were my friend, why didn’t you say anything. Then if I say something, I ruin the night so it was a catch 22. Any decision I made would have been the wrong decision.

Have you and Vicki mended fences since then?

Shannon: We’ve spoken…but we are not very close. She has a lot going on so I don’t talk to her often. She’s very busy.

How do you react to critics of your holistic remedies?

Shannon: First of all, I’m not saying they are all necessarily fool-proof remedies, what I’m saying is, if you have an issue, try to cure it with a natural holistic method. For those people that don’t agree with this…..that’s fine, it’s my opinion and my opinion is all that matters when it comes to managing me and my family lives.

Speaking of holistic, you recommended a doctor to Brooks, was that a traditional medicine doctor or holistic?

Shannon: She’s a traditional western medicine doctor. Not only does she treat other illnesses but she also has a cancer center. They administer chemotherapy there and enhance western medicine with the latest eastern & natural methods to both boost your immune system and help fight the cancer. Brooks never went to the doctor. My make-up artist has a friend that was diagnosed with cancer for the third time. The woman’s husband had an affair and left her so I went to visit with her. I was able to tour the cancer facility and it was amazing. There are a lot of things out there that are natural that can help you. If you can find a healthy balance between western and eastern medicine when you’re fighting for your life and trying to end something like cancer, you would try it at least.

How did you feel about Tamra’s back and forth gossiping with Heather and Meghan in Tahiti?

Shannon: I understand her intent. Last year was not the best year for her so she’s trying to put everything out on the table. I know some people may still consider that stirring the pot but she OWNS it when she stirs things up so I’m ok with it. Tamra and I are in a good place today so I wasn’t bothered.

Any parting words for your fans?

Shannon: I’ve been very grateful for the supportive people, then there are people who don’t understand my emotional state this season. I don’t like it either. I don’t like to see myself cry but the bottom line is an affair is almost as devastating as a death. I never knew the extent of the pain until it happened to me and I’m doing my best….I’m working through it. You’ll see as the season goes on that I do get less emotional. It’s been a rough road and it’s hard to watch it all over again. But I’m healing, my family is healing and we’re in a place today that I never thought possible with my husband and I. I didn’t think we were both capable of being as close as we are today. And if we had to go through all that pain to get there, so be it.


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  • MidwestMiddie

    Thanks for the interview with Shannon but I’m so disappointed you forgot
    to ask her the most important question? What happened to Dr. Moon?

  • Livie1

    I would like to point out to Shannon that Steve Jobs of Apple fame had access and used the best in alternative medicine modalities. And in the end, from what I read, he regretted not partaking in some of the traditional “western medicine” suggested.

    It’s very easy to pass judgement on the choices other people make in this most personal of all journeys, the path of an illness where you are forced to face your own mortality. If Shannon feels that an affair is “almost as devastating as a death” then certainly she can understand to a certain degree what people feel when fighting illnesses that can and sometime does take their lives. Support in the form of SUPPORT is what is most valued, not “support” cloaked in judgement because they didn’t chose the treatment plan you think they should have…

    AATT, it was a very good interview and like all of us, Shannon has her own unique POV. I found the questions to be pertinent and her answers to be honest. Nice job on both accounts!

  • Bad Barbie

    Catch 22 is right. Had Shannon kept the affair off cameras we would be calling her a hypocrite. She put it on the open and we are still calling her pathetic, this and that. It is what it is. Average women go through this. That is something that I can certainly identify with which is something that I have a hard time doing with the others, especially Heather.

  • Dani-K

    Great interview! Interesting that she and Vicki aren’t on very good terms right now. The reunion show should be good this year. I didn’t like last year because Tamra was soooo angry/mean. I predict the angry/mean one this year will be Meghan, but it won’t bother me because she’s not relevant enough. IMO.

    • Jennymckitty

      I wonder what else happened to cool Shannon and Vicki’s friendship. It can’t just be the dinner. There must be something else to the story.

      • Chloe

        I agree. It’s deeper than that dinner.

      • Sophia Z.

        I agree and it happened before the dinner in my opinion. Vicki went off her rocker at that dinner just because Shannon tried to repeat what Meghan had said? I don’t buy it.

        • Birdie

          I am wondering if Shannon knew some of what was going on and the two of them agreed to keep the convos off camera. Vicks implied in her blog that she was peeved it was filmed…although probably not the whole story by a long shot.

          • Sophia Z.

            Hi Birdie! I agree, we are missing a big part of the story.

      • side of Sour Cream

        Vicki is a jealous harpy. My theory is that she and Shannon would still be BFFs if Shannon’s marriage had imploded. Vicki is only really close friends with people she can feel superior to, & a happily married Shannon does not fit in that category.

