Winner Announced: Kathy Wakile Dessert Cookbook Giveaway Winner For The Week of April 17

Posted on Apr 18 2015 - 2:03am by Editor

And the Winner Is - Revealing the Award Results

It’s time to announce this week’s winner of Kathy Wakile’s “Indulge” Dessert Cookbook Giveaway for the week of April 17, 2015.

The lucky winner who posted the most comments this week is…

Midwest Middie

Congratulations! To claim your prize, All About the Tea will contact you via email.

Thanks to all who left comments and to Kathy Wakile for the giveaways.

We have 4 books left to give away! So break out your inner chatterbox and you might find yourself whipping up heavenly desserts like a pro! Go here for details on how to win your own autographed copy of Kathy Wakile’s “Indulge” dessert cookbook!

Kathy Wakile


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  • MidwestMiddie

    What a Nice Surprise!!!
    I’m thrilled and as it just so happens, I am in the middle of packing up
    all of my baking items for a move. Who has 6 different rolling pins
    and knows how to use each one of them? ME!!!
    Well, this is truly a treat and once settled in my new home, I’ll be
    sure and let you know which one of Kathy’s recipes we’re enjoying.
    Looking forward to it.
    Thank You!

    • Ilivehereandlikeit

      This is perfect Midwest: new home, new recipe book and lots of specialty rolling pins just waiting to be used!! Good luck on your move and **congrats** on the cookbook -it’s really a nice one, I’ve seen it.

      • MidwestMiddie

        I’m really looking forward to reading the book and then ………
        heading into my new kitchen and getting started.
        : )

  • Congrats @MidwestMiddie:disqus !! 🙂

    • MidwestMiddie

      : )

  • BeachSpin

    CONGRATS Middie!! Happy baking! 🙂

    • MidwestMiddie

      What a nice way to begin my day…… my morning coffee
      came with this lovely surprise from AATT.

  • Birdie

    I am all for small portions…five at a time! 🙂 Have fun with the book Midwest!

    • MidwestMiddie

      : )

  • twifan2

    Congrats MidwestMiddle! 🙂
    Chats & I will be waiting for our sprinkle cookies!

    • MidwestMiddie

      How many dozen?
      : )

      • twifan2

        To start?
        4 , please. 🙂

  • Sophia Z.

    Wonderful news, MidwestMiddle! Congratulations! xox

    • MidwestMiddie

      Thanks, Sophia.
      : )

  • Dani-K

    Congrats Midwest!

    • MidwestMiddie

      Thanks, Dani-K.