Divorce Documents Reveal Bethenny Frankel is Rolling in The Dough! READ List of Luxury Expenditures

Posted on May 19 2015 - 11:31am by Avigail


Star of “The Real Housewives of New York” and Skinnygirl creator, Bethenny Frankel is a REAL rich b*tch! Court documents reveal that the cocktail connoisseur, book author and reality star is rolling in the dough.

Legal documents disclose that Bethenny Frankel’s net worth in 2010 was around $22,000,000, with assets totalling $611,503. On the contrary, her estranged husband, Jason Hoppy’s net worth was a mere $475,000. Jason had $13,331 in checking and savings accounts (in his name) and a joint account with Frankel containing $3,774. They also had a joint brokerage account with a value of $248,774.

Then in 2011 Bethenny hit pay dirt with the sale of her Skinnygirl drink line for a reported $100 million to Fortune Brands’ Beam Global.

  • Frankel’s 2012 W2 listed Bethenny’s gross annual wages totaled $4,011,726
  • In 2012 her checking and savings accounts in her sole name containing $282,207.03.
  • In 2012 the couple also had a 529 college savings account for Bryn with a value of $149,187.89.
  • By the time Bethenny filed for divorce, she owned six companies and various trademarks, as well as two properties in Bridgehampton that she purchased with cash.

The paperwork indicate that Jason Hoppy has expensive expenditures: Below is a complete list of his monthly expenses, totally $35,559.00.

  • $470 in clothing for himself
  • $600 for clothing for their daughter Bryn
  • $320 for babysitting
  • $450 for hobbies including golf
  • $500 for toys, $350 for Bryn’s summer camp
  • $4,000 for summer home rental
  • $2,500 per month for vacations!

Jason is asking the court to have Bethenny foot the bill for vacations that he grew accustomed to in the marriage. During the marriage, the family vacationed in the Turks and Caicos and Los Cabos, Mexico. The judge noted in the court documents that,

“Disputes about whether their often luxurious travel constituted vacations (according to the husband) or work (according to the wife). It is difficult to make a precise finding as to the marital lifestyle.”


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  • Bad Barbie

    Those vacations were for the show so most likely Bravo paid for those. Good luck with that Jason!

    So Bethanny is not worth $140,000,000 like she wants to claim and Jason doesn’t have as much as it was reported when he came into the marriage. Interesting.

  • italiano bambino

    Take noteS moose this is a REAL RICH B***”

    • Norrth

      LOL! So true!

    • Bloop!

    • RonnieIsBack


  • Norrth

    Luxury vacations? REALLY? Sorry. I don’t get it. As long as the daughter gets to continue those vacations, fine, but I think he shouldn’t get paid vacations. The home and upkeep? Yes. I thought he gave up his work to join her. Their daughter shouldn’t live well at home with both parents, IMO. Russell Simmons is such a good man, in my book. He wanted his ex- to live well so his children always lived well no matter where they were.

    • And Kimora is rolling in the dough with her new Goldman Sachs husband. She just gave birth to a baby boy with the new hubby.

      • Diane69802

        Kimora also has her own lucrative business

        • She does? What is that?

          • RonnieIsBack

            Babyphat (I know now defunct) and the business of fabulocity lol.

          • Babson_Chick

            i used to watch her show – she knows how to live a fab life

      • RonnieIsBack

        Kimora is a BOSS bish who knows how to work it…she has a kid with each father (marries them too except for Give Us Free! Actor Dimon), and runs her empire..she never gets with a man who needs a come up…Peeps need to be choosy. You are connected to them for the REST OF YOUR LIFE when you have a kid with them.
        Kimore is sitting on the platinum poon..

        • Babson_Chick

          LoL at platinum poon!!

      • Babson_Chick

        wow – didn’t know that – tks.

  • italiano bambino

    I can’t stand him guy is a fucking leech didnt he go to those trips as well? guy is delusional

  • CrazyCatLady!!!

    Jason is a brat!!!!

  • Jason go get a job and stop bleeding Bethenny for her coins. I know she used you as a sperm donor and you’re butt hurt but come on dude, enough is enough!

    • RonnieIsBack

      Agreed. He got her when she was most vulnerable…Jill had dumped her and she was believing her own hype…

  • Diane69802

    $500 a month for Toys? Are you f*****g kidding me? Get a job loser! I think he knew Bethenny was on to something lucrative and he used her!

  • Goo Goo G’Joob

    At least he isn’t pushing for some genital rejuvenation surgery, like B got off Eddie!

    • cait

      Brain surgery would be more appropriate for this low-life, unemployed, moron !
      What will his child think of him, later, when she reads about him using her for a cushty lifestyle ?

  • side of Sour Cream

    Geez dude, find some pride. Your child is watching you Jason! , try to have a little respect for yourself.

  • Etta Bredeson

    I can’t believe that B didn’t make him sign a prenup !!! and as far as living like they are accustom is BS the little girl was/is way too young to know the difference and 500 a month for toys are they gold plated ?? and 600 a month for clothes is outrageous does he just let her wear them once and throws them away ?? she can’t even grow out of them that fast..Jason is just a Weiner Headed Wimp…

    • cait

      Who has custody ? If joint, then each should pay their own way for the child ! Has the weasel no pride ?
      He’s just a pimped-out gigolo !

  • colleen

    You aren’t fooling us, Hoppy. You’ve been stashing money away in Mom and Dad’s name. And they invest under their name so you don’t have to report to IRS and to divorce Court

  • RonnieIsBack

    Just one hot mess…see this is what happens when you try to play Ebenezer Scrooge (Methenny –had big buck PRIOR to Skinnygurl but was fooling us in that little apt on the Upper East Side when RHONY first started — liar liar) and meet up wiht an opportunitest (Hoppy) who know with his golden peen that shot in the dark of a one nighter – bingo…money money money. He hit the jackpot…even Stedman couldn’t get Oprah preggers…(Oprah was too smart).
    The saddest part is that Methenny woudl rather burn her house down than give Hoppy a dime…I hope the court’s step in and finish this ish..
    Settle with his bish azz and move on.

  • Babson_Chick

    Note to Nene – this is a Real “rIch bitch”. Blonk, bloop – whatever.

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