#RHONJ Rumor Roundup: Prison Meltdown! Teresa Giudice Bans Joe From Visiting & More Casting Updates

Posted on Mar 27 2015 - 12:43pm by Nancy


Serving a 15-month prison sentence would eventually have some effect on “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” jailbird, Teresa Giudice, and reportedly there’s been a shift in her behavior. Since she can no longer manipulate the media, she’s forced to let rumors run rampant while she sits helpless in the pokey.

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As recent reports indicate, Joe Giudice is allegedly having an affair with blonde bombshell, Jamie Jackson, and rumors have plagued “Juicy Joe” with having numerous affairs over the years. For once, his wife can’t do anything to swing the story and so her four kids spent a few weeks affected by Joe’s supposed bad behavior. He may have avoided one prison visit on his own out of embarrassment, but Teresa does have control over some future visits.

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According to Radar Online, the negative press has finally taken it’s toll on her and she has banned her cheating hubby Joe from visiting her.

“Teresa said that Joe is not visiting her anymore, for the rest of her sentence,” a source told the site. “So her mom will have to bring her four girls to see her.”

The source adds, she’s cracking under the pressure and having public outbursts from all the stress.

“One day she was in the gym, working out much longer than she normally does,” a source told Life & Style magazine. “When she was done, she burst out crying in front of everyone. Her makeup looked crazy! She said prison is starting to take control over her, and said she can’t take it anymore.”

Also in RHONJ rumors/news. As previously reported, talks have been underway to replace “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice with Traci Lynn Johnson, wife of former Giant running back, and ex-‘Today’ show correspondent, Tiki Barber.

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The future of the show has remained uncertain ever since Teresa landed in the clink a couple of months ago, with rumors flying around that the show may be shelved to wait out the felon’s time behind bars. Tiki Barber and his wife, Traci Lynn Johnson, have come forward to clear up the rumor, Traci won’t be on the seventh season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” While leaving the Palm restaurant in New York City this week, Tiki and his wife spoke to TMZ, denying they will be featured on the series’ seventh season.

“Don’t believe everything you read,” Johnson said. “We live in New Jersey,” Barber then pointed out. “And I am a housewife, so I must be a ‘Real’ one,” Johnson added. Then, Tiki Barber claimed he had “plenty of jobs already.”


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Nancy loves to multi-task as a writer, she’s an actress and online radio host. She received a B.S. in Mass Communications from LSU. She’s married and the proud mom of 2 German Shepherds.

  • twifan2

    ROTFLMAO —>’Her makeup looked crazy!’ :’D

    • Hahahaha! That struck me as hilarious too. Poor Tre, she’s really going through it. This is what REALLY happens in prison. No melancholy utopia her lying attorney tried to sell the public. LMAO!

  • WestCoastFeed

    I’m actually encouraged by her breakdown. It may be the first step in her rehabilitation. Is it a sign that she can no longer sustain her ego by blaming everyone else for her plight? I hope so.
    Anyone know how accurate the blind items at CDAN are? They have one who is obviously Teresa. Supposedly searching for a cooking show from anywhere but Bravo?

    • twifan2

      OR could that just be a ploy-breaking down? :/

      • WestCoastFeed

        Pretty strange way to describe it if it were intended to be a sympathy ploy. I don’t know which way Life and Style has been spinning her story. But, then I get all the tabloids mixed up.

        • twifan2

          ‘She said prison is starting to take control over her, and said she can’t take it anymore.” ‘
          Losing control while in prison is the least of her probs-imo. & the wrong ‘statement’ to make, if she wants any sympathy.

          • WestCoastFeed

            She’s been there 2 plus months and just now realizes that prison is controlling her life? Slow learner.

          • twifan2

            That’s Tre for you.
            Shame on her!

  • disqus_jpuxh67QSR

    every selfish decision she makes affects her mother and puts more pressure on her. She is asking a lot from her mom to drive the kids every visit, and not accept help from Melissa which puts more pressure on her mom.

    • WestCoastFeed

      Let’s see if she lets anyone else bring the kids. Sheila? Maria? Dina?

      • Yolie

        Perhaps Melissa but I know Teresa hates her so that won’t happen.

        • WestCoastFeed

          Melissa has had nothing but positive, kind and supportive things to say about Teresa ever since the indictments went down.

