Brandi Glanville Questions The Motives of Her Costars

Posted on Mar 27 2015 - 3:05pm by BeachSpin

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has wrapped, and as we look ahead to the first part of the reunion, Brandi weighs in on the past season in her Bravo blog. 

After reflecting back on a few of the lighter moments of the season, Brandi decides to recap the finale, with her insight thrown in, to set us readers straight on what was really going on. Lisa Rinna is first on the chopping block, with Brandi asserting that Lisa is far more concerned with Kim’s problems, than any poignant family moment.

“This episode opens with Rinna tearing down a swing set, but her home interviews are still about what she perceives as Kim’s issues to be, not the actual touching moment of what the swing set tear-down symbolizes or her own family (I can’t wait for her daughters to write their Brooke Shields-style memoir when they are age appropriate). LR says she feels sorry for Kim and cares about Kim and wishes Kim well. The truth is a lot less pretty. Some people have been attacking Kim’s sobriety online this week, but we won’t name names.” 

Brandi goes on to insist that Kim is indeed sober, and is busy being strong and taking care of ill family members. Kyle is next, and Brandi rips into her very move during her niece, Nicky Hilton’s book signing event, held in Kyle’s store.

“Next we see Nicky Hilton’s book signing–sister Paris and mom Kathy Hilton are there. Looks like a great party and congrats to Nicky on her style book. Camillelooks gorgeous as usual. Kyle angrily flips her hair, because Kim was wearing a shirt that she carries at “her” shop, but didn’t buy it there…whatever. Then Kyle whispers about her sister Kim to Lisa V. and Camille.  Kyle then tells them she is confused and impatient that Kim hasn’t confronted me over her third-hand Lisa R. gossip. She states Kim WILL be hurt and broken hearted over what “I” said… Kyle seems way too overy excited about that happening, which I find kind creepy. Why would anyone WANT their sister to be hurt or in pain?!”

Brandi clears up why exactly she was attending a party, while her father remained hospitalized, seriously ill.

“My father was recently hospitalized, and I didn’t leave his side for two weeks. It was very serious, but I had to return home to my boys. He was still not conscious, but I needed to get home to run my household–a party was the last place I wanted to be, but I had promised.”

Brandi goes on to report that after a lengthy hospital stay, her father is hopefully on his way to a full recovery. She shares her thoughts about Adrienne’s party, and what dynamics she believes, were in play that night.

 “As much as Kyle relished telling Kim the hurtful gossip she heard from LR, what she wanted to happen didn’t happen. There was no argument between Kim and I.”
“What we saw on the finale was an efficient Kim quietly confronting Lisa R., then leaving Lisa R.’s table somewhat amused. Lisa R. couldn’t confirm the veracity of her gossip, because I DIDN’T SAY IT. Thanks again to Bravo for showing the truth in a flashback last week.”

She wraps her blog by sharing how much she loves Yolanda and Kim, in that order…and that she is hoping to do it all again, and “share laughs and fun again, maybe tears, but hopefully only joy” with the others. Joy? I must have missed those moments.


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  • She Stinks!

    She should be questioning her own motives and ridiculous antics. So over her and her odd looking face.

    • twifan2

      Time to put the trash out! :/

  • twifan2

    ‘Run a household’-I get that.
    BUT attend a party even IF I had promised. Nope!
    1) I wouldn’t be in the mood for ‘a party’.
    2) I’d rather go back to be with my dad, since he was still unconscious.

    • Jennymckitty

      Yes, she didn’t want to go to a party but Bravo forced her to go then poured alcohol down her throat. It’s entirely Bravo’s fault. She was probably worried if the cast had a good time without her, Bravo would realize she is what makes the show uncomftable to watch. She needn’t have worried. Despite her tears and drunken rant with Lisa, her BFF Kim was the turd in the punch bowl at this event.

  • dj j

    Brandi Glanville wouldn’t know the meaning of the word “veracity”. Coming between two family members is unconscionable. That doesn’t make you a better friend!

    • Jennymckitty

      Fortunately her ghost writer, Faith, does. Unfortunately Faith only has a slightly better command of the English language and how to compose a grammatically correct sentence.

  • Chloe

    Cry me a river Brandi. Brandi wants everyone to feel sorry for her. She’s using her dad’s illness to get sympathy from Lisa for something she did (the slap). Good for you Lisa for standing your ground.

  • HiddenHillsCountry

    At what point is Brandi Glanville finally going to be locked away in a mental ward/ drug and alcohol detox already? If I were those two boys’ father I would never want them to be in such an unstable, low-class environment with random party-scene hangers on living and sleeping in the same house as my children and drunken/ pilled up ex wife. No wonder Eddie needed a couple of nice vacations after he finally unloaded Brandi, his life’s burden. Someone should put Brandi out of her misery already, put the old flea infested, liver-rotted, puffy-faced, tampon hanging out female mongrel down for once and for all.

    • IlovePugssquinchyfaces

      It must be like a veritable nirvana to them when they get to stay with their dad and see a sober intelligent successful and talented young woman that has made it all on her own.

