Post and Delete! Kenya Moore Posts Engagement Ring on Instagram Then Quickly Deletes Photo

Posted on May 3 2015 - 5:53am by Norrth Cafe


Star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya Moore was in Vegas this weekend for the big Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. While in Sin City, the reality star took to her Instagram page to announce some BIG news! 

On Friday night, Moore posted then quickly deleted a photo of her wearing a ring on her engagement finger. The post captioned,”Anything can happen in Vegas 💍❤️💋” which left many fans speechless with wonder….is Ms. Moore either engaged, or married?

Kenya Moore's engagement ring tweet_RHOA

Kenya recently found love on The Millionaire Matchmaker and she and her beau (James) are going strong today, as evidenced by a brief recap on “Millionaire Matchmaker,” as well as a pic Kenya posted on social media. The RHOA star thanked Patti for introducing her to the man of her dreams, “My faith has been restored and I thank Patti and Cynthia and most importantly God for allowing me to grow in order to receive His blessings.”

Kenya Moore_Millionaire Matchmaker

We did some investigative work and found out Kenya was just playing with her fans about the engagement and she’s NOT engaged to be married. Not yet anyway! Stay tuned.


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  • TartLemon

    Oh, wait a minute. You mean Kenya actually tried to mislead everyone about the relationship? I’d never EVER think she’d do something like that. SMH

  • cait

    Well this is how she saw Walter off, so Bye Bye James !

  • Sandra Oh

    SHe has fans???? Lies.

  • Trippinhhard

    Everything about Kenya is fake and she lies with a smile on her face or she won’t answer, when caught in a lie..Next Andy or anyone else..

  • 3!13

    Kenya’s growing on me. I’ll have her over a pinch of nene any day anytime. Nene makes my skin crawl

  • beckywebb

    Bye, Walter, bye gurl!

  • At least Kenya has a sense of humor unlike Team PETTY.

  • Mustang

    GF needs to shave those fingers!

    • undergroundrailroadtrain

      You would think a former beauty queen would do that

    • clara6012

      Maybe thats why she deleted it!

  • TJ Marcus

    I highly doubt God would have anything to do with Kendra finding a man. Really believe James is on the payroll, just like Walter was.

  • s dubbya

    Typical Kenya…opening her legs to married men