Kenya Moore Addresses Therapy Blowout: “I Could Feel NeNe’s Negative Spirit”

Posted on Mar 20 2015 - 12:12pm by BeachSpin

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Kenya Moore was an uninvited guest at the recently aired therapy session on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but her presence added a dash of potential drama, and she weighs in on the ins and outs of the gathering on her Bravo blog.  When asked how she approached the potential powder keg of drama, Kenya asserts that her mind and heart were open.

“Even though I wasn’t officially invited, I came with an open heart and positive energy. I could feel NeNe’s negative spirit when I walked into the room when she rolled her eyes at the sight of me. Cut to her being mean about me asking for a hug to greet her. I thought that she clearly was not here to settle any differences. She framed the session at the restaurant stating I had the most issues with the girls and likely tried to set me up to get ambushed, you know, similar to last year’s reunion… But her plan failed this time.”

Nene Leakes stormed out mid session, making a dramatic ‘until next week’ exit, and when asked if the stomp-out came as a surprise, Kenya’s response was just as expected as Nene’s reaction to being challenged.

“No, I wasn’t. NeNe’s deep insecurities have caused her to walk out of every scene when faced with the facts about who she is, and that evidently is a very troubled person. Her erratic and often emotional, flippant behavior is disturbing to watch. I sincerely hope she gets the help she needs.”

Kenya also throws her support behind Claudia Jordan’s new stand-up career aspirations, and has already declared herself a fan.

“I think it’s a great idea. It’s something that CJ has always wanted to do, and she’s funny! She has everything it takes to do stand-up — she’s unapologetic, brave, witty, and curses like a sailor sometimes! LOL! All she needs is to work out a routine. Trust me, between her life, the new girls, and all of the drama, she has plenty of material.”

True enough! Will Claudia be able to translate the laughable ‘Housewife’ drama to an onstage bit? I want a front row seat!


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  • Marsbars09

    I must say, Moose did make a damn fool out of herself by arranging the therapy session just to up and walk out in the end.
    Nene needs 1:1 therapy for her deep-rooted anger issues.

    • italiano bambino

      Nene needs a reality check. delusional at finest

    • MidwestMiddie

      Also, true—- Kenya doesn’t have “positive energy and an open heart.”
      : )

    • Addie2U

      The way Nene was sitting beside the therapist – no doubt she believed she was
      his colleague/cohort. When he said “you’re all on the same level ladies” – Nene’s face said it all → NOT! (I was going say her hair stood on end but clearly she drove there the entire way with her head out the window.)

  • Addie2U

    Nene arranged this therapy session to clear up the past, but she refused to talk about the past! That worked out well → NOT!

  • Addie2U

    Nene — How can you “never be friends ever again” if you were “never friends to begin with”?! ⊙.☉ The delusion is REAL!

  • If NeNe wanted everyone to get together for the therapy session and truly talk things out, why not reach out to Kenya? Why she may think that Kenya is the one who is always so drama conscious, it is NeNe who has literally feuded with everyone on this show. There is not one person her big hooves haven’t stepped on, degraded, and talked down upon, so it is her who is the one who needs to be checked out of everyone else. NeNe is the common denominator.