    • Karma

      Eddie should file for full custody I don’t know if he watches the show but he should & he should tape it for evidence.

      She keeps saying she’s a great mum and doesn’t drink around her kids when she does have them & she films wether at a luncheon or a party & gets blind drunk a fucks some strange guy in a bathroom who looks after the kids when the babysitter goes home god forbid one of the boys gets sick or falls in the pool or something bad happens to them her response time will be slow & it can be the difference between death or life or she’ll be so outta of it she’ll sleep right through anything Inc a house fire

  • RoundAbout

    If Brandi is back for Season 6, I won’t be. I only watched Season 5 because of the addition of Eileen Davidson…huge Ashley Abbott fan since the 80s! But I don’t care if they cast Kate Middleton or Michelle Obama as the newest BHHW next season if Brandi is back. I’m done with her and with the show if they keep that nasty piece of pond scum.

    • Karma

      Unfortunately I have a feeling she’ll be back for some ungodly reason bravo loves the drama she brings maybe if they listen to their viewers more they’ll get rid of her I’ve emailed Bravo & Andy as so many others have to get rid of Trashi they just don’t care or listen, but when their ratings plummet they may just listen

      • RoundAbout

        I won’t be surprised either way, if they keep her or fire her. I only am allowing myself a tiny sliver of hope because I can see that Andy is still highly peeved about her so-called joking prank with the wine toss on Jeff Lewis. And Jeff Lewis has stayed amazingly quiet since that time. He has not publicly backed up her story of this planned prank. Last year, Jeff was vocal on Twitter, teasing Lisa V about the magazines in the suitcase on Twitter just after those episodes aired, but from what I’m hearing through the grapevine, no tweets from Jeff since B’s wine toss. Andy has mentioned that B said it was a joke but that Jeff hasn’t. Got my fingers crossed though!!!

        • Karma

          Wow thanks for the info good to know fingers crissed

  • Brattus Rattus

    I’m sorry. I’m trying to see the good after my discussion yesterday with Gina. But after my day on the phone with social security and reading this story along with the entire blog, all I want to do to is strangle Brandi with her fake blonde extensions. GOD IT’S BEEN A STRESSFUL DAY

    • Karma

      LMFAO I’ll hold her down and you wrap her hair ext around her neck

  • doggiedaddy

    I only tuned in this year to see LisaR (and fell in love with Eileen) but unless there are some well thought out production decisions (ok dumping Brandi and Kim) I’ll be a former viewer and apparently so will many others.

    I stopped reading the above recap or B’s blog after the first sentence. It’s silly to get upset over this or any TV show, but this hot mess of a housewife is intolerable. Her (or her ghost writers) comments are petty and reminiscent of an 8th grade spoiled brat thinking she’s playing mind games with the new popular girls. Her behavior is delusional not entertaining as promised.

    Her co-dependant mess of a ‘friend’ Kim Richards is a mess and Bravo should be embarrassed to be using her illness as fodder for entertainment.

    • Karma

      Hi doggy daddy

      Very well said I couldn’t agree with you more

  • Karma

    Hah she’s very cocky she’ll be back next season but then again Bravo loves Brandi & her trashy trouble making ways she’s brings them the drama that bravo thinks we love so much speaking for myself I’m OVER HER BS drama and wish they would get rid of Trashi.

    I’m def liking kyle much much more every season & so sick of kim she brings nothing to the show nor does lemon lady YOFO.

    I haven’t been able to see the shoe this season 8 very moved into my newly built house thank god it only took 5 and half yrs to build & still having problems with our electrian & can’t afford pay tv coz it’s a new estate our service provider wants $650 just to dig a 1 meter trench to run the cables for pay tv and ADSL broadband that’s another approx $1900.

    On a good note we sold our old house to a property developer but won’t get settlement till may 2016 we’ll be getting a deposit in a few weeks but half goes to my bro in law the house was my mother in laws & we were staying there while she was in a home but my husband & i wrre paying for the loan my bro in law & hubby took out to put mum in a home plus we paid all taxes rates & everything else but my bro in law belueves he should get more than half the proceeds hah typical but im staying iuuta if it not my place to interfer but between you guys & i we’re she getting ripped off that’s family for for you

  • Pinkie31

    Brandi is BS I can’t stand her lies or her nasty mouth then trying so hard to put things she does an say on others as always she’s a big mess.

  • Sophia Z.

    Brandi is like a pit bull, holding on to her mutual co-dependent relationship with Kim. She’ll rationalize it any way she can put a spin on it but the only people she is fooling are herself & Kim.

  • I question both her sobriety and sanity each time I turn RHOBH on. TBH, Brandi brought this show down to trashy proportions. I mean as fraudulent as Taylor Ford Armstrong Hughes was, it was never this bad. It has gotten to the point where I hate to tune in to the show and it’s mainly because of Brandi and her drunken (allegedly) sidekick, Krim. Like the drunk version of Don Quijote, except Sancho is stupid too.

  • TartLemon

    I don’t think I’d mind Brandi so much if she was in a different franchise. BH is way out of her league. OC would suit her better.