EXCLUSIVE: NeNe Leakes Demands Cynthia Bailey and Claudia Jordan Be Fired or She Will Leave The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Posted on Apr 16 2015 - 1:46am by Editor


All regular viewers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” knows NeNe Leakes prides herself on being the biggest and loudest mouth in the room. NeNe is known for reading people, making threats and storming out of events, so it was no surprise when a source spilled some tea to All About the Tea about NeNe Leaks throwing a diva tantrum.

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According to a RHOA insider, NeNe is making big demands of Bravo again. This time she is demanding that Bravo Execs fire her co-stars, Cynthia Bailey and Claudia Jordan or else she won’t return. Our ROCK solid source tells us,

“NeNe is threatening to leave the RHOA if Cynthia and Claudia return for season 8.” Adding, “NeNe has made similar threats in the past of previous co-stars and succeeded in banishing a few of them.”

NeNe has used her sharp tongue liberally throughout the season with some of the ladies (#TeamPretty) but supposedly if they challenge her, she runs to Bravo Executives DEMANDING their termination. Apparently, NeNe fears her competition will dim her light and force her out. Considering that NeNe is the common denominator in most of the show’s drama perhaps Bravo head honchos should consider replacing the common divisor in most of the problems. No?

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What are your thoughts on NeNe demanding Cynthia and Claudia be fired or she walks? Do you think it’s time for NeNe to go? Share your thoughts and sound off in the comments. 

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  • Lisa Redd

    Nene should go people are getting tired of her I stopped watching the show because of her if she returns I won’t be watching again I love Claudia and cythina

  • Nancy Krystofik

    This situation reminds me of Kim Zolciak walking out the door, she had her new show waiting for her. Now Nene has a new show waiting for her with Kim, big mouths stick together. Cynthia is more fun without Nene, and Claudia has lots of fun going on, pushing Portsha out of the way for one.

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    she;ll never quite the show and they won’t get rid of her……I barely get through a whole episode zzzzzzzz

  • doggiedaddy

    Dear Ms. NeNeanderthal,
    Don’t let the door this you in the ass.
    Buh by.

  • Reality_Bytes

    I think she should make one final exit…this time from the show. I love she has attained some success through hard work…hate her attitude and her looking down her nose at everyone else. At the end of the day she ‘ain’t all that and a bag of chips.’

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    I honesty believe that Bravo will never fire Nene…much like you said she is always a factor in the drama…for that reason alone, she will be asked back…

    The only way that Nene will leave is if she does it herself…AND even then, she would be brought back later al la Bethenny…

  • Brassy

    I never see what NeNe has to say on twitter or what wars she is having,, she blocked me for saying “Because she has a clothing line does not make her a designer” She is quick on the block button. She had no clue that what I was about to say next was about her collection which I liked very much and I was planning on buying a few pieces.Bravo will give into her demands at least half way,, looks like Claudia will be gone.Without Claudia,Cynthia will quiet down.This will keep NeNe happy for another season.

  • TartLemon

    I used to like Cynthia. Not anymore, and totally believe she will do herself in. Never could stomach Peter. Claudia and Cynthia for some strange reason, have reduced their behavior to common trash. Kenya, on the other hand, is just pure trash and looks ridiculous when she tries to look like she has any class at all. Doesn’t fit.

    • MidwestMiddie


  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Bye Moose!!!!

  • TartLemon

    I like NeNe.

  • Lucy94

    Cut the moose loose! Can’t stand her. FF every time she’s on. Her loud, ratchet, ghetto speak gives me a headache. Has the woman ever taken an English class? Bottom line is she adds nothing to ATL. But, she will probably stay. Every HW show has to have at least one gross, disgusting creature on it.

  • carefreemama

    Don’t really care…haven’t watched the show for awhile cause they scream, rant, rave, yell, overtalk each other, and speak blackeeze that I can’t understand. There are enough other housewife shows that are my guilty pleasures and have left this one in the dust.

    • misstc

      If Nene returns, I won’t be watching.

