#BloodSweatHeels Recap: “Secrets and The City” [Episode 1]

Posted on Mar 30 2015 - 7:25am by Carole B.

 Blood Sweet & Heels

We kick off season two of “Blood, Sweat & Heels” as these NYC career gals start their day: Melyssa is working out, Mica is making out with her pet chinchilla, Barrack. Her assistant stops by to do squats while helping her lift and move a giant ottoman. Mica reveals to the camera that she is newly single, now that she has broken up with unfaithful boyfriend, Terry. She is focusing on career and moving ahead.

We rejoin Melyssa in rehearsal for…well let me just quote her directly, “ Ico-conceived a musical comedy loosely based on my life,” she explains. She giggles that people always stare at her and wonder wtf is she talking about. “I know I confuse people sometimes,” she admits. The rest of rehearsal consists of other cast mates catcalling her, “dogging her out,” and serenading her with a song about her hourglass figure. Demetria stops by to offer feedback but is quite perplexed by the scene. She did not understand the concept of acting and was ready to step in and kick some ass as the actors were “accosting” Melyssa. She then confesses that she is in the midst of a creative crisis of her own. She had to scrap the first draft of her book, Don’t waste your pretty, since it was so bad, even she could not bear to read her own writing. Perhaps because she was spending too much time on pinterest looking at wedding doilies.

At Daisy’s apartment, Mica shows up for a yogurt parfait buffet.“Daisy brings out the schizophrenia in me and I bring out the schizophrenia in her,” Mica enthuses as she describes their relationship. Daisy shares some bad news – she has cancer. When a makeup artist brought to her attention that the whites of her eyes were lime green, she decided to get checked out by a doctor. The doctors found a tumor in her liver, stage three cancer, and she has been going through chemo ever since. She credits her faith for getting her through it all. “I never thought I would be going through this at 34. I thought I would be accepting my proposal and signing my 5 year tv contract. I love God. I really do. I can’t not love God because I’m having a hard time right now.” Mica pledges her support for Daisy. “If you need to go to the doctor four times a week, I can take you,” she declares. “Girl we can find some wigs.”

All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels_

Geneva is living in a new micro apartment, her seventh one in seven years and chatting with her mom about how she is making her “coins here there and everywhere.”

Demetria and her fiancé are posing for an engagement photo shoot and the photographer instructs her man on how pose to appear as though he cares about her. He seems unconvinced and even gets annoyed with Demetria for daring to touch his flavor saver chin scruff. “We are not really a PDA couple,” she explains. The photographer struggles valiantly to lighten the mood. Demetria asks her man to tell her some stories as they walk hand in hand. “Okay, a guy got shot on that corner last year, someone got stabbed in that park. There’s a gang across the street,” is his charming response. This guy’s a real ray of sunshine. “We can carve our name in the tree,” he suggests. “I got a blade in the car,” he taciturnly offers. Hmmm…incriminating much?

All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels_Demetria_and_Greg_Take_Their_Engagement_

At Daisy’s apartment, she is preparing for an appearance on the ‘Today Show’ by popping lots of Altoids and rehearsing her lines into the mirror. Her stylist segment will focus on how women can “whittle that middle” and avoid the dreaded apple shape. “We are going to make everybody feel happy and Jesus will make them happy too,” she beams. I wonder how much his appearance fee is?

Melyssa and Mica meet for coffee and a chat about Terry, her newly discarded partner, and his lack of trustworthiness. Melyssa launches into a description of her “musical comedy” and Mica looks less than convinced. In fact, she looks as though she might have sucked on a very tart lemon. Turns out, Mica already knew all about it – she found a flyer in her little Dominican hairdresser’s salon. Melyssa has been working on this musical masterpiece for over five and a half years, and claims she has been keeping mum about this the whole time – aside from flyers in hair salons apparently.

