Luann de Lesseps Dishes on #RHONY Reunion: “I Like to Build My Girlfriends Up”

Posted on Aug 21 2015 - 1:18pm by Terri L. Austin


Before we dig into Luann de Lesseps’ take on The Real Housewives of New York reunion, let’s address her wardrobe choices, shall we? Oh, let’s. What is that foil-covered chocolate Easter egg of a dress she’s wearing? Furthermore, why? I look to her blog for clues.

“…I wore a Countess Collection dress that I designed for this occasion.”

Ah. This explains so much, no? All the pieces are now falling into place. In the words of Nina Garcia, judge of Project Runway, “I question her taste level.”

Luann starts her blog this week by trying to ’splain her messy behavior this year.

“It’s reunion time, and we are on the couch with Andy working through the issues that emerged this season.”

Oh, Countess. We all agree you need to be on a couch working through your issues, but I’m not sure how much help Andy can give you.

Luann goes on to discuss the whole “let’s take Bethenny down and beat her like a Skinny Girl piñata full of protein bars” comment that she allegedly made.

“…I didn’t remember saying this, but if I did, it was as a joke, and I own it.”

Now, I can get past Luann’s pretentiousness and the statement necklaces, but when she claims to “own it” while basically denying she ever said it, it drives me batty. Why, for the love of Cindy Barshop’s vadge bling, can’t she ever admit to making a bitchy comment with no qualifiers?

And speaking of hoohas, Luann dishes on Sonja.

“I don’t mind being Sonja’s snatch guard but we love and worry about her. She seems to be doing a lot better now since we stopped filming, and I’m so glad she resolved her lawsuit and can finally move on with her life.”

I hope that’s true. I think we were all worried about Sonja this season.

Next, we get Luann’s view on friendship.

“I like to build my girlfriends up, not break them down…”

Will you please excuse me for a minute?

All right, I’m back. I can’t laugh my ass off and type at the same time. I’m just not that coordinated.

Now it’s time for our favorite game: pick a reason why Luann is angry about Carole getting a little sumpin’ sumpin’ from Chef Adam. Let’s spin the excuse wheel and see what turns up. Is it that Adam and his barely legal man bits are too young for Carole? Is it because he’s the hired help and exists only to serve the Countess eggs à  la Francaise? Not this time.

“My issue is not with their age difference but that she didn’t consider my or my niece’s feelings when she began dating Adam (practically living together…her words not mine).”

Luann couldn’t use the “too young” excuse again anyway. After all, she admitted to hooking up with Eric, the hot houseboy from the Turks. But now she’s backing off that.

“As for my flirtation with Eric, that’s exactly what it was and my having a bit of fun didn’t hurt anyone… Did I go skinny dipping with the houseboy? Yes, I did, but that’s as far as it went.”

Mmm hmm.

But this zinger was my favorite line of Luann’s entire blog: “What happens in Turks and Caicos should stay in Turks and Caicos! #GirlCode”

That would totally hold water if she wasn’t broadcasting her life on a reality TV show. So what do you think? Did Luann have a messy year or am I being too hard on her? And what is the real reason she’s so peeved that Adam and Carole are together?


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  • WestCoastFeed

    Any woman who is a friend of Thomas Roberts is to be envied. Hooray for Luann. She is doing something right in her life to have scored that friendship.

    • twifan2

      Bet Bam would like to be his friend also, WCF.

      He seems nice. 🙂

      • WestCoastFeed

        Yes, I think he is probably Bam’s type. But, he is taken. He is not just nice; he is an excellent journalist.

    • ohjeez

      lu gets fun peeps on the show…thomas, carson, natalie cole…

  • TartLemon

    If LuAnn doesn’t remember making the comment, how can she know it was made in jest or not? Not buying the Countess act this season. Even after the overwhelming bad reviews of the hideous dress, LuAnn promotes it as ‘Countess Collection’?

    If Countess is so concerned about her niece’s feelings, why keep pouring salt on it with constantly bringing it up on tv? ‘Girl code’ NONSENSE! If that’s so important, prove it by your actions.

    • tapestry10

      Right you are, TartLemon.

    • equinox2009

      Countess-“Sonyas “snatch” protector”. Nice wording, Countess!