      • disqus_jpuxh67QSR

        I hope her mother is able to say “this is too much for your father and I and we need help” before they drop from the stress. I thought Joey was supposed to be looking out for them. Hopefully he can pick up the slack and just tell teresa to get over it, it’s too much for the older Gorga’s to have to run Teresa’s kids lives and run them to Danbury. I think Teresa has never been told no by her parents.

        • Just a jersey girl

          Joey should be looking out for them since he stoke all their money to build his ugly Mansion too

    • MidwestMiddie

      Personally, I doubt this story is true, however the point about
      Teresa’s self-centeredness rings true even to the point of her not caring
      nor respecting her mother.
      No one should be kowtowing to Teresa. If she refuses to have Joe bring
      the girls to see her then Melissa or someone else should bring them.
      They should ask for Joe’s permission and skip asking Teresa.

      Bottom Line – Does Teresa want to see her children or not?

  • italiano bambino

    So having a rumor about her meltdown is the last thing she got. . Do your FUCKING TIME ALREADY STFU your not the first or last to have a meltdown so enuff!

  • commonsense12

    “Sources”? How do they get this information? When someone is in prison, anything could be made up and “breaking down because she can’t take prison any longer” is so generic and applicable to any prisoner. The “sources” may be trying to keep her name ‘alive’ for her and anything goes.

    • WestCoastFeed

      Let’s see if this story is countered by a positive one in another tabloid. It often appears that the Teresa camp is sending out alternating stories just to keep Teresa’s name current. Can they find enough topics to keep her alive until her release?

      • twifan2

        They’ll make up topics, as long as they can keep Tre’s name alive. 🙁

        • WestCoastFeed

          How about a month of stories about what the prison shoes are doing to her feet? Falling arches? Corns? Bunions? Will she ever be able to wear six inch heels again? Oh the trauma!!!

          • twifan2

            Hammer toes! 😀

          • WestCoastFeed

            Oh!!! The agony of hammer toes!!!

        • MidwestMiddie

          The Pope has asked President Obama to “pardon” Teresa
          and set her free.
          : )

        • MidwestMiddie

          Maybe …….

          NJ FELON, TERESA, ESCAPES FROM PRISON …….. News at 10!!!

          • twifan2

            Video at 10:15!
            I’ll bring the extra buttered popcorn! 🙂

      • honeybunny

        camp? she can’t afford a camp! lol

  • MidwestMiddie

    Joe says, “Thanks, Tre!!”

    According to Radar Online, Teresa is giving Joe every Sunday, from now until she leaves prison, to run around and have a good time. He will not have to watch their children nor visit her. LOL
    Even I don’t think Teresa is THAT stupid………

    • WestCoastFeed

      A poster on some other blog site who lives in the NJ area, says Juicy can be found at local watering holes most every Saturday night. She mentioned 3 saloons but the only one I remember is Pure in Parsippany.

      • MidwestMiddie

        Interesting ……..
        I’ll bet he is a “Star Attraction” and other patrons are
        buying him drinks……..however, that will only last so long.

        Hope someone is driving him home ………..

        • twifan2

          Maybe that’s why he’s hitting other bars?
          One gets tired of his mooching & off he goes to another bar to mooch.

        • HalleG

          They sure pulled the wool over that judge’s eyes to give them staggered sentences.

  • Yolie

    Breakdowns and crying…a three ring circus of a dysfunctional family with the star attractions being Teresa & husband and Melissa and husband…what a sorry lot.

  • She Stinks!

    I bet there is prison video of this alleged meltdown and I’d love to see it, then laugh! No sympathy at all. Juicy is relieved he doesn’t have to visit that imprisoned ape. He can spend more time boozing and hanging out with HOs and strippers!

    • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

      I think she is still spinning. Joe’s licence will be unable to drive in a few days so he will no longer drive up.

    • Joe luvsss the ho’s!

  • JerseyGirl830

    I don’t believe for one minute that this CROOK is telling the truth about her not wanting SKEEVY JOE to visit her or to bring the BRATS to see her. She claims she wants her mother to take the kid to see her and not Joe. Here’s the TRUTH, According to NJ.COM Joe will be loosing his liscense Tuesday March 31, 2015 at the Passaic County Court House indefitnetly as per the judge. He will be loosing it anywhere from 6 months to 2 years according to his driving record and we know how bad his record is. The Judge told him to be prepared to find ways of getting around because his liscense will be pulled that day and he’ll have to get a ride home and can’t drive AT ALL. So the Duche Bag Teresa knows that. So she’s came up with this latest BULL$ HIT story that she doesn’t want him driving the BRATS to see her…….He can’t DRIVE!!!!!!!!!

