‘Kandi’s Ski Trip’ Premiers Tonight! Kandi’s Aunts Are Not Happy With Her – WATCH VIDEO

Posted on May 17 2015 - 8:19am by Avigail

Kandi Burruss RHOA_Kandis Ski Trip

Bravo announced a new three-part special following the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 7 Reunion centered around Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s blended family. Kandi and Todd embark on a wondrous family vacation in the Colorado mountains. Along for the adventure are Kandi’s feisty aunts otherwise known as the old lady gang and Mama Joyce!

With so many moving pieces and the recent loss of Todd’s mother Sharon, Kandi and Todd decide to plan a Burruss-Tucker family ski trip to Colorado for a much-deserved vacation. They face many of the same problems other newlywed couples encounter from struggling to blend their families to trying to get pregnant.Kandi’s Ski Trip” premiers tonight. Watch exclusive sneak peeks below.

The trip gets off to a rocky start. Predictably Kandi’s aunts aren’t too thrilled with their room accommodations and don’t hesitate to voice their complaints.


There’s no pleasing Aunt Bertha, not even a foot rub will help…

Don’t miss the premier of ‎’Kandi‬’s Ski Trip‘ tonight on Bravo at 8|7c!


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  • Norrth

    Free trip, nothing but ungrateful. Kandi needs to stop trying to please those people.

    • Marsbars09

      ITA. I just posted a similar comment.

    • HoyesMiGente

      And why did her cousin get all emotional and argumentative at the table? I understand they’re old ladies. Escort them back and forth or figure something else out. I cannot stand people who look for slights.

    • Gerri Ford

      Old ladies: She works hard for her money so you better treat her right!

  • Ilivehereandlikeit

    Watched the video above. Wow, what a bunch of old sourpusses. Thanks but no thanks.

    • Marsbars09

      I’m sorry, but I’d be embarrassed if my family acted that way while taking them on a nice vacation. Kandi needs to stop being so nice to them.

  • DSS

    You couldn’t pay me to watch this garbage

    • cait

      Sorry, DSS, I’ll take the cash, and read a book while it’s on !

      • DSS


  • T’s Martini Lounge

    Zero interest in Kandi and her stupid family drama. If you DVR RHOA, this will record as well. I made sure to delete the recordings.

    • Marsbars09

      I know. Nothing but scripted drama.

  • Marsbars09

    OMG, Kandi and her family are like hillbillies placed in a fine lodging establishment.
    Kandi and Todd continue to embarrass themselves by displaying their ignorant family on TV.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Exactly…not cute at all…

    • Lila

      Ouch. But true.

  • cait

    These old bats did not get nasty ‘cos they are old ! Nasty old people have been nasty all their lives !

    • Lila

      In a situation like this, there are other sweet Old Aunties out there who would be respectful and appreciative of their niece’s generosity.

  • rasta

    Dey’s jes terrible. TERRIBLE! I don’ know whyn’a HELL Bravo nem put dis mess on my TB. Lawd a merrcy. Let me gon’ in narh n make me somtaeeeeeat!

    • rb18


    • Gerri Ford

      LOL lol, lol… So funny. Rasta, you are hilarious! You’ve got that dialect down pat!

  • rb18

    Even though this is scripted. It is the most dysfunctional Mess since they TLC took off Here Comes Honey BoBo. I attempted to watch that mess once and my heard hurt! Talking about having to Dumb down your Brain to watch this “Train Wreck” as another poster called it is an understatement. Is Joyce, Kandi, and Todd aware we just saw Joyce at Sharon grave, swearing to be the Mother that he needed. Yet on next week’s show she want Carmen to take a lie detector test as she is accusing him once again of sleeping with Carmen? They really have no shame. Take those Cranky Old women home an let them go to the Casino. I am sure they are missing the money they are used to getting from her. I bet aunt Bertha will have took that casino Ride if it had been 8 hours and would have been the first one out of the car with a Pep in her step! Good Bye Kandi and take them back to Hooterville or Petticoat Junction!

    • Lila

      Thanks for the laugh! You hit it right on the nail!

      • rb18

        You got it Lila, they are a “Hot Mess”!!

  • Lila

    Still can’t understand why Kandi doesn’t stand up to her family! She’s a grown woman! It’s not disrespect it’s respecting Yourself! And were her aunts forced to go on this trip? How ungrateful and disrespectful to Kandi. When someone else is paying, well you either put up or shut up.