VIDEO: Married To Medicine Season 3 Explosive Teaser! Season Premiers in June

Posted on May 1 2015 - 12:27am by Avigail

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Paging “Married To Medicine” fans!

Bravo has finally released the season three trailer of “Married to Medicine” and the ladies don’t disappoint. In what looks to be the most explosive season to date, fans can expect a season full of drama, tears, and renewed relationships. The ladies of Atlanta’s exclusive medical inner circle, Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris, Quad Webb-Lunceford, and Lisa Nicole Cloud return with more patients, less patience, and a few heart palpitations along the way.

In the new season, lines between the ladies’ personal and professional lives are blurred. Dr. Jackie’s passion for health leads her to start a fitness program, but heartbreak hits home when she must deal with a family member’s illness.

Dr. Simone’s practice is booming, but her personal life is about to implode when she dives into her past and figures out the root of her anger issues.

Meanwhile, Dr. Heavenly may bite off more than she can chew as an entrepreneur, relationship expert, dentist, and mother but faces a daunting dilemma when her husband pressures her to spend more time at home.

Married to MedicineMarried to Medicine season 3 group trip

Always reaching for hubby’s money the stars, Toya is on a mission to prove that she’s not just a doctor’s wife and helps Eugene take his medical concierge business to the next level.

Mariah Huq took a step back this season and is featured as a “friend of a wife,” so expect to see her and her beautiful family but in a reduced capacity.  

When Quad and Lisa run background checks on each other, the results reveal shocking transgressions that leave the two at odds. All About the Tea spilled the tea about the former friends violent fight while filming season 3. The altercation went down during a business meeting about going into business together and things went left quickly…weaves and fingernails were all over the place. Duel shady background checks was the culprit that sparked the fight. Both background checks revealed less than “southern belle” pasts and each were pissed at all the dirt that was dug up. As a result, Quad threw a glass of water in Lisa’s face and it was on and poppin’. Punches are thrown, scratches inflicted and weaves ripped out, resulting in Lisa seriously scratching Quad’s face. D-R-A-M-A!

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Married to Medicine” is produced by Fremantle Media North America and developed by Purveyors of Pop with Matt Anderson, Nate Green, and Mariah Huq serving as Executive Producers.

Preview the juicy season 3 teaser below,


Married to Medicine” season 3 premiers Sunday, June 7 at 9|8c on Bravo.


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  • Ooooo weee! This is gonna be GOOD! I can’t wait. Will miss my girl, Mariah tho.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Me too!
      I hope Lisa (the Human Ambien) scratched Quad in that big dome to make it smaller…

  • LovelyAmberRose1

    I don’t like that Mariah is not in the show in a greater capacity. What a mistake they’ve made all to please Quad.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Soooo get rid of the brilliant mind behind this show…Mariah?! I’m already side eying this season…UGH I’m gonna watch but they should have kept Mariah on o at least in the promo pic even if she didn’t want to film much…

    and is that Dr. Simone looking FAB in that fuchsia dress??? WORK IT GIRL! HOT!!!

    • Yes! I agree. Mariah is my favorite. Can’t stand Quad and that ratchet Reco Chappel. I hope they don’t show that trifling queen this season.

      • WaWaWaWHAT!

        Me either…he is getting WAY too much airtime and how about home boy putting Kandi’s wedding dress in a trash bag o.0 QueenBye you ain’t no REAL designer LOL
        Have a great weekend luv!

      • RonnieIsBack

        Co-sign. I hope the Beave isn’t still trying to be on M2M…with his tacky showgirl clothes.

    • RonnieIsBack

      As Kuntrfied as Simone is..she really is one of the prettiest on the show.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Will be a hot southern mess as usual…and I will be front and center watching…sad that Mariah will only have a small part. I thought she had twins? Is that the reason why?

    • Sadly, she miscarried.

      • RonnieIsBack

        Oh no that is awful!

  • honeybunny

    I will not be watching. These women are more embarrassing than the cast of #RHOA, particularly the ones who are educated and have a career in medicine and cater to the public. And just to add on it was a bad idea demoting Mariah. If they can force the ladies of our Rhoa to film with Hehe why can’t they do the same on here.

  • September24

    I did not watch the video but how much more comes out about Quad? We already know about her troubles before she got married. Not a fan of Lisa Nicole – she’s boring.

    • Hey September. Lisa Nicole says Quad is a lesbian.

  • Chase

    Listen… I was there for a majority of taping this season… it’s explosive and you guys do NOT want to miss it.