    • misstc

      Great catch Jersey! Yes, it’s true he’s abt to lose his driving privileges-so trying to make drama/lemonade out of lemons here. My personal regret is she didn’t get long enough prison time for what she did-ignorance of the law is no excuse, IMO.

    • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

      That’s exactly what I thought! I don’t know why AATT continues to give these people attention.

    • This is old news. 2 weeks ago, AATT reported Joe would lose his license http://allaboutthetea.com/2015/03/18/joe-giudice-loses-license/

  • DLister

    I know the next rumor from ROL! “Teresa sees Jesus in the prison toilet stains!”

    • WestCoastFeed

      Quick, get her photographer to Danbury to shoot her in a Jennifer Jones pose. Danbury will soon become as big a shrine as Lourdes.

  • MidwestMiddie

    Read today that the Giudice family is broke. How is this news?
    Does this mean no more $$$$ for Gia’s Videos? (Eye roll)
    Supposedly Felon Tre is counting on an advance for her Prison Book.

    Raise your hand if you plan on buying Teresa’s next Ghost-Written book or anything
    she peddles?
    Looking around and – ZIP! Nada!! No Sales, Tre!!!

    She’d better hope Joe gets a job making pizzas and when she gets out of
    prison she lands a waitressing spot at the same pizzeria.

  • HalleG

    these two buffoons are going to destroy their kids mental health with these stupid stories they leak to pay the bills. I hope the kids are at least in on it so they don’t worry too much.

  • Karma

    Teresa should just divorce him if rumors are true (I believe they are) that juicy has been having affairs all along get rid of the scum you’re not doing your girls any favours by staying with him in fact you’re basically telling them it’s ok to stay with a sleeze ball scum bag NO HONEY it’s not for once do the right thing & FUCK HIM OFF.

    Even with 4 girls like it or not Teresa is very well loved by many many people Inc men I realize this site is anti teresa but she would not have any problems meeting someone& eventually remarring. Granted the girls will hate it so teresa will have to be careful how she breaks it to them esp Gia she seems like a daddy’s girl

    • Dana

      Joe brought Teresa down. She would not be serving time right now if not for Joe.

      • Karma

        Yep i totally agree that’s another reason she should piss him off

        Christine Gritzalis

      • disqus_jpuxh67QSR

        she would not be serving time if she had filled out her financial disclosure forms honestly. She hid assets from the court..same dishonest mindset that got her in trouble in the first place.

        • Just a jersey girl

          I totally agree with that comment. She also should have put the properties up for sale as soon as she entered the ple deal. You may think I am crazy put I was Teresa I would left for prison in a month. 2014 was the worst year of her life let it end that way. Sooner you get in sooneryou get out

      • That’s right! Joe’s only crime was being so virile studly and sexy and nailing all 3 of Teresa’s hungry ho les

      • bellaboo

        Dana, you are truly delusional if you really think that!!!!

  • Dana

    I don’t get why people write negative stuff about Teresa and her family. No one is perfect. She is paying for what she did and I’m sure she will not sign anything without an attorney present in the future. Now let it be and let this woman move on in peace.

    • Chloe

      Oh please. She didn’t go to jail for nothing. She broke the law. What a bunch of lambs.

    • Vince Foster, Jr.

      Teresa scammed the banks and the courts. She got caught. The attorneys had nothing to do with it.

    • Bonita Gee

      I agree, no one is perfect…. sheese. Let her serve her sentence and stop the mud slinging. You summed it up “Let it be and the her move on in peace.” …… besides that show is not going to ”MOVE ON” till Teresa is released any way!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

      • Preach it sista! Teresa never did anything wrong, and her and Joe never broke any laws besides the federal ones. I don’t know why everyone has such negative ish to say about Teresa and Joe, they are so jealous because Teresa is so Fabulous and Joe is so virile and sexy and rich. Oh do you hear that? AAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! That’s me popping my puzzy while I fantasize about a bisessual three some with Joe and Teresa. YASSSSSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

      • coñochorreandoabiosalaventa


      • BastanteBigoteEnMiCoño

        Let her be in there and learn her next racket and that’s that! The best years of my life were in a prison in Jalisco and I learned everything I needed to know about life! I also learned that the more fur on the upper lip the more screams I would be stifling with my pillow after lights out. Kik me at bastante bigote en mi coño Bonita Gee, I want to get to know you! I’ll bet you’ve seen the business end a mop handle in federal prison.

