NeNe Leakes Attacks Again! NeNe Plays Victim and Throws Shade at Kenya Moore

Posted on May 17 2015 - 10:17am by Norrth Cafe

RHOA_Nene Leakes at season 7 reunion

NeNe speaks! The only problem is that I don’t know if the plot has thickened, or if it has become as thin as gruel! Leakes explains her breakdown in her latest blog and I will leave it to you to decide if you believe she has adequately explained her issues. For me, something still rings false:

“I always like to be true to myself and speak from my heart and I hope that you will feel me and that I don’t offend you. My exterior may come off tough to some but my heart is made of pure gold! I have overcome and conquered things that would have broken the average person.”

If her story is true, her life has been difficult, but has it been any worse than the lives of the people she denigrates on the show? I wish she was gracious enough to give credit to the other wives, who have each experienced the sort of life-altering and formative experiences most of us wouldn’t want to have to survive.

That should have been the wives common ground for bonding. Instead, the experiences of the other women have seemingly been discounted as something other than “things that would have broken the average person,” by Ms. Leakes, in my opinion.

“My breakdown didn’t just come out of no where like some would like for you to think! It took courage and strength for me to drop my walls in front of women who had said the most ugliest things about me all season! Women who I feel honestly wanted to hurt me! Women who were 100% against me. Women who has shown me zero support. Women who has shown the utmost hate for me. I need you to understand what it took for me to put myself on display for all to see and how vulnerable I felt in that moment.”

I agree that being vulnerable takes strength and courage. It’s the same strength and courage they have all shown at one point or another. I ask this honestly, has there ever been a season where NeNe didn’t believe the others were out to get her? Doesn’t it also take strength and courage to see the good in others, instead of assuming all others are always acting in bad faith? Cynthia left the door open to reconciling. NeNe closed it. Yet, Cynthia was the first to run to her. Kenya tried to greet her warmly and hug her after they said they were on good terms. NeNe stiff armed her, despite the fact that these two women have never had an argument over anything.

Claudia, who had once been contacted by NeNe to take over hosting duties for an event at which Charles Grant would be featured, Claudia tried to say hello and play nice. NeNe shut her down as “associating with people she doesn’t think highly of or wanted to be associated with” – words to that effect.

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Kandi helped Kim Zolciak put out a hit single. I’m not sure how that was an indication of being “100 percent against her,” but they have never been the same since then. Collectively, the women sent her a video shout out saying they wanted peace. She blew them and the video off. Who is out to get her? None of them have treated her as she has treated them during sensitive moments.No eye rolling. No laughing. No side-eying. This saddens me for her.

“Honestly I never wanted to cry or feel vulnerable in front of people who don’t like me! (I’m crying as I write this) I understand that forgiveness is powerful which is why I wanted to let my walls down. I am not an abandoned woman! I am not a victim! I love my mother with every inch of me and I’m sure she wanted more for me than she could offer at the time! I didn’t understand that as a young girl but I understand that as a mother today!”

Now I am confused. Is NeNe suggesting that it was only at that moment that she was able to forgive and that’s why she broke down? What is she forgiving? She said that she was not abandoned, as seemingly alleged on the show, what was that entire reunion breakdown about? If NeNe has understood her mother’s motives along, why talk about her mother as wanting the other children (apparently her words to her husband, Gregg by  his account) but not keeping her at home? I don’t get any of this. I am also beginning to wonder more about her sister’s account of their childhood and whether there is more to the story than Leakes has let on (You can read that account here).

“MOVING ON……I reached out to majority of the ladies after the reunion to thank them for their support & kindness that day because they seemed to show support during my breakdown. But I find it hard to believe that some of their intentions were genuine and sincere! Certainly after something so serious some have continued with the nasty negativity in the press and on social media. Which makes it hard for me to trust or have any relationship with them.”

This woman gives with one hand and takes with the other. I think anyone who doubted Kandi and faulted her for not moving during the breakdown now owes her an apology! None of them had to put themselves on the line for more rejection. Kenya has never known a mother’s love and reached out to NeNe, even after NeNe rolled her eyes at her after hearing that Kenya’s mother spoke to her for the first time.

NeNe has accused Dr. Jeff of doing Bravo’s bidding and attacking her. She has accused the other wives of being 100% against her. She has even had conflict with her sisters/cousins with her comments causing the family pain – which played out in social media, several years ago:

RHOA_Nene Leakes Sister Facebook Meesag

“Moving forward for me doesn’t mean having a friendship It just means that I’m past the bullshit & some people need the bullshit to survive on this show. I don’t!”

