Kyle Richards’ Hubby, Mauricio, Issues An Order “Disown Kim Richards or Else!”

Posted on Mar 27 2015 - 2:13pm by Wendy Owen

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According to a new report, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Mauricio Umansky, has allegedly put his foot down on wife, Kyle Richards, and her sister, Kim Richards‘ relationship. A source, tells gossip website, Radar Online that Mauricio is,

“disgusted with Kim’s antics and how ungrateful he thinks she has been towards Kyle,” an insider told Radar. “For years before RHOBH, the couple helped financially support Kim. From paying for car repairs to tuition bills, Kyle always gave money whenever she asked. This was before Mauricio became wildly successful. At the beginning, times were lean. Any extra money Kyle and Mauricio had went to Kim.”

The source throws in big sister, Kathy Hilton, for good measure, saying,

“Refusing to take sides in the drama. Kim and Kyle have always had their issues; it goes back to their childhood. They have always been very competitive. Unless Kim apologizes to Kyle for her behavior, Mauricio will encourage his wife to keep her distance from her.”

Without “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” salary, Kim Richards’ is still estimated to have a net worth of $1,000,000, so it seems hard to believe that money was ever the real problem between the sisters. It’s more like the age-old tale of childhood star syndrome and how it destroys lives. Maybe one day, the sisters will tell the real story of the family problems. Kim‘s mother, Big Kathy, as she was known, pushed Kim into commercials while they lived in Mineola, NY, and then moved the family to Los Angeles before Kyle was born to pursue more roles for Kim. Kim quickly became the child star of the seventies, especially with her roles in ‘Nanny And The Professor’ and various Disney projects.

Kyle was born in Los Angeles in 1969, and was only 16-years-old when Kim married supermarket-franchise heir, G. Monty Brinson in 1985. Her next marriage was to Gregg Davis, son and heir of oil tycoon, Marvin Davis. (Marvin Davis is rumored to be the inspiration for the television show, Dynasty. His net worth when he died was estimated to be $5.8 billion.) It would seem unlikely that Kim needed Kyle and Mauricio — who were married in 1996 — to support her financially, while she was dating aircraft-parts supplier businessman, John Jackson, the father of her last daughter, Kimberly in 1995, and according to the unauthorized biography, ‘House of Hilton,’ receiving $23,000 per month from ex-husband Davis. The spousal support remains in place until she re-marries — and now you know why Kim has never remarried.

Until we hear it from Mauricio‘s mouth, we’re taking this one with a heapin’ grain o’ salt.


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  • twifan2

    That’s pretty harsh-‘disown’. :/
    Distancing herself away from Kim, imo would be better.
    They’re aunt & uncle to Kim’s kids.

    • Bad Barbie

      Did he say those words or the bloggers did? LOL

      • MidwestMiddie

        Heck, this could be their story line for the next 6 seasons ……. GAG!!

      • twifan2

        most likely the bloggers.

  • She Stinks!

    Or else what? Is he going to run around with more tranny hookers, then lie about it?

    • MidwestMiddie


      • She Stinks!

        That story was so over the top crazy, it has to be true!

        • MidwestMiddie

          I’m undecided – Did Kyle spread the rumors to
          get more attention and have a story line last year OR
          were the rumors factually “Spot On?

          • Kyle is far too obsessed with Mauricio and keeping his rep in good standing (for his business) to put something as scandalous and embarrassing as that out.

          • MidwestMiddie

            Very true ………. excellent point.
            I’ve made my decision now.
            : )

          • Hi MidwestMiddie! Hope you have a great weekend.

          • MidwestMiddie

            Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

          • Karma

            Oh definitely agree Kyle would never pit out a story like that NEVER

    • HiddenHillsCountry

      The allegations were so specific, said on public record, that if they were false the Umansky’s would definitely be suing for defamation/slander. Good for him though! You only go around once, and put a rubber on it. It’s not something to whine and groan about like Kyle does, she should just go out and get hers too like the rest of us!

      • The tranny took a lie detector test and passed. I believe shim’s story.

        • Karma

          Hah what did I miss did MO have an affair or one night stand with a tranny LMAO.

          And the tranny had a lie detector test & past OMG you can’t make this shit up this is hilarious

        • Wendy Owen

          Hey, I’d do a tranny hooker any day over having to listen to Kyle yap in bed!

    • Hahahahaha! You’re my idol.

  • Bad Barbie

    First of all…. $1million is NOT a lot of money to people who spend $50k in a month.

    If that is all Kim has then it makes sense why they had to step in from time to time to help her. She obviously washed through her money. If she was married to a billionaire, he didn’t leave her millions and millions? Things don’t add up. Well, Kim’s fortune doesn’t add up.