Mel wants everyone to come to her play’s premiere, preferably as a friendly unit. Mica is unsure if she can handle proximity to Demetria (much like Demetria’s fiancee). We flash back to last season’s post rampage apology. She seems open to reconciliation, which leads Melyssa to reflect on her ailing relationship with Daisy. Mica, to her credit, keeps Daisy’s big C secret and urges Mel to give Daisy time and understanding.

As Daisy struggles to get up the stairs onto the set of the ‘Today Show’, and makes light of her difficulties. She has kept her cancer battle a secret from nearly everyone she knows and she gets a bit teary eyed discussing the process. She has a blast with Kathy Lee and Khoda as they discuss jumpsuits (which are the new cocktail dress), optical illusions and other trompe l’oeile trimming techniques. The vulnerable bravery she revealed was quite moving.

All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels_Daisy

In a strange juxtaposition, the next clip, mid commercial break, is of Mica and Melyssa discussing anal beads, handcuffs and sodomy in general. Mel declares that she is an “exit only” kind of gal.

After that fun interlude, we join Geneva and Demetria as they shop for furniture and discuss Demetria’s opposition to a bachelorette party and pretty much anything fun in life. Geneva is urging her to stop acting like she is eligible for the AARP and at least get a “tasteful stripper.” “Tasteful like, don’t put your dick in my face,” Geneva clarifies.

Mica heads out for a lovely walk in the park with her mom to catch up on Daisy’s situation, dating and advice Mica once received from a Polish woman. “You find a rich man and you get a turkey baster. Bam, you have a baby,” and presumably never have to work again.

Next, Melyssa and Daisy meet for lunch to discuss the distance that has brewed between them. Daisy has the best excuse for flaking on Mel’s events ever. She drops the cancer bomb and Mel is visibly shaken and begins to sob. She realizes how petty she was being in the face of such a huge crisis. The two friends hug it out. Daisy lightens things up by comparing her baldness to fire marshall Bob.

All About the Tea_Blood Sweet & Heels_

In the previews, the season ahead looks like quite the roller coaster, with Geneva getting arrested, Daisy fighting for her life and plenty of drama amongst these Manhattan minxes.


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  • Jennymckitty

    Great recap, Carole. My heart breaks for Daisy. I’ll keep her in my prayers. This season looks good.

  • itsjustme

    I had only seen 1 or 2 episodes of this show last season and after seeing the commercials for this season I made the conscious decision NOT to watch any more. When a supposedly educated, business woman CAN NOT pronounce “arrested” I know at that moment it isn’t a show for me. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by stating that, but I stopped watching a few shows because the women appear to not be able to speak the English language and I just can’t sit through those shows,

  • Brattus Rattus

    I don’t watch this show but the recap was wonderful. Might have to give it a try. It’ll be hard for me to watch Daisy go thru her stuff, but it seems like the show should be entertaining nevertheless.

    • Jennymckitty

      I watched last season. It’s OKAY. Not the greatest but it was nice getting to know the ladies. Unfortunately, my favorite one, Brie, isn’t retuning this season.

  • Bad Barbie

    I have a hard time believing Daisy, since she has been seen partying all over the city around the same time that she is claiming going through her illness. I would hate to think this is all fake for the sake of ratings. I have no idea how this show represents the young professional women in NY, when their job is to film for this show.

    • nan/4

      Hi Bad Barbie. I hope that you have been well. I respectfully disagree. I cannot fathom that the show OR Daisy would make up such a serious illness. I 100% believe her and feel for her. A stage 3 prognosis is not a good one.

      Take care….

      • Bad Barbie

        I am going by what has been shown to the public this far. People do all sorts of crazy bs for these shows.

        • nan/4

          They don’t make up having stage 3 cancer. My son died from cancer, and he had good days and bad days. He did as much as he could for as long as he could. They show Daisy getting chemo….Do you think that it was actually a saline solution in there? A lot of stuff on these shows I take with a grain of salt, but suffering from cancer is not one of them.