How is it that she has she managed to stay right in the middle of all of it?

“Cynthia, we had our little chat that day and we have texted since then but again thank you!”

No slap back after the compliment? Progress.

“Claudia, thank you for keeping your word after we spoke.”


“Phaedra and Porsha you guys have been just amazing all season long and you continue to be.”

Figures. Though I am surprised that Porsha’s comments that not having a mother’s love makes you bitter didn’t resonate, more. Is it me or do you think Ms. Leakes intentionally left Kenya Moore off the list? (You know Kenya – the show’s star, as Leakes dubbed her during the pajama game nightmare).


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  • DSS

    The most vile person on TV

    • Good morning DSS! I agree 100%. Nene makes so hard to root for her. She’s loathsome.

      • DSS

        Hey Seusssssss!!!!!!! Do you know if her and Kims show is gonna be a short thing like Kandi’s? When I heard they were doing a spin off for Kandi I thought it was a relationship thingy. Or is it still? Cant they find better use of the air time then Nene and some of these spin off shows? LOL

        • rasta

          I can assure you. As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets…uh..wherever..Nene&Kim will be Bravo’s #1 reality stars!

          • Ugh! Those 2 bore me and I can see the fake acting now. After all the aggresive things Nene has done to Kim, their relationship and interactions have never been the same. When they’re around each other now there’s always a sense of trepidation on Kim’s part. The energy is weird.

          • RonnieIsBack

            It will be so faked and contrived…unless they are allowed to snatch a wig or two…nobody will tune in after the second episode…Oprah and Gayle they are not..
            More like Rosanne and Tom Arnold…

          • undergroundrailroadtrain

            Perfect analogy

          • Bad Barbie

            Just goes to show how this “friendships” are so fake. I don’t think anyone has talked so much ish about Kim than Nene. Nene exposed all of her dirty laundry. If I were Kim, I wouldn’t bring Nene around my new family. She already saw what she does when she is “hurt”.

          • Bad Barbie

            They will have 1 fan.

          • ClaraLaraFunPark


          • wendee madison

            Money will change anything!!!

  • CoolBreeze15

    She’s a disgusting, stereotypical piece of trash. I will not be watching anymore, done with this played out trash. However, I wish Miss Kenya Moore well! She has had a tough week but luckily Patti and the fans have come to her defense. I also wish Miss Claudia Jordan, Cynthia, and Demetria much success!

    • RonnieIsBack

      Agreed CB!

      • CoolBreeze15

        Yes! She thinks everyone on earth lives on Twitter, they don’t! People were going on her website shading the crap out of her, LOL!

        • RonnieIsBack

          And she is such a flip flopper…she used to shade “those Twitter folks” all the time…now she loves them…and the gays, as she calls them..anyone she can use to her advantage…#HeauxNotLoyal

    • Bad Barbie

      People are over Nene and her hate for everything that breathes, This woman wants to tear everyone else doing anything down.

      • CoolBreeze15


  • Sandra Oh

    Kray Kray is hardly the star of Atlanta. She’s the crazy spinster aunt.

  • Marsbars09

    Norrth, I’m so glad you wrote this blog.
    Based on Kendall Kenya’s interview and tweets and watching Nene visiting her mother’s home in Athens during season 2 I believe Nene had a relationship with her mother, but not in the traditional sense. If Kendall is telling the truth Nene’s mother asked her to live with her when she was 13 years old, but Nene preferred to live with her aunt.
    For the longest time I thought the root of Nene’s rage was that she was abandoned by her mother and not claimed by her father. I think Nene is either angry that her mother didn’t care enough about her to tell her the truth about who her father was or it’s something else the public isn’t privy too.

    • rasta

      I’mm glad that Nene’s aunt was protective enough to give her that choice. Mom could have demanded that she live with her. She probably needed a babysitter for what i suspect were those brats. Nene probably had in those 13 years felt separated and developed her core of defense and determination even though her mom came through time to time. It was, after all, her mom’s hometown as well as hers. It’s the northern kids that felt southern kids were less than they were in those days. Things done changed. ATL has become a mecca for successful Blacks, and NY, though fast, has way too much competition. Damn shame that sister was first to show up and show out. She ddidn’t give a damn about Nene until Nene struggled to make the difference in her life for hersel and family. What happened to make them so desperate to see her fall? Aren’t there enough people out here hatin’ on her? Did NY DPA cut somebody off WIC?