  • cait

    If this is true, and she gets her way, the show will be insufferable as she will be dictating story lines next, with herself at centre stage ! If not allowed, she will threaten to leave !

  • Girl Bye! Don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the good Lord split ya! #Deuces

  • Yolie

    Nene needs to be knocked off her high horse. Bravo needs to deny her request and send her packing. Let her experience hard times again to remind her where she came from. Fame and money has gone to this woman’s head. She’s no longer recognizable inside and out.

    • misstc

      You nailed it…I couldn’t say it any better!

  • MidwestMiddie

    Hey, give NeNe the broom! Her EGO has gotten too big but she is Spot On
    regarding Cynthia and Claudia. IF NeNe doesn’t shape up BIG TIME, she can go too.
    I don’t understand the continual high ratings for this show. The fun is gone from all of Bravo’s Housewives Shows. Entertainment and laughter has been replaced by real crime, family discord and downright nastiness. Who needs it?

  • Live Love

    Nene is awesome!!Claudia is not going away, she just signed a contract already for season 8.

  • Pandora403

    Why the heck should Nene even care? Isn’t she about to do a spin-off with Kim Z? If she doesn’t like Cynthia and Claudia then don’t film with them. None of the ladies should be prevented from earning a living. If this story is true Nene should hang her head in shame.

    • Hey Pandie! Long time!! Hope you’ve been well.

      I agree, Nene shouldn’t care considering she’s sooo “successful” but she’s done it in the past and her narcism is out of control.

      • Pandora403

        Hey girl! Where have you been??? Nene’s “great” success is starting to look like a flash in the pan. Quite honestly, I’m getting very tired of her. As my late grandmother would say “she doesn’t wear well.”

        • RonnieIsBack

          Nene will be on botched circa 2018 like NewYork Pollard….

          • Pandora403

            Have you noticed that her nose looks awful? It looks like scar tissue has formed making the tip look longer, fuller, and sadly very unattractive. Poor Nene. Back to the drawing board.

        • Hey sweets! I’ve been alive and well. I post here now. it’s a much more cohesive and inviting environment than my previous stomping grounds. And NeNe wears thin on anyone’s nerves.

          • Pandora403

            Glad I stopped by and “found” you. I’ll definitely come here more often.

          • So happy to see you posting here. Please don’t be a stranger! 🙂

  • misstc

    I’ve had enough of Nene’s ego & attitude. The girls’ trip to Manila proved how much fun it was to watch the girls have fun, light-hearted & VERY amusing. Nene has become pure negativity. BTW, Andy is probably terrified of firing Nene as she could beat him up easy. Let the moose go & re-discover her humble beginnings. “Careful how U treat people on the way up, as they will be there on your way down”!!!

  • karen

    Cynthia should of been gone many seasons ago. She boring & this season just looked foolish trying to stay relevant on show. She played gossip her on things she knew nothing about. Claudia motives were always to go after nene to keep her job on show. Claudia never intended to be nene friend. Only to use her for storyline for show. What people will do for a dollar.

  • Geminian

    Oh here we go again with the threats of leaving the show!! If nene wants to leave, then let her leave!!! I am sick and tired of hearing the childish threats of leaving the show!! I used to like nene from season 1-5 but after that, her attitude and character started to stink and her true colours started to show! Just because she had/got a few acting gigs, she thinks she ‘richer’ and ‘better’ than most people, which she isn’t. Nene is in her late 40’s acting like a spoilt immature child! I would say she should grow up but it seems like she never will!!

    • misstc

      Yeah, considering Ne Ne is highest paid HW of $1Million, I don’t think she earned a penny of it! She was rude, crude & downright nasty this season & hardly appeared, (to me a good thing!). Bravo needs to stop wasting their money on her.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Moose isn’t leaving anywhere. She just put money down on a house (finally at the tender age of 49).
    Moose Bye

    • Tanisha Johnson-peay


  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    Oh Moose, just leave. Go away already!
    Bye Bullwinkle!

