Twitter Fight: Natalie Guercio Tweets Karen Gravano’s Phone Number & Attacks Vivica Fox!

Posted on Mar 12 2015 - 1:20am by Editor

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Part one of the explosive “Mob Wives” reunion aired tonight (March 12) but the DRAMA did not end on the screen. Naturally, the mud-slinging party spilled over to social media.

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Natalie Guercio AKA Ratalie, looking for a way to amp up the drama, took her Twitter sass to a whole new level with a seemingly unwarranted attack on host, Vivica Fox and costar, Karen GravanoNat G took the feud with costar Karen Gravano to a new low when she tweeted Karen’s cellphone number for millions to see. After receiving hundreds of phone calls, Karen tweeted, “So Natalie and her crew put my # on Twitter thinking it was going to piss me off but I’m actually having a good time talking to the fan”

Karen Gravano tweet. Mob Wives. Mob Wives Reunion. All About The Tea. Gossip Website. Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter #MobWives

But Nat G was not done unleashing her rage, she then sunk her rodent claws into reunion host, Vivica Fox. Nat G feels Vivica showed Karen’s couch favoritism. Ratalie tweeted, “The host didn’t let me speak and on top of it everything I said was cut out of the reunion that’s not fair and not right @VH1 #MobWives.”

Natalie Guercio. Mob Wives. Mob Wives Reunion. All About The Tea. Gossip Website. Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter #MobWives

That tweet was followed by a low-class sewer rat attack, “@MsVivicaFox u should’ve been more worried abt 50 when Renee was suckin him off while u were w him. #byetrick #dontcomeforme #MobWives @VH1.”

Natalie Guercio tweet attacking Vivica Fox

This prompted Vivica Fox to respond to Nat G, “Really coward messy ass bitch @NatalieEGuercio @KarenGravanoVH1 nI got words 4 ya! #IJS Don’t play victim n run ; (“

Vivica Fox responds to Nat G tweet

Twitter was basically invented as the place to say anything that’s on your mind the second you think it, without much second-guessing and for that I am thankful!

Vivica went on to tweet Nat G a cringe-worthy comeback, “Really coward messy ass b*tch @NatalieEGuercio @KarenGravanoVH1 nl got words 4 ya! #IJS Don’t play victim n run ;(“

Vivica Fox tweet to Nat G

Vivica, finally ended her part in the fight with, “I try to my best to be positive and not respond to negativity! But I’m human! I apologize 4 my harsh words! Stay blessed n have a good week.”Vivica Fox tweet to Nat G #2

Nat G, however, continued spewing vulgarities and plenty of hateful tweets. Most of her tweets are too low class to post here.


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  • Kalena

    Sorry but I am beginning to think Natalie is racist… Why she would come at the host like that isn’t right. And she always had a problem with Karen’s boyfriend just because… Even when he wasn’t doing anything to her. And after hearing that audio on YouTube of her using the N word. Vh1 made a huge mistake by putting her on the show, this season was awful.

    • ldeimler

      that nasally voice. UGH!!!

    • Bad Barbie

      I haven’t listened to the audio but is she using it like the “my ni**a what’s up?” or “these ni**ers are”?

      I am only asking because I don’t know what she said and 2 because Karen is one to talk with the “My Ni&&a is going to come and get me” as in part of her vocabulary. People from my generation and the current young adults that are coming up now seem to use this word as greeting, and not only has music promoted it, so has tv and the same race being insulted. The complete usage of the word should be put out of commission. Can’t have it both ways. To use the excuse that only blacks can call each other that is not working and it is obvious. Something has to change.

      • She was driving and an elderly black woman cut her off in traffic and she said “I hate effing n*ggers!” I would say she was not using the ugly word as slang.