    • Bad Barbie

      Nene puts it as if her mother left her in a basket at the church’s steps and never saw her again. Over the dramatics but then she laughs at everyone else’s issues. Vile heffer she is.

  • Marsbars09

    Nene’s blog reeks of backhanded compliments for each and everyone of her cast mates. She has no love nor respect for any of them. If they can’t see that there is no help for them.
    Speaking of help, Nene needs it. She will do herself in quicker than Bravo. Without Bravo she and Gregg would be living on public assistance.

    • Bad Barbie


    • Norrth

      The sad thing is that they keep trying to keep things running smoothly with her. I wish they would realize that it won’t happen with her. She is who she is.

  • HoyesMiGente

    Nene has such emotional problems. And she’s very rigid. She acts out of a need for superiority I think–but all that has to come from deep wells. Not making excuses for her. She’s mean as he!! and a typical bully. Doesn’t want to be called on it. That’s weak character as far as I’m concerned.

    • Marsbars09

      Nene has a deep, unreasonable sense of entitlement and I don’t know where that hails from. I think her soul is damaged.

      • RonnieIsBack

        Agreed Mars!

    • Bad Barbie


  • rasta

    Hmmm… just look at the cockroaches crawling out from under those Bronk rocks or wherever they invaded. Quite a bunch of evil STEP SISTERS. Wouldn’t want to call them half sisters because that would actually make them relatives. Nope, don’t need ya’. Nene told us ALL about her strip pole dancer days AND how she met Greg. What are yall trying to tell us? About her SCHOOL DAYS? She dididn’t grow up with you nasty ratchet birds remember? And one of you implied that mom’s ways were a bit torrent. So are YOU intending to smear your moms or Nene?!! GET IT RIGHT, KEEP IT TIGHT cuz we aint’ ever checkin’ for your broke azzez.

    • Bad Barbie

      They have the same mother that is not “Step Sister” or “Half sister” either. They came from the same coochie.

      BTW, I am not sure what show you watched but someone exposed Nene, that is why she had to admit her stripper past. Typical Nene behavior. The same way she never said about her son being arrested, having a kid, etc. All of this was exposed by ATL bloggers and she had no other choice but to talk about it.

      • Norrth

        Bad Barbie, I think you are on to something because Nene, in my opinion, began attacking Claudia right away. It made me wonder if she was afraid that Claudia would bring back the old Charles Grant stuff.

      • fred

        neighneigh said that was black parenting

      • italiano bambino


    • fred

      why do you like this bully so much what is wrong with you?

  • RonnieIsBack

    A Moose, even a broken but angry Moose is still a Nene…
    She will never learn or change…

  • RonnieIsBack

    She keeps trying to pry Phaedra from Kandi but Kandi posted loud and proud that she was celebrating her birthday with Phaedra this weekend along with Kenya and Claudia..#JesusFixedIt

    • Norrth

      Shady must finally see the handwriting on the wall after Nene commented on working with SIX monsters! Maybe she doesn’t want to keep peeving off the woman who knows her secrets.

  • pixntrix

    I thought Nene did a great job in talking about herself as if she was “the women”. Jeez I really can’t stand her, I think I would take Brandi over Nene…and from me that is saying a lot.

    • lizO

      Wow, that’s really a hard choice. I at least used to like NeNe so when I watch her give those ladies shade it’s not far from the old NeNe. Brandi, I never liked from day 1.

  • Bad Barbie


  • Goo Goo G’Joob

    Nene does almost as good a job of deflection, rewriting history and outright omission that she’s almost as talented at it as Kim Richards, minus the booze and drugs. I wish somebody would stick those two off on a deserted island somewhere and put them out of our misery.

  • beckywebb

    She did an interview with Essence, and the way these interviewers fawn over her and every nasty thing she does is disgusting. I can’t take it! Every year it’s the same nonsense with her.

  • Susan Toby

    Kenya has a very good heart

  • clara6012

    I actually can not make any sense of what she said… Over NeNe..NEXT

  • JoAnne

    Sadly – Nene is going to throw rocks and play the victim all her life. When sh said she was working with monsters I really thought to myself she needs help worse than all the others combined! She has a mean soul and has no clue what real friendship is… she is jealous of everyone because she doesn’t have a genuinely kind thing to say of anyone without a temporary motivation. Porsha and Phaedra both are too ignorant to analyze her game even though she has openly made comparisons of them like “This ain’t Phaedra hunni”. Geeze – she is a worn out record of bad behavior that is wearing thin on everyone.

  • italiano bambino

    Nene is a imbecile