        • gessiewtf

          If there is any jealous harpy on this show it is Shannon. You don’t buy that Vicky thought it insufferable that she came to cause drama at Brook’s birthday dinner? It was thoughtless, selfish and an unkind thing to do. But that is her M.O. Her own kids can’t stand her. How sad is that?

          • side of Sour Cream

            No I don’t buy it. I think Crook’s faking cancer is a story line for the show and Shannon was doing her job.
            And I also think that just by itself, being an RH is a “thoughtless, selfish and unkind thing to do” !!! —so they ALL fit that description.

  • Terri L. Austin

    Awesome interview. I’m sad she and Vicki aren’t close now. 🙁 That seemed like a real friendship to me.

    • undergroundrailroadtrain

      Vicki said in her last blog that she needed to apologize to Shannon

      • RealitytvJunkie

        That’s good to hear because she was definitely out of order.

        • gessiewtf

          Shannon was soooooooooooooooooooooo kerplempt after she heard the psychic said that he can’t see Vicky’s husband that she felt UGLY (?) inside and had to take Vicky to the bathroom to ruin Brook’s
          birthday dinner. No, this breaking news could not wait until tomorrow, because EVERYBODY must be as miserable as Shanon Beador or it is not a good day for her. Vicky shuts her right the hell up and won’t even listen to her, won’t even let her get it out of her mouth and Beador starts crying because it wasn’t her intention to upset Brook’s birthday party! What? Is she serious? She is a grown-ass woman. She can’t keep a secret until the next day? A secret of no value by the way! She has to ruin dinner even though David looks like he was about to break into a smile when they sat down. That’s it! She could not allow him to have a good time! Did you see how he just stared at the table cloth as in this is my life, how would you like this 24/7? She knew that her bringing up truly stupid and unnecessary gossip would ruin their dinner. Which is why she did it. I am proud of the way Vicky handled herself. Just get up and go. And you aren’t fooling anybody with your gallon of vodka a day drinking habit, Shannon. Least of all your kids. Shannon is so insanely jealous of Meghan that it pours out of her eyeballs.

  • Chloe

    Great interview. Shannon may be a lot of things but she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She’s been through a lot with David’s affair and it’s nice to read they’ve weathered the storm.

    What the real tea behind her and Vicki’s broken relationship? Could be Brooks lying about his cancer.

    • gessiewtf

      She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body? She needs to jump down off the cross because Jesus needs the wood. I wouldn’t wish that buzzkill on my worst enemy. Her husband is gorgeous and wants to grab a few laughs in this life and he is saddled with her. OMG. She is every man’s worst nightmare. Run, David, run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Birdie

    Nice job Tea…Shannon and her old lady mannerisms crack me up every week, she is colorful and funny. I hope she hangs in there with Bravo…she is fun.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Great job, Tea. I agree with Shannon on the holistic remedies. People are too quick to rely on western medicine for any and everything that ails them. And I completely understand her emotional state during this season. You would have to be heartless not to.

  • TartLemon

    Great interview. I still don’t care for Shannon.

  • beckywebb

    Really good interview! I hope Shannon can be friends with Heather because they are opposites, Heather doesn’t get her feathers ruffled easily, and that could be grounding for Shannon.The way Vicki treated her was psychotic and there is no excuse, imo. Vicki has been horrible this whole season.

    • Redhibiscus

      Vicki is an ugly harpy with no redeeming qualities that I can see.

  • Sophia Z.

    I really enjoyed reading this interview. Thanks, AAtT. I just would like to add that I like Shannon. I got past the emotional stuff which I understand fully. I think she has a good heart and is a good person who is loyal. I wish the best for her and really wish Meghan would just go away. I don’t like her or the way she treats Shannon.

    • Well said Sophia! 🙂

      • Sophia Z.

        Hi Seuss! Thank you.

  • naynay

    I don’t think Shannon tell’s the truth at all!! It’s obvious she feels crooks is lieing, but she’s desperate to have Vicky as a friend because she’s still holding a grudge at the others!! She also said at the end of last season her and David we’re better than ever, not true!! They r the most uncomfortable and awkard couple to watch, no way r they in a great place. If Vicky still won’t bother with Shannon, we’re missing a big chunk of the story, nobody seems to be talking. Hmm I wonder what happened

  • Good interview. I did the combo of western and homeopathic when I had cancer and it does help. There’s no concrete answer when fighting it so you might as well go for all of the options. As far as the show goes, It was hard to watch the latest episode with the birthday dinner. My heart goes out to her because it’s painful and on TV week after week. I hope that whatever the outcome is, it’s what she wants for her life so that she can live it with self-love and care.

  • gessiewtf

    Please free this man from the evil clutches of this morose, self-absorbed, whiny alcoholic.
    I may have to start a petition.

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  • Kimk

    I’m 31 and a cancer thriver since 09. my doctors have said “they won’t touch me.” I would love to know who your doctor is that could help with cancer.