  • CoolBreeze15

    Let that moose walk!!! Who is she?! No way would I let some ignorant big doofus tell me how to run my network! Bravo is going to look extremely pathetic if they give in to this hot mess of a woman! Nene wouldn’t be able to pull that mess with NO OTHER NETWORK but Bravo. I really want #teampretty to walk and let the beasts have it and let the show self-destruct on its own. I heard Carlos King is not coming back anyway!

  • CoolBreeze15

    The Moose Strikes Again! Nene Leakes Demands That Claudia Jordan & Cynth… https://youtu.be/ygdT6oguOfw via @YouTube

    All About The Tea shoutout!

  • BaybeK8s

    Two words…Bye Wig!!!

    • Tanisha Johnson-peay

      Lol. Right on, the old pole hoe

      • BaybeK8s

        OMG I’m weak!!!!! You made my day. I have to use that from now on. :O

        • Tanisha Johnson-peay

          Lol, I’m sooooooo sick of that rachet skank

          • BaybeK8s

            I’m not messing with you today. Lol I’m logging off…NOW

  • Tanisha Johnson-peay

    It’s truly sad when a woman that once fucked a pole for a living thinks she has class. People with real money never discuss money, it’s tasteless, and most of all classless.

    It hat moton wouldn’t know what RICH is, if I slapped her with a million bucks.
    The saddest part is they have a platform to encourage young African American girls that they can grow up to do great things. Instead this rachet wilder easy looking idiot starts drama weekly like a dam 13 year old.

    Personally, I think the show would be much classier without the old pole hoe.


  • Guest

    Hey, there, horse face……quit. We don’t want to watch you and your horse-sized teefs anymore, you ugly hoe.

  • How did I miss this post? NeNe is a real piece of a work! A few years ago, when she was attempting to use race against Kim Zolciak, she was all for the “brown girls” sticking together. My how times have changed, because these same “brown girls” she was corralling behind, she nows wants them fired. Funny she’s not attempting to go after Kenya. Maybe because she knows that despite Kenya’s antics, Kenya actually makes the show, whereas she’s been lackluster for the past 2 or 3 seasons. If NeNe is so Hollywood, and she’s over these women, why not leave? Or is she afraid she’ll suffer the same fate as Bethenny. Bye Nene!

  • Doris Casteel-Burkhart


  • rb18

    Why would the author of this Blog, not give facts and keep their personal piece out of it. Evidently she has some validity since 2 producers and now Carlos King is gone. How do you hire someone to go after two people and call this an unscripted reality show. Sound like LHHA, oh, but that is where he came from. Makes sense now! Bye Carlos and take Claudia and her Bunions with your. Because you really ran RHOA in the ground.

  • Natasha

    1st off, NeNe IS RHOA. She’s the reason a lot of viewers watch the show including myself. They can call her bluff if they want but I bet a million $$ she’s going to take a lot of viewers with her if she leaves. But I don’t think they’ll let it come to that. Firing Claudia & Cynthia is a no brainer considering they need NeNe for a storyline. And if NeNe leaves Porsche & Phaedra won’t be far behind. Nobody’s going to want to watch a show with just the witches. I personally will not be watching next season if Claudia & Cynthia return. I’m the last of my friends & family who still watches the show. I’m trying to stay loyal but Bravo has made it hard for a lot of fans to do that. Andy can shoulder the blame too. He’s so biased it’s not funny. U can tell who his favorites are & his ‘viewer’ questions are BS. I’m really starting to wander if I can truly take another season. The petty drama & fake make up group trips are getting old.

  • Roz

    Cynthia is a bit boring and has a hard time bring the drama. Kandi’s family issues with Todd and the crying is a bit over the top now. Moore is smart, but not balanced or a housewives. Demetria was nonexistent–no storyline whatsoever. Claudia is over top and need a therapist for anger and abandonment issues. Phaedra has a storyline, but may have had enough of reality TV showcasing her dysfunctional family issues with Apollo. Porsha is the Queen of bloopers, but interesting. What will become of RHOA?