          • Bad Barbie

            Nan I am sorry about your son. Chill out you are taking it too personal. I didn’t see her getting no treatment but I have seen her partying up last year that is all. Maybe they cut that out once she was diagnosed to give her a better story line and with all the lawsuits happening with this cast… Anyway, I am carrying on up out of this subject before this goes else where.

          • nan/4

            Yup. I do take it personally. What would you say if this young lady (heaven forbid) passes away from this cancer? Oops…I got it wrong? I would much rather give her the benefit of the doubt. Oh, and last season? All that partying was before her diagnosis. Okay. I’m finished as well.

            Take care BB!

          • Here’s a collage of her, some include her receiving chemo treatments. Can’t fake this. *Refresh*

          • nan/4

            Thanks Doc. She’s so brave!

            Love ya’ honey!

          • You’re welcome and love you too! xoxo

            She’s very brave. I can’t imagine what she’s going through.

          • Brattus Rattus

            When I had my PICC line removed… I think that had to be the best day of my life. No more chemo or that stupid pump to keep the chemo going while I wasn’t at the hospital. I’m sorry about your son. I’m terminal myself and normal people don’t lie about cancer. Someone on national TV for sure wouldn’t. I know when I was on chemo there was no drinking and for sure no germs. Work/doctor/home. That was it.
            I hope you find peace.

          • nan/4

            Nice to meet you Brattus! Thank you so much for your very kind words. No, this is not something that someone would pretend to have. I just can’t imagine anyone doing that. As you personally know, this is a journey that no one wants to go on. How are you doing? I’m here for you if you ever need to chat.

            Take good care,

            Nancy 🙂

          • Brattus Rattus

            This town is close to mine:


            so it does happen. I hope they throw that bitch in prison for YEARS then have her work in cancer treatment centers. I digress.
            As far as how I’m doing, ups and downs. Thank you for asking. 😉 This is a pic of me getting my PICC line removed. I was so sick at the end. It had aged me so much. I would never allow any photos of the chemo treatments. I don’t know why, other than I never wanted to remember it. thanks for your support. No one really understands until that have to. It’s unfortunate.
            BTW – I’m sure you know but BB meant no harm. At all. You just don’t understand until you have to and on TV, you really don’t know what’s up. Look at the Kardashions. I understand the pain though.

  • meccasue

    Nice recap. I appreciate your style, especially when I don’t always take the time to watch the episodes. Looking forward to the next one.

  • nan/4

    Wonderful recap Carole. Thanks! I have to say that learning of Daisy fight against stage 3 cancer had me so sad it was difficult for me to follow the show last night. She is so sweet. I hope and I pray that she can beat it.

    Sending my best to all of the wonderful people here at AATT!

    Be well..

    Nancy 🙂

    • Hey Nan. Nice to see you posting. I agree, Daisy’s plight seems to trump everything else on the show. Very sad situation.

      • nan/4

        Hi honey! Yeah…I hate that disease. She’s got a fight ahead of her, and I pray that she is able to slay that beast!

        Take good care Doc!

        xo 🙂

        • Yes, she does and because it’s so rare makes it even more high risk. Such a young girl, so sad. You take good care also. Hope you’re doing well. Nice to see you posting! xoxo

      • hardtimz

        Hi Doc….how’s it going?

        • Hey Girlie! 🙂

          Long time, no hear! I’m well, thanks and you? Hope all is well on your end.

          • hardtimz

            Hey Doc
            Yea all good here, I just don’t have the don’t the down time that I use to. But things are about to slow down. Pray for us our eldest will be starting college this this fall, and she’s only 17…OY! OMG I AM NOT READY…OMG I’M NOT READY!!

    • Thanks Nancy! Yes, Daisy’s dire diagnosis does put all the rest of the petty drama in perspective. I just hope that the rest of her cast me will rally around her and supportive rather than a drain on her emotional state

  • hardtimz

    I’m really surprised that their being given another season. But I suppose they had just enough Ratchet drunken fights to be given another try! But I do hope the young lady does make a full recovery….that cancer is a SOB!!!