#SouthernCharm Meltdown: Thomas Ravenel Accuses Kathryn Dennis of Cheating On Facebook

Posted on Mar 30 2015 - 12:51pm by BeachSpin


It looks as though there is trouble in paradise once again for the rocky “Southern Charm” couple, Thomas Ravenel, 52, and his much younger girlfriend and mother of his child, Kathryn Dennis.  The former S.C. treasurer has been in full meltdown mode, as earlier evidenced on his often colorful Facebook page, where he accused Dennis of cheating on him with another man. The new love interest in Thomas’s“baby momma’s” life, is allegedly a man named Tanner, or “Tan Tan”, as revealed in a screenshot of a text message purportedly sent by Dennis to a friend, which Thomas posted on his Facebook page.

“While it hurts it’s finally healthy progress to know the truth,” Ravenel wrote adding, “The joke of it is that she said she was going to propose to me today.” 


The ranting continued, in a post that was later removed, along with the tea spilling screenshot.

“I’m great in business but my personal life sucks!” Ravenel continued.  “What an idiot I am. Not only that but she’s telling everyone that physically assault her which is not only hurtful but blatantly false.  My lawyer is right.  When I see her I should run. Right now I don’t know how it could be worse unless we lost our health. How did I let her take my heart. It was cold and on a perch. Now it’s completely vanished with not even an attempt for explanation.”

Thomas Ravenel Is Melting Down On Facebook

Kathryn responded by calling foul, and asking for the tirade to be removed.

“This is completely ridiculous,” she wrote, telling Ravenel to “delete this post please – it’s inappropriate and misconstrued.

Ravenel has a history of becoming unglued on social media, which is said to have largely contributed to his crashing 2014 Senate bid failure. While some have called the couple’s online shenanigans a ratings boosting strategy, the more commonly held belief is that this crazy is REAL. Thomas Ravenel is 52 years old!  What do you think?   


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  • Mustang

    That he would be deluded enough to believe he had a legitimate shot at being elected to anything north of dog catcher, after revealing all of his messiness on worldwide television, is surely evidence of serious cray cray.

    • KJ

      Amen sister!

  • Jennymckitty

    I don’t feel sorry for him. I doubt Katherine were the first or only one in this relationship that was unfaithful if she was at all. I can’t imagine anyone over the age of 16 acting like this on social media. This is a fifty year old man. SMH. He needs to put down the Scotch and step away from the computer.

    • KJ


      • Jennymckitty

        Hey, KJ. Great to see you. When that drunken fool fell in the pool holding the baby, it would have been the last time I’d let him hold my child until he sobered up.

  • KJ

    Hey ya all!
    Hi Jenny!

    • twifan2

      KJ!!! 🙂
      How are you? How’s Alex? How’s the fam? All good, I hope! 🙂

    • Hey KJ! Been thinking of you. I hope things are stable on your end. 🙂

  • twifan2

    Someone just posted that he’s on FB:
    ‘He’s on FB like a jilted teenage girl. This is embarrassing.’

  • Babson_Chick

    I think they both should remain friends for their daughter but live separate lives so time to move on.

    • I agree Babs. Thomas will forever be the perpetual bachelor and Katherine is not ready for motherhood let alone marriage.

      • Babson_Chick

        Thomas really wanted a child so now he has one but am sure he’d like to have a son too.

  • DLister

    Isn’t this dude way too old to be doing this reality TV shit? What a LOSER!

    • Babson_Chick

      Well at least he’s a wealthy dude from a well known family.

  • Kay

    I feel bad for her but hopefully she’ll learn and won’t fall for a guy like that ever again.

  • Just a jersey girl

    Wow another Bravo felon meltdown. I love this show

  • phoebewinter

    Thomas flies off the handle too easily after jumping to (the wrong) conclusions! First, on the show he moped (If she really loved me, she would have come right away…), but it was all right for him to let her twist in the wind without so much as any loving words, such as the simple stuff like “I’m missing you,” or “I appreciate your being so understanding about my need to focus on my campaign & I’ll make it up to you when the election’s over,” or “I’m going to see you in my dreams tonight,” or giving a warm, affectionate hug after time apart. Come on! It’s not that hard to be good to a good woman like Kathryn. She wasn’t asking for too much–hardly anything at all. So, let’s summarize: Thomas is cold to Kathryn after backing out of saying he’d marry her if ‘they’ got pregnant; Thomas created emotional distance between him and Kathryn, when all he needed was some focused time away–WITHOUT having to be EMOTIONALLY cold to do so; Thomas made a point of leaving her out of things any chance he got, such as leaving her waiting for him when he went to the gala without her; and Thomas lets Kathryn think the move to the city would let them spend MORE time together, all the while he was thinking this would placate her so he could ignore her more. Then, after this cold treatment toward her that constituted a pattern of emotional coldness and abandonment of the relationship, he expects her to come running the instant he needs something from her. Well, Thomas, you never came running, walking or crawling to Kathryn when she needed you to have SOME sort of presence in the relationship. Dude, that’s called a double-standard. Get over yourself, quit blaming others for your ill-equipped plans failing, and grow up. Oh, yeah, don’t put your relationship issues on blast for the whole world to see. It’s between you and her, privately, or else you come off just looking like a needy, self-serving, immature idiot. The crux of the problem is that Thomas acts, thinks and reacts like a 14 year old boy, and Kathryn’s just too mature for the likes of him. She gave him SOOO many opportunities for him to uphold his half of the relationship. I think he is scared of intimacy and commitment, so he picked someone whose “age” allowed him to ascribe any relationship rifts to being her fault, because she’s ostensibly “immature.” He made sure to give little of his heart as he was keeping her at arm’s length emotionally. Kathryn deserves a two-way relationship, not having to “do” her side of a relationship and have her supposed partner fail to even “show up” emotionally and communication-wise. Best wishes, Kathryn. Your baby is gorgeous! By the way, Whitney is a paranoid person, who is quick to put forth a theory that Kathryn was out to sabotage Thomas. He needs to stop imitating his mother’s snooty way of judging others and develop a better rounded personality with depth. That comes from looking within–and not always focusing on policing & commentating on others’ actions!

    • mitzi

      Excellent analysis ! Kathryn finally gave up on Thomas and felt something for “Tam Tam” so maybe she’s figured out that it’s best for her not to count on tRav.

  • C_in_Chi

    I truly believe that’s the real Thomas, not an act for the show. He seems impulsive and narcissistic, and can’t imagine being done wrong. He clearly wants to put all the blame on her, despite the fact that this was basically doomed from the get go.

    • Ellen in KC

      He can’t seem to accept responsibility for anything. When he was on WWHL, he blamed Andy Cohen for his running for office, that Andy somehow put him up to it. Way to act like a man Thomas.

      • C_in_Chi

        He can’t honestly believe he has a political future after his drug charges. But given his lack of personal accountability, I’m glad the people of S.C. saw fit to deny his senate aspirations.

  • Ellen in KC

    LOVE this show. Last season, I was feeling sorry for Thomas. He looked like he was lonely & lost. I may not have thought Kathryn was the greatest person ever, but they seemed to give each other what they needed. Him a family, her security. But this season, all sympathy for Thomas went out the window. Where to even start. Could he have been any colder towards Kathryn? That ridiculous commercial? Leaving her sit and wait for him to take her to the ball? And talking to Whitney about their relationship so he can throw it in her face? And a Facebook breakup? That would have told me all I needed to know about him before I went to the polls and voted for anyone else. He has some nerve talking about maturity.