#TheWalkingDead Season Finale Spoilers: There’s Evidence Daryl Dixon Will Die Tonight! [VIDEO]

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In last week’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ things turned violent. Rick snapped, and as a result, the citizens of Alexandria aren’t feeling warm and fuzzy towards Rick’s group any longer. In the Season 5 finale, “Conquer,” viewers will see trouble brewing inside the gates. That trouble is just as likely to come from internal threats as external ones.

*Spoiler Alert*

Grab your tissues. The inevitable is upon us ‘Walking Dead’ fans! It looks like fan favorite Daryl Dixon will be killed off in tonight’s season 5 finale episode.

According to real estate site Curbed Atlanta, Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Dixon, is selling his Georgia home in Serenbe. Adding fuel to the speculation, Norman is scheduled to appear on “Talking Dead” following tonight’s season finale. As fans know, a “Talking Dead” appearance can be seen as a death sentence for characters since the show often features those who’ve died. Furthermore, Dixon has warned fans multiple times to have their tissues ready.

The Walking Dead

This is pure speculation but keep your Kleenex close by just in case. More things to ponder from tonight’s episode:

  • Deanna’s exiled members: Deanna has repeatedly stated she’s exiled people from Alexandria before and she’d do it again. She’s never described the men she exiled, but she did say there were three of them. Why the men were forced to leave is unclear, but they could be the ones behind the “W” markings.
  • Rick could be exiled: If Rick is forced to leave Alexandria, he’ll likely encounter Deanna’s other exiles or team up with whoever he finds to take down the community. Rick’s a threat to Alexandria inside and outside the walls. Either way, Rick’s not going down without a fight.
  • Enid is hiding something: No one knows what Enid was up to before she showed up to Alexandria. She’s continued to keep her secrets despite being accepted into the community. Enid also sneaks out of Alexandria, but where she goes is unknown.
  • Morgan’s on their trail: The series has teased videos of Morgan following Rick’s crew. We haven’t seen him since the crew left for Washington D.C., which means Morgan can’t be too far behind. Speaking of Morgan, Business Insider recently pointed out a scene that may have contained a possible clue as to what the “W” means.

The scene aired in season 3, episode 12 “Clear.” Morgan has a melt down when Rick and Carl find him. Rick tries to calm Morgan, but he yells, “People wearing dead people’s faces.” In “The Walking Dead” comics, there’s a group called “The Whisperers” who wear masks made of walker skin to disguise themselves in a heard.

Don’t miss “The Walking Dead” season 5 finale tonight, March 29 at 9 p.m. EST. Watch a sneak peek below.


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  • twifan2

    Curse you WD writers! >(
    NOT DARLY! :'(

  • Chloe

    NO, say it ain’t so! Not Daryl…anyone but Daryl. I’m super excited about tonight’s season finale. I saw Rick outside of the gates without Carl and the baby.

    • twifan2

      There re going to be a lit of smashed sets tonite if Daryl is killed off!
      I’ll throw Chats at mine! 🙂

  • colleen

    There is chatter the W might stand for Wolves. Anyone know about Wolves? Comic book has a guy named Negan who is a real SOB. Some say he may be introduced as S6 villain

    • twifan2

      sssshhhhh colleen. 😉

    • Norrth

      NOT a spoiler alert, just a guess based on the graphic novel:

      Two words: Not.Good (you’ll miss the governor)
      Three words: Pray for Carl.

  • 900009

    he is still alive and sexier than ever

  • Caden

    We were both wrong. I pegged Maggie was going to die tonight, if it were to be a main character. I’m getting SO sick of that horrible attempt at a Georgia accent coming from a woman that’s lived in Britain for so long. She’s American but picked up the British accent living abroad for most of her life…..and she can’t do Georgia to save her life. — Anyhow, Norman Reedus may just be selling his GA real estate as there is good long break from filming, and he wants an upgrade when he comes back for re-filiming. Glad Darryl didn’t die. I didn’t think for one minute he’d die in the season 5 finale.