  • MidwestMiddie

    Whatever they have to do to fix their family, I hope they do it soon and
    not tell the rest of the world about it. Keep Quiet!!

    You know if they really valued privacy and family then they wouldn’t go on
    a Reality Show and put everyone and everything out there. Hmmmm
    : )

  • Jennymckitty

    Kim and Maurice (as Kim always calls him) don’t seem to care for each other very much. I’m sure after the dog bite and Kim’s refusal to take responsibility, things are worse. I’ll bet he is enjoying the peace now that Kim isn’t speaking to Kyle. Let good sister Kathy and Rick care for her.

    • mls117

      They are not fond of one another and remember they had a feud that season when kim was high and missed her flight to peurto rico and showed up late for dinner. Mauricio made a comment, and Sent Kim sidewords. She never apologizes or takes accountability

  • Romperroom

    Gag me too, Kim was kind of Interesting season 1. Since then her story is a never ending rerun, totally boring and somewhat staged. Why does Andy Cohen think this is interesting. BH is the weakest franchise and should end. At the very list they need a totally new cast. Lisa VP does t even interest me any more. Giggy isn’t cute. I like Eileen but she censored herself and we learned little about her life. Brandi is intolerable. Kyle is overexposed.

  • HiddenHillsCountry

    Good advice Mauricio!

  • MorningYawn

    Despite the source, I believe that Mo said “no mo!” I believe they gave her $… When you are see into substance abuse, her $23k / month probably goes fast. $276k per year in LA is nothing! Her $1m could be in a retirement find she can’t touch. Who knows… But from what I’ve seen, I would bet that she guilted, brow beat and cajoled Kyle n mo to financially supporting her.

    • Lucy94

      I totally agree with everything you said. This 50 year old woman hasn’t worked since she was, what, 18?

  • RoundAbout

    Sometimes Radar of Lies does get it right and since Mauricio seems to dote on all his daughters, he may very well have issued an ultimatum following Alexa’s ordeal of Kingsley wanting to have her hand as a midday snack. Good for Mo if it’s true!

  • IlovePugssquinchyfaces

    Mauricio seems like a very doting father and amply provides for both his own children, and Kim and her family despite her substantial divorce settlement income she receives. I think if he is adventurous within the gender spectrum, he should be allowed to dabble as long as it’s safe. That’s a respectful marriage if everything is spelled out and out in the open between the partners. Kyle is a biological woman, so she can’t fulfill those needs, plain and simple. There are probably many luxuries the Umanskys had to hold back on over the years, particularly before Mauricio struck out on his own, so that Kim could have whatever money she required to fill her noze, veins, glass, etc. I really have done a 180 in my perspective on Kyle from the first season where I despised her, but a lifetime of being in such an unhealthy relationship with a sibling really would make you snap like that. If Kim has such major issues with Kyle she shouldn’t be so willing to, pardon the expression, “suck on Kyles tiddies” as often as she does. Oh well, addiction is real people! What’s the statistic 9/10 rehab stays are unsuccessful? Can you imagine doing something that only had a 10% success rate at best?

    • Karma

      I agree i don’t doubt for a second that Kyle & MO did help kim out financially regardless of her ample child support maybe she was living beyond her needs.

      As for sister rivalry it happens in most families but when you’re dealing with an addict it’s whole different level.

      There was an esp I think it may have Benn S2 when kim accused kyle of stealing their mums house and that’s when Kyle flipped it & exposed Kim as an Alco luck as if we didn’t know anyway.

      I’ve dealt with family members who are addicts & I’ve support them financially as best as I could they denial any such thing funny how they forget so quickly and make themselves the victim & I highly doubt Kathy Hilton would allow kyle to steal their moms home.

      Any radar on line is full of shit they should be called radar of lies but I do belive this may be true.

  • Brattus Rattus

    So, married at 16? Makes that Jenner chick look virginal.
    Kim’s whole life is icky.

    • itsjustme

      I could be wrong but I think they were saying Kyle was 16 when Kim married Montie?

      • Wendy Owen

        yes, not only am i fugly, but i write convoluted sentences. 🙂

  • SDC

    Actually I read this story on another website and they had reached out to Kyle and she said Mauricio didn’t give her the ultimatum.

  • cait

    Mo and Kyle are enablers, and need to let Dimbo get on with it and hit her TRUE rock-bottom, by not financing her drugs, etc. !

  • Wendy Owen

    Just another thought I had…Mo works for Hilton; Little Kathy, their big sister, is the one who hit the jackpot marrying a Hilton. If anyone’s laying out $$ for the whole family, it’s oldest sister Kathy and her Hilton Hubby, IMHO.

