VIDEO: NeNe Leakes Snaps And Exchange Heated Words With Claudia Jordan

Posted on Apr 12 2015 - 11:23am by Avigail


The Real Housewives of Atlanta” returns tonight and the ladies return to Atlanta from the Philippines. They immediately jump back into the work saddle and the drama, along with NeNe, returns!

Kenya Moore is in the midst of shooting her pilot, “Life Twirls On,” as Cynthia strives to perfect her accent for the role as a Jamaican salon owner. Meanwhile, Phaedra continues to feel the rippling effect of Apollo’s absence and is inspired to host a charity event.


Things don’t go so smoothly when NeNe Leakes takes a break from Broadway to reunite with the other ladies in Atlanta for a charity event. After ditching therapy, NeNe clearly is not ready to reconcile and put differences behind her. She exchanges words with Claudia Jordan at the event and ratchet Nay-Nay re-emerges. 


In the same episode, Kandi and Todd attempt to go on a romantic date, but Todd drops a bomb that leaves Kandi torn. There are still some unresolved issues around babies and careers that the reality couple need to work through.


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  • twifan2

    Why does anyone want to even ‘chat’ with Nay Nay? Oh yes-camera time! 😀

    • Marsbars09

      Hey Twi! Did you see Kenya grab Claudia to prevent her from following Nay Nay out the kitchen door? Kenya knows Nay Nay will mop the floor Claudia if she pushes her too far.

      • twifan2

        Hi Hi Mars! 🙂
        DANG! I wanted to see ‘Street’ Nay Nay come out & show us her gangsta moves! 😀

        • Marsbars09

          LOL! You’re so funny Twi.

      • fred

        bullies don’t mop the floor with anybody,they get their ass kicked that is why neigh neigh the horse keeps running away

  • Marsbars09

    I’m beginning to believe the drama between Todd and Kandi is scripted. They are trying to take that drama to their “Tuckers” spin-off, and I’m not with that.
    Todd is going to be another Jason Hoppy, Bethany’s ex. Remember when Jason came on to the scene as a nice, sweet, humble guy? We eventually discovered another side to Jason as the years passed. Todd is already showing another side to him and what he’s all about and it’s clearly not being a husband and father.

    • nan/4

      Hey there Marsie! I hope that you’ve been well. I always thought that Jason Hoppy wasn’t as nice as the “character” he portrayed on the show. He has even admitted to having quite a temper. Todd, I never trusted! I really do think that he’s an opportunist, but that’s just how I see it.

      Take good care honey!

      xo 😉

      • Marsbars09

        Hi Nan! Thank you for your well wishes! I hope you’re doing alright too.
        I hope you had a great Passover.

  • Marsbars09

    As I viewed Claudia and Cynthia going at Nene I couldn’t help to think that just last year Cynthia was attached at Nene’s hip. Cynthia and Claudia are both thirsty and pathetic.
    And what about Claudia trying to follow Nene out the kitchen? For Claudia’s sake Kenya came right out and rescued Claudia from a potential ass whipping.

    • twifan2

      Cynthia is a little lap pup-imo.

  • beckywebb

    Claudia is a straight shooter and she wants an explanation, and they all deserve one. Nene trys to shut her down because she’s new, but newbies are often the most honest, open, inquiring. Nene says nothing with a lot of words. She wants to move on – they all do, as equals.

  • Nancy Krystofik

    How can anyone stand Nene, what a nasty thing to say to Claudia ” your not important to me’. Is this how a real actress treats co-workers and aquantances? Soon enough others will be saying the same thing to her.

    • DSS

      Well said

    • Marsbars09

      ITA Nancy. If any actor treats their colleagues the way Moose does they are most likely A-list. Moose is on the D list.

  • Guest

    Every time NeighNeigh opens her mouth, I can’t help but think of Mister Ed, the talking horse. Those fake teeth veneers are hilarious. I mean, who in the h’ll gets veneers in the front, much taller than the rest of the teeth that lead to the back of the mouth? Look in the photo above, you can see what I mean. She needs to get those horse teeth that are 3x too big and too tall for her mouth fixed, they REALLY do look like horses teeth. She’s nothing more than a ghetto ratchet hoe that found some money, now she thinks she’s “it” — She’s it alright, the laughing stock of reality tv.

    • Ilivehereandlikeit

      You’re right Guest, I looked again and they are humongous. Like the Chiclets teeth in Dennis the Menace movie 😉

      I also got a big laugh when people were commenting on her odd yellow wig. Saying she was wearing Ramen Noodles on her head? LMAO. Not a good look and neither are those supersized choppers!

    • Marsbars09

      I wonder why the dentist gave he such bit teefs? It makes her look creepy.