        • Bad Barbie

          Oh sweet baby Jesus! Absolutely not! SMH

        • TruNique Da’Diva

          I’m certain we have all made a statement at one time or another that can be considered racist. How many of us would want to be judged by the filth we spew during rush hour’s road rage. Karen is very good at inciting hostility towards others. BTW I can’t stand niggers could also mean I can’t stand males. #JS

          • Babson_Chick

            and that’s why I’m thankfull to live where the traffic is not that bad – of course I’m not driving to work and back – that’s a different story. I once saw a man beating on a woman who was driving – they went across all lanes of traffic, stopped and he still was beating on him. All I could do was honk (before I had a cell ph)

          • I disagree. Anyone that spews that filth is racist. Don’t try to sugar coat it or make excuses because you’re a Ratalie fan. The cold facts are what they are. Period.

        • Babson_Chick

          missed that – probably a good thing!!

      • Babson_Chick


      • TruNique Da’Diva

        Agreed. Karen thinks that having a half black child gives her some sort of pass. It doesn’t. The black girl is bored with Karen calling everyone a racist. First Carla then Drita now Natalie…YAWN. SMH Karen… Nat G had black friends at her house warming party.

        • Bad Barbie

          I mean, the whole “I have black people” around is also a fallible excuse. Irks me when I hear people say this but you are right.

      • Kalena

        From the recording that I heard.. She said the n word ending with er

        I didn’t know Karen uses the word & if she does that’s not okay either. A lot of the people today think it’s okay as long as saying it with “ga” & think it’s cool to say. See everyone from white to Spanish to Samoan to Filipino teenagers and adults throwing the word around. I’m not black (I’m pacific islander) & don’t agree with using the word at all like you said. I wish there could be a complete ban on it because its a word that was born out of hate like a lot of derogatory words but with a deeper history.

      • Aisha

        These broads think cause they f$$king black men and got enough tan coloring on to look orange, they r honorary black women. It’s like sit ur frauding ass down and be who you really are. As for natalie she’s a wet brain lowlife who I’m sure will end up back in her row house in South Philly around Black People lol

  • She Stinks!

    Can this season just be over? Only 1 more show to get through.

  • therealjanedoe

    I really liked Nat G last season and some of this. Renee was just such as a$$hole to her last year – I liked how she stood up for herself. But this season, her mouth is just not pretty. She could have taken being on a national tv show and used it to promote herself and a business, a book – something to make some money for the future. She has an anger issue – and not just with the other women. London seems to love and support her and in turn, she constantly emasculates him. It’s like none of them, except for Ang, have matured beyond the age of 13. And now let me talk about how much I can’t stand Storm. He looked like he rolled out of bed and threw on sweatshirt and sweatpants. I though Vivica did about as well as could be expected with that group.

    • Babson_Chick

      Storm’s outfit – what was he thinking – just throw on a 6 ft gold chain over your sweats for a TV appearance. At least London tried with his cute little print scarf with pink shirt & vest.

      • Bad Barbie

        Storm was actually dressed better than he normally does in real life.

        • Babson_Chick

          LOL!! He’s such a loser thug

  • I’m so disgusted and over these hood rats. I can’t anymore with any of them. First off, I like Rene but did she start taking her drugs again because she was back to gangsta Rene last night. Nat G simply disgust me. Big Ang is not a loyal friend. I actually appreciated Drita keeping her trap shut last night. I’m over it.

    • Kalena

      I feel the same way… I think if there is another season for mobwives, the producer just needs to stop after that. This season seemed so ridiculous like it was some type of parody. Even last season too… was just weird.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    I have to catch up on this reunion but in catching up in the last episodes leading up to the reunion…I stand by my word: NataLIE is a thirsty B. Words are her weapon cause she knows she would get her ass beat REAL quick…

    I like the original 4, even Big Ang annoyed me this season…

    • Babson_Chick


  • Babson_Chick

    Just when you think Nat G couldn’t get any trashier, tackier, etc. she really brought it on Part 1 – her outfit (words cannot express my thoughts) and her yappy mouth – please export her!!

  • whoopsie2

    Karen’s boyfriend, “Storm” was so well-spoken, I thought he was a Rhodes scholar. Oh and the way he dressed….surely right off the pages of G.Q. magazine.

    • Bwahahahaha! And London’s clothes were splitting at the seams!

      • Jamiliyah

        He looks like that on every episode!

