Brandi Glanville Offers Support To Kim Richards

Posted on May 4 2015 - 12:25pm by Dani-K


With all of the circus following the arrest of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” star Kim Richards, bff and co-star, Brandi Glanville, (finally) spoke out about it, saving her comments for her recent podcast, For Crying Out Loud.

“I feel bad for her,” Brandi said. “It’s a disease you fight every single day. Every day you have to make the choice not to drink, not to do drugs. It’s tough… I know every day’s a struggle.”

During the podcast, Brandi talked about her experience helping other friends who have dealt with substance abuse.

“My thing is, you can’t help somebody that doesn’t want help. And if they say, ‘I’m fine,’ then in their head, they’re fine,” Brandi continued. “And there’s nothing you can do until they say ‘I want to get help. I think I have a problem.’ … Until she says it herself: ‘I need help,’ I’m just her friend. Period.”

Many of us are probably scratching our heads as we try to envision Brandi in the function of “sponsor” or “healthy role model” but she was a “friend” to Kim last season when Kim felt judged and attacked by the other ladies. Brandi said,

“I never saw her drink, I never saw her do anything. I never saw her do a drug. Did I see odd behavior? I did.”

For now, Brandi says that her “main priority” is to not abandon Kim in her time of need, however, Brandi defends her choice of not pushing to the topic of sobriety with Kim.

“Until she says to me, ‘There’s something wrong. I need help,’ it’s not my place to go and say, ‘You have a problem,’ because all that does is shut me down to her, she walks away from me and then she has nobody.”

One more week y’all…just one more.


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  • Norrth

    I see adjoining rooms in rehab in their future. WTH?

  • cait

    I see lots of visits to the “spa” with supplies ! After all, poor Kimmie needs her 5-a-day !

  • Jennymckitty

    So glad Brandi is discussing her friend on her podcast. I’m sure that Kim really appreciates it.

    • Guardian

      Exactly – I’m not going to bring it up with her, just announce it on my podcast which then spreads it like ripples on a pond.

  • Liz

    meanwhile I am working two jobs to support a daughter in college and have no car. whatever people. go to the spa..

    • Ilivehereandlikeit

      Liz good for you for having your priorities right. I’m sure your daughter will someday appreciate the full meaning of your sacrifice (if she hasn’t already!) Best wishes.

    • Guardian

      I salute and bow down to you. Wow.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    That is the SCARIEST picture…I’ll have nightmares tonight for that!!! Someone should dress up like Kim & Brandi in that picture for Halloween…anyone wanna be Brandi? I’ll be drunk ass drugged out Kim…I’m a good actress 😉

  • MorningYawn

    Totally splitting hairs, Brandi… I didn’t SEE her do it, so I can’t swear it happened, but I saw her acting wasted. But I cannot say she was loaded. Whatever. In the end, however you determine a good friend in this instance, a true ride or die friend would never, ever, try to pit you against your sister and dismantle the very family that has held you and your children together for nearly 30 years. Especially when they are not prepared emotionally nor monetarily to take over that role.

    • Guardian

      But she could say that Kim was doing coke or whatever (can’t remember exactly what it was) the first time they all were together and got into that fight several seasons ago. She didn’t see it but she sure did say it. She’s a mess.

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    I love the new teacup logo AATT staff!

  • itsjustme

    Wasn’t it Brandi who mentioned to Lisa R something about Kim using a pharmaceutical “patch”? Wouldn’t that tell her right there that SHE HAD seen Kim using drugs? This woman just drives e nuts!

    • Guardian

      I don’t remember now about the patch re who said what but I am guessing as to what patch it would be and who it came from. If I’m right, would explain a lot of Kim’s behavior of late. Anyway, B is not being a friend by avoiding the matter with Kim – that is called enabling. It would serve Kim to have no one so she would be forced to get help or help would come to get her. Unfortunately rehab doesn’t work for everyone and it may not work for Kim in which case her chances for much of a future, quality and/or length, are not good. She is very ill.

      • equinox2009

        I also remember Brandi mentioning the “patch” and I immediately thought this was a Fentanyl patch used for intense pain and could only have come from Montys meds. I can’t imagine why Jennifer, Brand is friend who worked at a Sober House, a recovering addict herself, wouldn’t have advised Kim or spoken to Brandi on how to help her “friend” Once Kim latched on to Brandi, Brandi used her for her story line and then tried to shake her loose but at that Kim had nobody but Brandi couldn’t get rid of her

        • Guardian

          My mind was on the Fentanyl which is frequently used in cancer patients – especially palliative and hospice. It is highly addicting. But in fairness there are all kinds of patches on the market both by script and OTC that are non-narcotic for a range of things. Brandi does not want to go there with Kim because she is just as intimidated IMO. Kim is very ill and I don’t know – rehab does not work for everyone. It’s sad.

  • karen

    Never said nothing about patch. Some rumor someone started. Never was on show.