    • RoundAbout

      Actually Mauricio left Hilton & Hyland during Season 3 and started his own firm, called The Agency. My understanding is that Kyle & Mauricio provided financial assistance to Kim from his sales commission income and when he was still in the employ of Hilton & Hyland, the employing brokerage firm would have had a share of each individual agent’s commissions. Ergo, Mauricio’s salary was actually able to benefit all three sisters.

      • Wendy Owen

        Mauricio claims he went to work for Hilton in 1998, and at the same time, Kim was saying she was a real estate agent in interviews from the 90’s, which sounds more like Kathy putting her on the books to help her out.

        Mauricio, as far as I can dig up, was born in 1976, making him only 20 when he married Kyle, who was born in 1969. There’s no records of Umansky coming from a socialite family so how he would have been supporting Kyle and having kids and supporting Kim during the first half of their marriage is kinda hard to imagine. Mauricio claims he started in real estate in 1998 at Hilton, two years after marrying Kyle. Business Insider is careful to mention that that fact is according to his website, not any independent verification.

        I’m sticking to my theory that Kathy is the family’s piggy bank – for both sisters and whomever they are with at the time. L’il Kathy & hubby are worth over $300 million – Mauricio is only estimated to be worth around $30 million. He only launched his own agency in 2012, selling condos.

        Yeah, he’s been called the #1 real estate agent for selling $100 million dollars worth of properties, but in Cali, isn’t that like 10 crappy McMansions to tacky celebrities? 🙂

        Or, just begging friends to let him sell their cast offs, like Lisa and Ken’s mansion, which they let him list for $19 million? (Lisa’s so mean to Kyle.)

        • Wendy Owen

          Oh, or Asian businessmen looking to hide money:
          The Chinese make up the fastest-growing market of foreign buyers of U.S. homes, according to, a Chinese website for global luxury real estate.

          “We’re huge believers in China,” says Mauricio Umansky, CEO of, a Los Angeles real estate company that caters to foreign buyers. “Anybody not reaching out to the Chinese is losing out on an amazing opportunity.”

          Umansky tells ABC News that in the Los Angeles area alone he closed 40 sales with Chinese buyers in the past year, up from 15 the year before.

          • Wendy Owen

            and one more thing — it’s umansky, rose and chang — he’s the one with the tv exposure in the trio.

          • Wendy Owen

            “Umansky, late of Hilton & Hyland’s Umansky Group, is known for three things–being a big deal in high-end Beverly Hills and BHPO real estate, being married to Hilton-in-law/Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards, and being irresistible to lots of gay men.”

          • RoundAbout

            Before some health issues arose, I was employed by my state’s governing board which regulates real estate agents. brokers, appraisers, etc, and how they conduct business in my state. My state prides itself on being the strictest in the nation and California often brags they are second when it comes to regulating the industry because their governing agency and by-laws are almost a duplicate of those at use in my state. All that aside, I didn’t respond to your post because I’m the ultra Kyle fan because while I do feel for her having to bear the burden known as Kim, there are aspects of her personality I don’t care so much about. I only wanted to update you with the information that Mauricio is no longer at Hilton & Hyland. I should have stopped there, but because I’ve noticed that many are unaware of how the commission process on buying and selling works, I shared a brief insight into the fact that when one’s broker gets a 4% commission on a sale, there are others at his firm with whom he must share first.. As far as Mauricio yearly sales go, I’ve checked the national publications which are the go-to source for real estate professionals. Mauricio has always received top marks. I’m a real estate junkie, watching all the real estate shows and I’m not ashamed to admit that I find Mauricio’s job performance impressive.

          • Wendy Owen


        • mls117

          Actually, prior to him leaving hilton and hyland he had a net worth of 100 million. Not as much as kathy hilton of course so i think both kathy and kyle were helping kim. Also, Mauricio did come from money (atleast I tjought I tead that somewhere, and his father is also a real estate ahent who works at the agency with Mauricio

        • Gracie Bean

          He graduated high school in 1988. How do I know – I was friends with him. So he was born in 1970

    • babyz65

      Actually, in “The House of Hilton”, the Hiltons arnt as wealthy as you would think either… As far as them being rich and generous, Think again….. Kim and Kyle Richards real father that raised Little Kathy Hilton as his own daughter, was pretty much snubbed in his old age, sick and down and out, and needing help……Kathy would only “LEND” him ten thousand dollars……

      • DEXTER

        Kathy’s house is nothing to write home about. It is generic new construction country club development from the 1990’s.

    • DEXTER

      Rick Hilton is worth about $300 Million. Kim’s second husband was a billionaire. His billionaire parents hated her. She could not stay sober or out of other guy’s beds so she was sent to the curb. She did not marry twice since so as to keep the alimony coming

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