Twitter Fight: Kris Jenner Told Perez Hilton to “F–k You” During Bruce Jenner Interview

Posted on Apr 26 2015 - 6:33am by BeachSpin


Drama flared during the 20/20 interview between Diane Sawyer and Bruce Jenner on social media. While it was all love and support on camera, Twitter was heating up in real-time, and the adoration was fading fast.

Things got dicey when the piece in which Jenner confirmed that he is transgender, claimed that ABC had reached out to Kris Jenner for a comment, and she declined to make a statement.  Jenner’s other two ex-wives gave “Go Bruce” comments to ABC, leaving Kris looking like the lone defector. No carefully crafted quip of gushing support was automatically interpreted as evil, and triggered the Twitterverse to question Jenner’s most recent ex’s feelings about his dramatic life decision. Perez Hilton kicked off the festivities, by tweeting about Kris’s alleged silence.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 6.07.58 AM

Kris Jenner shot back, and called foul, asserting that ABC had never requested a comment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 3.21.32 AM

ABC rep, Brian Stelter responded, defending their claim, and clarifying and reiterating their assertion that Jenner’s input was indeed pursued.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 3.31.15 AM

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kris Humphries kept his opinion short, sweet and to the point.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 3.25.56 AM

Twitter is likely to reveal much as the Bruce Jenner transformation ride continues, and the now very public personal saga rolls on.


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  • Marsbars09

    OMG who cares whether Kris commented or not. Pérez should have kept his trap shut as it was none of his business.
    Kris Humphries should have stayed out of it too, but I loved his biting comment. 🙂

  • Birdie

    Kris Jenner didn’t comment….GASP!! The world is ending…Perez needs to shut it, and mind his own beeswax. Kris is allowed any opinion that she wants, and can talk about it when she feels like it.

  • Give it a rest Perez! Stop trying to steal the moment from Bruce.

    • Marsbars09

      True dat! It’s none of Pérez’s business anyway.

    • 900009

      Actually..I think Kris is the moment know damn well she was not going to respond until she had a sense of public reaction..once she saw it was overwhelmingly positive, she jumped on the bandwagon…plus, it is Perez’s business..just like it’s allaboutthetea’s business..theyreport/blog about celebrity events.

  • itsjustme

    I totally believe Kris didn’t comment. Because she is a heartless, soulless person.

  • Norrth

    I don’t care a lick for the K family, but Kris was still married to the guy when this all began. Her perspective is different and she has her own feelings and issues to sort through. I don’t think she should have been asked for a comment. Good to know they were together while watching the interview. I hope she will support him, eventually.

  • equinox2009

    Real classy, Kris. Do you kiss your grandchildren with that mouth! For a 58 year old woman to use this language speaks volumes to who she really is. Liar, liar pants on fire. She is so embarrassed and as usual it’s all about her!!

    • Marsbars09

      If Kris’ mouth is moving you best believe she is lying.

      • equinox2009

        For sure! Have a happy day

  • Pandora403

    One thing I thought was very interesting during the interview. Bruce was pretty open about the fact that, at some point, all of his wives knew. It also seems that Kris ALWAYS knew. So they continued to live a lie for years just for the sake of making more money? Seems that way to me.

    • mrlumpy17 .

      They tried to sue one of Robert Kardashian’s ex wives because she told tabloids that Robert was angry after the divorce because his young son saw Bruce walking around house in ladies undergarments and wanted to remove his children from that environment that Kris had put them in when Bruce moved in. So this is old news to Kris, she just did not want him to come out on national television.

      • Pandora403

        Didn’t Bruce say something to Diane that he had breasts when he met Kris? I could swear I heard something about a B cup. It really is Holly-weird.

  • T’s Martini Lounge

    Oooohhh….Pimp mama Kris will give her point of view, when she gets her own special and a big fat check. She’s waiting for the cash! Know it!

  • Jennymckitty

    I can’t stand Kris Humphries. He is very immature and crude. I looked at his account and I don’t think he was trying to slam Bruce, just the K Family. I think he posted that because they looked less than supportive but Kris doesn’t have great language skills.

    Kris K was either trying to decide the best way to respond for her “brand” or wasn’t giving ABC anything without a check.