Too Big For Her Britches: Bethenny Frankel Admits She Was Embarrassed of Her ‘RHONY’ Past!

Posted on Mar 23 2015 - 3:00am by Dani-K

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

The B is definitely back. Bethenny Frankel, returning veteran star of “Real Housewives of New York,” sat down for a one-on-one with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” on Sunday night.

Word is Bethenny demanded that her interview be pre-recorded for more control, but something tells me Andy didn’t mind too much having the night off. We all know he likes to get his party on. Andy started the show by reminding Bethenny that she’s had two high profile failures: her talk show and her marriage. Bethenny doesn’t feel these were failures, but rather failed experiences. Sounds like therapy-talk, but whatever gets you through the day. Her most shocking claim was this. “I will never, ever be legally married again.”

Bethenny claims she’s not bitter or incapable of a committed relationship, just this whole idea of “legal” marriages—which kind of makes your mind jump to “illegal” marriages—and what are you really saying, Bethenny? Most likely she just wants to be able to get out of a relationship when she wants out. She and Jason are still, to this day, married. This divorce is taking as long as a college degree.


Several times throughout the interview, Bethenny dropped the title of her new book, “I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To” a how-to for not screwing up your relationship. So where did it go wrong for the brand mogul? “Fame, attention, and money does not bring out the best in everybody. Money, in many ways, is the root of all evil.” So why did Bethenny return to the “Real Housewives of New York?” Especially when she said, “There was a point where I was embarrassed to be a housewife.” It seems Bethenny has finally made peace with her status. “I am a professional reality star” who came back because “I felt that people didn’t know me anymore.”


Andy raved about the new season and Bethenny agreed that the show is great, though we won’t see her daughter Bryn. Bethenny choked-up during the interview mentioning that her main priority is to always protect her daughter. RHONY begins Tuesday, April 7, on Bravo.

Here are some interesting responses from the WWHL interview.

  • Bethenny’s best line of the night: “Marriage is the Hotel California. You can check out anytime, but you can never leave.”
  • Bethenny’s thoughts on Teresa Giudice: The two were “contentious from afar.” Warned that people with skeletons in their closets shouldn’t go on reality television shows.
  • Bethenny’s thoughts on her dating life: “Kind of at a standstill.”
  • Bethenny’s thoughts on Heather and Carol: She and Carol hit it off; Heather worked her nerves.
  • Bethenny’s biggest change: A more vulnerable person who is now proud to be a housewife.


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  • RonnieIsBack

    This bish….first it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil…she LOVED MONEY AND FAME and when she got it, instead of using her powers for good, she devoted it to all things SKINNY, BULIMIC AND WAS JUST PLAIN NASTY. She begged and cried for a husband and child and when she got both the THREW THEM IN THE TRASH CAN like her old friends and fans who helped make her a star. Before she was Betheny Bakes (which nobody bought that crap) and she worked as a babysitter and driver for the Hiltons while secretly plotting to overthrow them all… and be rich rich rich.
    Just own your chit. Then wrap it up with our ego in yesterday’s newspaper with the fish.

    • MidwestMiddie

      Spot On!!!

  • itsjustme

    Ok, here’s my take on Bethenys interview.
    1) Bryn isn’t going to be shown, not because B doesn’t want her to be, but because Jason won’t allow it, and if i’m not mistaken even went to court to stop it.
    2) the reason she won’t get “legally” married again, is because there isn’t a man alive willing to marry a woman who has bigger balls than he does.
    3) the reason she is returning to the show is because she CAN’T STAND being off tv and she knows she hasn’t a chance of ever being in front of the camera again unless it’s on the RHONY.
    Other than that I found the interview to be boring and nonnewsworthy.

    • RubyT

      Didn’t watch last night as I just couldn’t bring myself to hear that voice. Much easier to read about it here. What you say is what I expected. I’ll miss watching New York this year, but I just can’t do it as long as she is there.

      • itsjustme

        I could probably stomach B, But I just can’t with Ramona. I had enough of her last season and just can’t take another season of her.

        • MidwestMiddie

          Ramona and Bethenny are too much trash for me.
          : )

  • Jennymckitty

    I didn’t watch NY regularly when Bethany was on but did watch her spin off. I am kinda neutral toward her. She has gone through a lot between starting HW’s and now…some pretty big public successes and failures. I’m sure that she has changed and grown some. I’m willing to give her a chance. I’ve seen many comments that she wasn’t candid about her reasons for returning to NY. I wonder how many of us would say on TV that we were trying to rehab our image.

    • MidwestMiddie

      If Bethenny had an ounce of integrity, she would have admitted to her real reasons
      for returning to Bravo. I mean, does she think viewers are stupid?

      Her Skinny Girl sales are down –
      Fewer than 20 fans showed up at her Spring Book Signing –
      Even with Ellen backing her, Bethenny was a total flop on national television –
      This woman has probably lost as many fans as Felon Teresa and Bethenny
      didn’t even have to go to prison to do so.

      • Jennymckitty

        I think everyone realizes Bethany’s explanation was all spin. I was just trying to imagine anyone admitting they are returning to a show because they don’t have any better offers and the need to rehab their image.

        • MidwestMiddie

          I get your point.

          In my opinion, most people would have admitted to returning to Bravo because they didn’t have any better offers.
          Why not? The information is out there – public knowledge.
          Bethenny looks foolish trying to play out her public scam and has
          only damaged her already disintegrating reputation. She’s a fool!

  • colleen

    Bethany and I would never be friends…she’s too full of herself. But in her defense, when she said..” embarassed to be a HW” it wasn’t meant as a put down

  • Just a jersey girl

    I for one will always love Bethenny. People dislike because she accomplished what all the other wives who did not have money could. She went from just getting by to being a multimillionaire She does not need the money.
    Not one housewife can echo what she accomplished. I have and will always be a fan.

