#LadiesofLondon Returns for Season 2 on September 7 — Watch Sneak Peek!

Posted on Aug 3 2015 - 5:15pm by Avigail


The Ladies of London are back for a brand new season!

The Bravo series all about London’s upper echelon returns Sept. 7 with two fresh faces.

This time they’re bringing all the upper-crust drama London can handle with them. The Season 2 crew includes a mix of familiar faces — Julie Montagu, Juliet Angus, Annabelle Neilson, Marissa Hermer, and Caroline Stanbury — as well as new socialites like Danish Baroness (and former host of Denmark’s Next Top Model) Caroline Fleming and Sophie Stanbury, sister-in-law to Caroline Stanbury. So mark it on your calendars: Season 2 kicks off on Monday, September 7th at 10/9c.

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of season 2 below.

Ladies of London premieres Sept. 7 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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  • T’s Martini Lounge

    Shocked this got a second season. I watched the first 20 minutes of episode 1, and I was out!

    But, they gave those awful Manzos another season, so who knows…..

  • YAY! Love this show and looking forward to Dani-K’s recaps.

    • Dani-K

      Thanks Seuss! I’m so looking forward to LoL. Sorry that Nicole won’t be on it – talk about a story line. Yowza. I wonder how she’s holding up after her bf’s suicide.

      • pixntrix

        I have wondered that as well Dani…inquiring minds want to know.

        • Dani-K

          Thing only thing I’ve heard was that right before Scott jumped out the window he called her and told her what he was about to do. Nicole didn’t believe him. They had broken up and supposedly this was something he had threatened before. Anyway, according to “sources” she was still on the phone when he jumped. I hope Nicole is ok. I also hope the show mentions it and Gives us clarity.

  • italiano bambino

    wait they brought them back having really bad raitings yet miami got canned 😌😒

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    That’s all I got. LMBO!

    • Sophia Z.

      We’re in this together… and that’s the way it is. Should we take up knitting?

    • Sophia Z.

      We have Below Deck also. Sneak peek tomorrow night at 10. Be there or be square. lol

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    YAY – I absolutely loved this show!!! I’m thrilled that Caroline Stanbury is coming back 🙂

  • Sophia Z.

    I LOVE this show!!!!!!!!! So glad it is back. But ladies… I don’t care where you stand on the social ladder you NEVER, EVER wear fur. Smh. Tacky.

  • itsjustme

    I am SO excited by this! I really enjoyed this show. And I must say I’m not the least bit upset that Caprice and Nicole won’t be back! Can’t wait!

  • undergroundrailroadtrain

    I liked it. Glad it came back. I have to admit I can’t remember who Julie was. Last I heard Marrisa had another child. Look forward to seeing London scenery and the English countryside

  • pixntrix

    So glad this show will be back and without Caprice.

  • ohjeez

    so excited for this…the preview looks epic and glad they dumbed caprice and noelle for two upgrades