      • whoopsie2

        They’re both real catches. If only my father was a serial killer or I walked around half naked. They’re all soooooo classy. Real classy.

    • Bad Barbie

      He is not. Didn’t go past St. John’s prep. Acting cause he is a real low life in person.

  • Babson_Chick

    I think they let Nat G speak, yell and curse enough – anymore and I was going to stop watching. As for Vivica – she sure is proud of herself and likes to flutter around and preen!!

  • Bad Barbie

    LMAOOOOO ZAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM I don’t think 50 would go for Renee though. She is fugly.

    • Mikey

      So is he.

      • Bad Barbie

        But with a whole lotta money and that to many women is more important than looks. I know, I know but that’s the truth. All of the sudden he looks cute in that Ferrari and $20 million home.

        • Mikey

          Doesn’t make the hood rat any less ugly – inside and out.

          • Bad Barbie

            Yes, I agree with you but was stating facts about how a lot of people move.

          • Mikey

            I know hon … wasn’t being bishy:-)

    • Kalena

      Maybe I have bad vision.. But there is something about Renee that is pretty to me. Not Miss Universe pretty but in her own way. I don’t believe Natalie G tweet about Renee giving 50 cent bj’s… Renee doesn’t seem that way and 50 cent could pretty much get any woman. But his taste is a little strange because Chelsea handler is not pretty to me at all & he was dating her. I think Renee type is Spanish guys, saw old interview of her where She said she was dating Raul Conde (Erica mena’s ex & sons father). But don’t think it worked out.

  • Babson_Chick

    WHAT?? The Drunken Monkey being closed down by the State – supposed to be run by another cause Big Ang is felon (?) Rut Roh!!

    • Oh SNAP! I’m positive she knew this and decided to skirt around the laws of the land. Seems to be a pattern for Ang.

      • Babson_Chick

        Yes I agree – these gangsta moll wannabes are “losing”

  • Mikey

    I know that Karen heifa ain’t no prize, but what is she doing with these fugly-lookin’ hood rat homies? She’s stuck with’em now, cause there ain’t no hot white boy (or Guido) that’s gonna want her now. She’s “spoiled”.

    • Babson_Chick

      spot on!!

  • donna

    You know what I don’t blame Natalie, I would’ve come at them at all angles starting with Karen! She said that Natalie called the police &:put out a restraining order then flipped & said Natalie wanted to call them. Then she said Natalie talked about daughter then flipped it again & said her daughter read Natalie’s tweets of the two of them arguing & told Natalie stay out of her & her mom’s business! Then Vivica is supposed to be a host was very bias & an A$$HOLE wouldn’t let the poor girl speak she was VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL now she’s all on Twitter calling Natalie a messy bitch. WTF DO YOU PEOPLE WANT, HER TO JUST SIT THERE & BE DISRESPECTED? For once, just once put yourself in her place! What did she do that was so wrong? Why is she a RAT because she called the cops on some guy who beat her up? Told Renee’s “BOYFRIEND” he smelled “DELICIOUS?” You people are so busy spewing hatred towards this woman. Why, because she stood up the “GREAT RENEE?” WELL EXCUSE THE SH*T OUT HER FOR HAVING A DAYUM BACKBONE & NOT ROLLING OVER LIKE A DAYUM DOG & NOT RUNNING & HIDING! EVERYBODY ON HERE TALKING SH*T WOULD’VE DONE THE SAME DAYUM THING. SHE DIDN’T GIVE OUT KAREN’S #!

  • Melissa

    For one I wouldn’t b screaming from across the damm room.. Where I come from either put’em up or shut shut ta f— up.This chick talks,and talks and talks thats all she f—ing does Now she is sayin Karen this, Vivica this,How come she don’t say anything bout Nat D cus she knows damm well this girl will knock her on her a–….Oh and that DELICIOUS COMMENT SHE MADE BOUT RENEE’S BOYFRIEND it’s just a matter of RESPECT ( who ta hell does that ) Or r u accustomed to having ur friends tell ur boyfriend or husband ( u smell delicious ) Oh no she ain’t rolling over like a dog she;s to busy barking like one.cus thats all she does…