Fraud Alert: Joe Giudice Relists New Jersey McMansion For Sale

Posted on Apr 15 2015 - 1:28am by Avigail


All About the Tea was the first to exclusively report that Joe Giudice removed his Towaco, NJ mansion from the market back in March due to bad weather and lack of buyer interest. A source told All About the Tea EXCLUSIVELY,

“The snow and bad weather forced Joe to take the house off the market.” Adding, “He can’t handle having to keep the house clean all the time and the driveway free of snow to accommodate the showings. But he does plan to put the house back on the market after the weather improves.”

Now that spring has sprung and the bad weather days have faded, Joe Giudice has relisted his Towaco, NJ family home. All About the Tea spoke to a real estate professional, who confirmed the Giudice palace is indeed back on the market.

Teresa and Joe put their Towaco, New Jersey Mcmansion on the market in September 2014, and since its initial listing have reduced the price three times, most recently in January, when they drastically slashed their expectations by $500k.

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Joe has been scrambling to maintain his role as “Mr. Mom” while his wife serves her 15-month prison sentence for fraud. As previously reportedJoe has been supposedly boozing, smoking, and neglecting his daughters, while Teresa serves her time in prison. Reportedly, since his wife’s imprisonment, Joe has been hitting the bar scene hard, and is simply not a committed presence in the lives of his four daughters.

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Joe will be spending more time at home anyway since a New Jersey judge ruled his drivers license will be suspended for two years. The ruling occurred on April 2 and the judge warned Giudice can’t even move cars in his own driveway. 


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  • Nancy Krystofik

    I bet Joe would be happy in the apartment over the pizza parlour. Why did the place fail? Didn’t we meet a staff, and watch Joe work the pizza oven? Now time is running out for him before his college begins. Any chance he will try to run, like through Canada to get back to Italy, I could picture Tre carrying the baskets of olives through the grove, like I seen on the Godfather over the week-end.

  • DSS

    Nothing new here. Read this on Radar yesterday or the day before. How is this exclysive?

    • DSS

      Of course that would be exclusive

      • ROL stole the content of the original exclusive. This site was first to publish the real reason he took the house off the market not the nonsense ROL reported.

        • DSS

          What was the REAL reason it was taken off the market and who do we have that information verified from?

          • It’s all in the article. The site verified it.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Did anyone see the US Weekly photo op of Teresa, in her greens, with family…

    Teresa with NO weave…dollar store makeup…oh and the BEST part…Joe looks 3 sheets to the wind in the pic…Happy Wife, Happy Life!!!

    • WestCoastFeed

      Hi, WWWW, check AAtT’s archives.

  • TartLemon

    How do they pay State, local property taxes? The utility bills alone must be enormous.

    • WestCoastFeed

      It looks like their only source of income these days are the tabloids and gossip sites who will print anything they submit, true or false.

  • Pony Mama

    My horses love struggling in muck and being wet all the time, so check that requirement. I hate being lonely, so I’d love to find a home that has bodies buried under the floorboards, chicken coop, and motor court, as hopefully those poor souls will become ghosts, and I hate being too far from a highway or a highway on-ramp so it fits that bill. The last of my criteria is that it be built on a swamp, because I love stagnant, fetid water and mosquitos. OMG it’s the house of my dreams! I’m flying in from Rancho Motevideo before someone beats me to this amazing house! The best part is I’m sure after I take possession and title ownership of this amazing home the original owners will hold me at gunpoint to allow them to come back and live there, and I can live in the chicken coop! I love salmonella and being hen pecked to death, that’s what attracts me to the Real housewives franchises in the first place!

    • colleen

      Pony Mama, You forgot to mention the curb appeal of starving dogs cramped into a cage trained to rip guests apart!

      • Pony Mama

        How could I forget the best/worst part?

  • WestCoastFeed

    Vicki Hyman says the realtor plans on showing the house only to pre-qualified buyers.

    • WOW! What a revelation….at that price point that status quo. As a matter a fact it’s status quo for most homes for sale.

      • WestCoastFeed

        No open houses.

    • side of Sour Cream

      If I lived anywhere near there I would definitely go through the hassle at the bank in order to actually tour that monstrosity. I’ll bet a lot of people do! I’m sure also, it wouldn’t be hard to find a realtor willing to waste an afternoon “showing” it.

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