  • ohjeez

    the whole toast thing is so freakin” dumb.. this isn’t Dynasty folks…if it was done it was made in jest and thats why lu wouldn’t remember because it was such a nothing event…her actions all season prove no take down on beth was happening…her and lu were cool all season and lu even came to her a few times to tell her she needed to bond with the group more…so lu actually helped beth out…hardly a take down…

    • TartLemon

      Bethenny didn’t need any help to know how to do reality TV. LuAnn wanted to control the issue.

      • ohjeez

        lol sorry it’s just not how i saw it…lu and anyone else would be an idiot to think beth is controllable in any way…esp someone who knows her well like lu

    • Livie1

      I agree ohjeez, I didn’t think Lu’s silly toast thing was anything more than tongue in cheek stuff at that time. The others making something of it, well, obviously they have an ax to grind with Lu and are too cowardly to fight fair.

      Not that Lu isn’t deserving of some diss, but I never back cowards when it comes to fighting unfairly. Man up, speak your truth or don’t bother. Digging for silly stuff, like with that “toast”, wtf???

      • ohjeez

        ita they have nothing on lu so it’s this crap and slut shaming for stuff we never really see or can confirm so its their word against lu’s… unfair and petty fighting is not lu’s personality or style…even when lu is not getting along with someone she does not “join the group” in a takedown…for ex this last reunion epi…she sort of stuck up for heather with sonja saying she didn’t think it was ok to leave the women in the foyer….lu pretty much flies solo…she is not a pack dog…and she doesn’t sweat the small stuff like the rest of those hyenas

  • tapestry10

    Terry L. Austin, you’re right, right, right on every point. True, Luann’s dress did look like a foil-covered Easter egg, and a pretty tacky Easter egg at that. She thinks we’re morons. She thinks if we admired her beautiful clothes in past seasons–and I certainly did–then we won’t be able to tell the difference between clothes by great designers and cheap crap by Luann. You’re right again about how she backs away from any true apology. Always with the denials and excuses. I have to admit I liked Luann’s idea for a Bethenny piñata full of protein bars: I really can’t get behind Bethenny’s making a fortune on shaming women into believing they have to be skinny–and they have to be “girls.” It’s retro. It’s backward. Come out of the darkness into the light, Bethenny. And by the way, I think she looks ghastly with all the additional weight she dropped. The whole “skinny girl” bandwagon gives me the creeps.

    • Terri L. Austin

      Agreed! I’m not feeling Luann’s designs. Maybe she should have stuck to chunky jewelry.

    • Livie1

      I just always wonder what these women see in the mirror when they don one of these ill-fitting, tacky looking outfits. Or if they even bother looking in the mirror….

      Agreed, Terri’s “foil-covered Easter Egg” fabric description was so dead on!!!

  • MidwestMiddie

    Bravo – If bringing Luann back for the next season means she will record another
    song – DON’T DO IT!!!!

    • Livie1

      LMAO Midwest, I can always count on you to make me teehee!!

      • MidwestMiddie

        Morning, Livie.
        Hope you have a nice weekend.

    • ohjeez

      lol i thought girl code was great…it’s gets my shoulders and hips moving and makes me laugh at it’s silliness….her first two songs i didn’t like as much…

    • Terri L. Austin


  • jane

    This is so on point!! What is with Luann’s fascination with exposed shoulders??! There were a few other pieces in her “collection” that were designed like this hideous dress.

    • aemish

      It reminds me of the material they make mermaid halloween costumes out of.. you can see the cheap seams and everything!

  • Livie1

    Easter egg foil – whoa, that was genius!! You nailed it Terri. Still chuckling over that one…now was it you or your ghostwriter that came up with that?

    JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I’m still reeling over the revelations here on AATT about authors that are professional writers but use ghostwriters for books, tweets, blogs, etc, etc, etc. Hopefully you aren’t offended by my little joke. xoxo)

    • Terri L. Austin

      Joke appreciated! But you’ve given me an idea. Maybe I should add ghost writing to my resume. All those reality stars can’t be penning their own memoirs, right? I could pick up another gig! 🙂

  • LOVExtraRomanceNews

    There’s an Easter egg to be left untouched by me. Perhaps some relocated vadge bling on those naked shoulders, as epaulettes? Is that wrong?

    • Terri L. Austin

      You are not wrong.