      • bellaboo

        You know the only reason all of this stuff is being said is because tg loves the fact that shes still being talked about. The only reason shes losing it is because she no longer has her hand in all of it. I have been waiting for this, almost anything where she is gonna pop off. This will only get worse before it gets better (for her) not for any of US who think shes getting everything she deserves. She is a mean, diabolical, sneaky, concieted, egotistical, stupid (literally) woman (i say the woman part loosely because i really dont like to say the word that comes to mind)!! The way she has treated SO MANY PEOPLE, all the lies, and especially the crimes she commited (i truly believe tg knew exactly what was happening, but her head got SO BIG, she thought they would never get caught) now she is living all the crap. All of the stuff she put her own brother (flesh & blood) & melissa (plus you have to put their kids in the hurt too), & when it came down to the sentencing, the gorgas couldve really said a whole lot, and probably couldve gotten paid big $$$$ to talk, but their legance was to joe and teresa, yet melissa has said only joe talks to tg, when all this time melissa could really be a good source to help with the girls, tg is too mean and is so jealous of melissa & joes relationship, she would rather shut melissa out rather than to let melissa help with the visits, so tg own parents can take a break (tg is so wrapped up in herself, its pathetic). So she is getting everything she deserves. Tg will come out of prison just the same or worse than when she went in, when if she had even a LITTLE BIT OF A BRAIN, she would work on being a better person, a better mother!! Instead of her trying to write a book (isnt that a joke?), another inmate in her pod should write a book, THAT PERSON COULD MAKE A FORTUNE!!!!, AND I WOULD DEFINATELY READ THAT BOOK!! I would not want to read, or buy a book that she has her hand in, plus i wouldnt believe anything that she says, or writes. There is no way she would be truthful. So if anybody reads this and knows of an inmate that is in her pod, give them a message, to write a book, they could make a pretty penny.

    • You are so right, Teresa and Joe never did anything wrong. Laws were made to be broken, and anyone who doesn’t like them is just a jealous hater.

  • TartLemon

    Teresa was given 3 months to get her affairs in order before reporting to prison. Instead, she chose to run rampant with her children, blowing $$$ and not making suitable living arrangements away from the gaudy, untenable lifestyle.

    Teresa STILL doesn’t get it. Not a damned thing she can do about it now. It’s all gone except the MILLIONS $$ debt.

    I have not an inkling of an ounce of sympathy for her, her immediate Family or situation.

    • rasta

      Well, she may have had 3 months prior to present situation, BUT she has 15 months to actually access the unused…vastly unused gray matter. If she has indeed cut off visits, that’s a sign of a woman finally realizing she is alone and in survival mode. Cutting off visits means she will not be able to see her kids unless some sympathetic soul takes on that responsibility once in a while. Teresa is finallybecoming the alpha she pretended to be. One with a brain. Her best friends will be sistahs. When they get through reprogramming that hair line she will be a force fierce enough for the defunct mafia to run . “Mad on a Mission”. She’s probably even learned to READ. The remainder of sentence will roll by quickly and she will roll out like a steamroller on fleek with one fathead drunk mangy quido in her sites. She’ll rise from these ashes with much learned and take advantage while she’s media hot to recoup and repay what she can and most of all…NEVER go down the rabbit’s hole behind a jacked up JackHole’s scheming sh*t steaming lazy wannabe ponzi’s daydreams again.

  • Quest2011

    What? There are no grape vines in prison to mount juicy and distract him from his girlfriends? No wonder she is losing control.
    She is pathetic for knowing that her husband is cheating on her and called her a c**t and still trying to seduce him

  • Hey Jude

    I can’t believe for the life of me that there hasn’t been one employee who was ready to quit or something that decided to go for it and sell pics of her in doing her time. Maybe Spring time will Spring some pics of her outside. I just want to see one of her actually IN THERE! 🙂