#RHONJ Joe Giudice’s Alleged “Breathless” Mistress Disputes Affair Claims

Posted on May 19 2015 - 12:11pm by BeachSpin

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Is Joe Giudice a devoted family man, awaiting the release of his true love, or a seedy guy on the prowl? It was recently reported that the husband of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s,” Teresa Giudice, was seen on a double date with Samary Graulau, an employee of Breathless Gentleman’s Club. 

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The rendezvous was captured in pics, while the couple was dining at Seabra’s restaurant in Newark, NJ, and Radar Online is reporting that Graulau is now speaking out about the incident. 

Joe Giudice cheating_RHONJJoe Giudice and mystery woman on an alleged double date in Newark, NJ

Graulau did not deny the relationship, but played down the appearance of anything romantic going on.

“It’s ridiculous. It was just a dinner,” she said. “He is a friend. That is it. I can’t believe this.”

She insisted that there was no hookup, and commented,

“He is a friend. That is it. I can’t believe this.”

Graulau went on to assert that there were actually six or seven people in their party, upping the possible appearance of an innocent group outing. However, the clicked evidence reveals only one other couple, making a solid claim for a double date scenario. Graulau reportedly became flustered when questioned about an eyewitness account of Joe acting touchy-feely, responding,

“Ugh, I don’t know.”

Graulau also insisted that she and Joe did not meet at Breathless, although he has allegedly been spotted there at least four times within a recent two week period. What do you believe the true story is, behind this seemingly sleazy “friendship”?    


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  • This chick is lying and only made these statements because Joe asked her too. Sounds like Milania wrote her comments for her. LOL!

    • dj j

      I just wish Teresa would divorce this dirtbag. It is his fault she is doing time in prison.

  • WestCoastFeed

    How big was the ROL paycheck for this story? And did you have to split it with Joe?

  • JerseyGirl830

    They need to put his A$$ in jail ASAP. Don’t the courts see what this SCUM is doing? How dare the courts allow this to go on, when in fact he was supposed to be home taking care of his DAWTERS those entitled BRATS. The judge specifically stipulated that one parent remain out of jail to care for the BRATS. Nothing seems to stop this SMELLY DIRT BAG from looking for Sexual activity even without a license he gets around. He should take the same effort in caring for his family. I intend to write a letter to the courts and addressing it to Judge Salas who came up with this UN-FAIR idea allowing this Felon to stay out of jail until FELON #2 gets out of Danbury. He should be looking for a job. Where is he getting his money to continue his falandering.

  • Dave

    How many venereal diseases will Joe past along in prison?

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    She boned him 6 ways to Sunday. She’s that chick, its obvious.

  • September24

    It would pretty funny if she was the girl he was talking to at the vineyard!

  • Sandra Oh

    If there was nothing going on, she would have responded with “EWWW AS IF!”

    • Bad Barbie


  • cait

    Joe and the missus seem to have been apart for years, as Mouthiana pointed out that they had separate bedrooms ! But they are Cafflicks, and will never divorce while their parents are alive ! I was the same.

    • colleen

      Cafflicks! Lol! We’re good people. Old school

  • karen

    Hes guilty.