    • teri keller


  • skwilliams

    Typical Bethenny! And some people wonder why she’s not liked! First, (BEWARE – this comment is going to be extremely long due to the topic – BETHENNY! – no one could sum her up – or spill what’s known about her – in only a few words – I alone could almost write a book! She’s that despicable!) anyone who has followed Bethenny throughout the previous years – from first stint on NYHW – to first serious televised relationship – relationship w/parents – catering company, books, spin-off’s, treatment of assistant’s, being an assistant, marriage, talk-show – the list goes on and on – and throughout this entire time she has been unable to maintain a working relationship, personal relationship, business relationship, love relationship, – HELLO? The common denominator is more than obvious! BETHENNY HAS BEEN UNABLE TO HOLD DOWN A JOB, A FRIEND, FAMILY, EMPLOYEE – and the main reason for this is the fact that she is a complete BITCH! She believes herself to be better and smarter than anyone else – she doesn’t want a man – she wants someone she can control and order around – love is not in this woman’s vocabulary or heart! She may have love for her daughter – but only because she’s still young and doesnt voice an opinion – the jury is still out on that one – let’s wait ten more years or so and we’ll see how this really turns out – if she does maintain a close and caring relationship with her daughter – it will be the first for Bethenny – not by opinion – but by facts -Bethenny doesn’t respect anyone – or care about anything – but herself! She’s the rudist and most demanding celebrity out there – and that’s saying alot! As for her “embarrassment’ to be a housewife – mind you – this is the same platform that Bethenny used to become a celebrity – without that opportunity Bethenny would not be a millionaire today! She’s the first to forget where she came from and who she should thank! Bethenny has no remorse or feelings for others! She has abused and bullied everyone in her life! I am not just saying this – THIS IS FACT! Once she sold Skinnygirl – and made her millions – she no longer needed Bravo – so – she was able to show her true colors and attack the hand that feed her and gave her the opportunity to have fame and fortune – but was she ever grateful? HELL NO! And I agree with her recent statement about never marrying again – I guarantee this is true – because deep down she knows she is heartless and unable to love – and unable to get along with anyone – therefore she knows she will never be in a committed relationship! It takes two – and Bethenny doesn’t play well with others! As if this wasn’t enough – she has the nerve to turn this failure – yet again – into a money-making scheme – by writing an advice book about how not to ruin a relationship? REALLY? If she really knew how to have a good marriage/relationship – with a significant other I’m assuming – because I didn’t read her “marriage advice book” – I wouldn’t spend two cents on any book written by Bethenny – if she’s truly possessed this info – why didn’t she apply it to her marriage – or better yet – why didn’t she use it after the marriage? And why hasn’t she ever been able to maintain a relationship with a man? ANY MAN? Or woman? As I said – TYPICAL BETHENNY! This holier-than-thou attitude from a girl who was raised by a crook – who started out in Hollywood as an assistant – but then abused every assistant who ever worked for her! (Some of this can be seen on ‘Bethenny Getting Married’) – the main reason for her talk show being canceled was due to her being conceited and too demanding! She used these same antics during her appearance on WWHL – ‘she demanded the interview be pre-recorded so she could have control over what was asked and said – and how she was to be ‘perceived’ – quote on quote – I believe the evidence explains everything – the ‘REAL’ Bethenny – and why she can’t stay married – keep a job – keep employees – words are just words – words does not define someone – we can say whatever – but it’s our actions that show who we really are – and Bethenny’s actions do not match her words – her actions are vindictive and cruel – and even though she has plenty of money to last two lifetimes – she is unable to get a divorce because Bethenny’s ego refuses to work anything out – it’s her way or the highway – and even though Jason did play a major part in the success and sale of ‘Skinnygirl’ – Bethenny refuses to give him credit or one dime! Greedy – egotistical – narcissist – with a huge personality disorder! And a false sense of self! Miss Entitled! She will lose millions if need be – just so Jason doesn’t get what he’s demanding – even though he is entitled – Bethenny will not lose – no matter the cost! She is a Joan Crawford to everyone in her life – and her return to Bravo is nothing more an ego boost! She doesn’t need the money – SHE NEEDS THE ATTENTION! And from what I have read – that’s not turning out too well either! She was hired – and payed an exorbient amount – to repair the defunked NYHW show – and Bravo expected her to deliver ‘the drama’ and restore the show to better ratings – but if the stories about that are true – she hasn’t been able to maintain that either! But that’s Bravo’s fault – the old Bethenny – who appeared on the first season of the show – she’s long gone! Even though that Bethenny was able to ‘fake her way’ through – the ‘real’ Bethenny has got bigger and better since the first season – with more power and money – so – even though she probably assured Bravo – or played along with them (which is her favorite route to take in front of camera’s) confessing that she could get the job done I’m sure – Bravo knows Bethenny’s record – she will not follow orders – she gives the orders – and anyone who fools with her will pay dearly – and not in a good way! So – Bravo is to blame for the train wreck called Bethenny that’s about to occur on the new season of NYHW – now we get to sit back and watch – if we can stomach it – to see who will survive with the new/old housewife Bethenny – my bet is on Bethenny – she will eat them up – then spit them out! Even Ramona will not be a match for this monster – SHE IS THE TRUE MEANING OF EVIL!!!!!! but with Bethenny – I’m sure it will be trouble – not the type of drama expected – but drama – one things for sure though – Bethenny will see to it that she is the star of the show!

    • teri keller

      I did not even read after your first paragraph u need to get a life jealous much

    • scotty501

      i.e. she’s a jew

  • teri keller

    Lot of evil meaness here