VIDEO: A Drunk #NickGordon Tried to Commit Suicide Twice Before Dr. Phil Interview

Posted on Mar 10 2015 - 3:01pm by Wendy Owen

Dr. Phil claimed that Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend Nick Gordon was "volatile" during the taping of his intervention -- get the full details here and watch a new clip from the episode. All About The Tea  Follow us: @AllAboutTheTea_ on Twitter

Nick Gordon tried to commit suicide twice before taping with his mother and Dr. Phil. The show is set to air Wednesday (March 11). Laura Collins from the U.K. Daily Mail told HLN News,

Nick Gordon is in rehab and has been directly following the Dr. Phil intervention. Dr. Phil had intended it to be an interview but when he learned just what sort of state that Nick Gordon was in, he couldn’t in good conscience go ahead with a straight forward interview, and instead, turned it into an intervention to save his life.”

Preview clips released by the Dr. Phil Show include Nick crying about missing Whitney and Kristina, and saying “I hate Bobby Brown!”


Laura Collins continued,

“There’s huge hostility between Nick Gordon and Bobby Brown, Bobbie Kristina’s father who has banned Nick Gordon from the bedside in Atlanta. The Houston family have always had an issue with the fact that Nick Gordon and Bobbie Kristina’s relationship had gone from almost a sibling relationship, sort of adopted brother and sister, to that of fiances planning to get married.”
“His mental state is extremely fragile. revealed today that he actually tried to commit suicide twice in recent weeks with overdosing on Xanax, for which he has a prescription, and alcohol.”

Just hours before his heartbreaking intervention with Dr. Phil, Nick Gordon was caught on tape looking disoriented and possibly under the influence via the UK Daily Mail.

Regarding the investigation, Laura Collins said,

“That’s ongoing and certainly police initially took Nick Gordon‘s cell, they scrutinized his twitter feed, they’ve taken surveillance footage from cameras that were mounted near the house that Nick Gordon and Bobbie Kristina shared, there are other people they are speaking with and obviously the events of that particular night, the early hours of the 31st of January, are still what they are trying to establish.”

Regarding the Dr. Phil Show, and the ongoing investigation, Leolah Brown, Bobby Brown‘s sister, and Bobbi Kristina‘s Aunt, wrote an open message on Facebook asking Dr. Phil to not give Nick Gordon a forum, stating they “have strong evidence of foul play,”

“With all due respect, Nick Gordon is under investigation for the attempted murder of my niece Bobby Kristina Brown. We have strong evidence of foul play. Until this investigation is completed by law enforcement, I would ask that you or anyone else not provide this individual a platform to spin this situation to his benefit. If Nick Gordon does not have the courage to speak with my brother Bobby Brown and/or law enforcement about what happened the day my niece’s body was found in a bathtub, he does not deserve to have a platform to speak to anyone of your caliber until this investigation is concluded.” 

We’ll have to wait and see if this plea melts Dr. Phil’s heart or his desire for ratings, and he pulls the plug on Nick Gordon.


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  • MorningYawn

    That’s sad on top of sad. Two young adults whose parents/ guardians failed them so thoroughly. I wish this young man peace and health and honesty.

    • Brattus Rattus

      I agree with you. So many people (don’t know about this site) are going to say he should go ahead and get it over with. We have two young people that had parents that (may or may not) have been present for this mess to occur in both of their lives. Young adults have a way of doing what they want to do – which is why I’m not putting the fault on the parents – but now is not the time to wish death on/or otherwise place blame. Bobbie isn’t going to get better and hopefully Nick can get the help he needs. If he is guilty, then he needs to face the judge and jury. That’s it.

    • Bad Barbie

      Where was Nick’s mother when he was freeloading at Whitney’s? That’s one question…

      I agree with what you are saying and at the same time we have to see the other side. These kids had a whole lot more resources to turn out great. I guess because I come from a broken environment and failing was not an option, I don’t pity kids that throw their fabulous away being lost. That’s just me though…

      • Brattus Rattus

        I see that ,too. You didn’t ask me but the damage is done. So if we can all get past the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s, and take the situation for what it is at face value, now isn’t the time to point fingers. IMHO. Once Nick gets thru rehab, the cops will do whatever they are going to do and that will be that. People could all point the same figures at all of these “friends” that have been coming out of the woodwork. Dead from drugs, all of them doing drugs together. What about those parents? They couldn’t have called the cops? Or was Bobbie supplying the money for the drugs and possibly hush money? Young people of legal age do stupid things. If the cops had anything solid on Nick, he would be in jail right now. I’m just saying.
        The only drugs I do are my cancer drugs and I have to walk down a flight of stairs. I have woken up in the morning with all kinds of bruises and owies that I have no idea how they got there. I live alone so I can’t put it on anyone but if there is reasonable doubt that she was high and tripped getting or out of the tub (or before hand and then got in the tub and passed out) they won’t be able to do anything to him. If he did do it, he’s screwed – and he deserves it.

        • misstc

          “If the cops had anything solid on Nick…” is the main point and I am sure they are building a case. Small technicalities can result in bad people being released.

        • Karma

          Hi Hun
          I’m so so sorry you’re going through what you’re going through I’ll pray for a fast recovery for you isn’t there anyone that can stay with you to help you shouldn’t have to go through this on your own it really breaks my heart if I were In America I’d come daily to help you out may god bless 7

          • Brattus Rattus

            Thank you. Very sweet. I’m not going to get better though. I’m terminal. I do live alone for now. Still work most days (not the last two) and I’d rather die on the job than move with the parents. lol You’re a very sweet person (along with the others here) to care.

          • Karma

            Oh hun I’m so very sorry to hear that it’s really upset me I’ll still pray for a miracle

  • Bad Barbie

    Dr. Phil is the devil. He can potentially ruin this investigation for ratings.

    Nick lost his meal ticket when Whitney died and BK was the only one that can continue to support him. He romanced the stones … I find it disturbing that they were like brother and sister and the minute that Whitney died, he wife’d the chick. SICK.

    Where was his mother when Whitney took him in?

    These people are opportunist and this guy is probably blowing (no pun) his lid because he has no access to money to get high. There are too many neighbors, friends, 911 calls telling that he was abusive of her.

    For once, Bobby Brown did the right thing. Hate the guy all you want but that is still her father and the only one that holds the legal rights if she is incapacitated. Whitney’s mother is another one that is all for show. Her son and daughter were both drug addicts but she is too busy in church. Praying on your knees doesn’t fix anything without action.

    • Karma

      Hi bad barbie

      you make good points which I didn’t know I heard rumblings bout nick abusing BK that night but I had no idea that it was an on going thing not to say it’s ok he abused her once once is too many times, I also did not know that when Whitney passed he pounced ON BK & asked her to marry him.

      About Bobby Brown I like the guy he turned his life around & has a new family I’ve not heard or read anything negative bout him since he& Whitney divorced however Whitney was the same she hadn’t changed she was still boozing & taking drugs it’s such ashame such a great talent.

    • colleen

      And where has his mother been since BK was rushed to the hospital. The way Nick acted when he saw his mom, indicated she has not flown from Florida to ATL to be with son

  • misstc

    Why is the Brown family stating Nick is responsible of Bobby’s murder? Is she not still alive in the hospital?? All around, everything stinks. I think Whitney, Nick & Bobby enabled each other in drug fueled parties & why they stayed together so close knit. This all is of course from my POV only.

    • Karma

      Hi musstc

      I agree with you 100% I also believe that the three of them Whitney Bobbi & Nick did enable each other.

      And I don’t understand why their saying he murdered her she’s still in hospital as far as I know & breathing on her own I think I read that somewhere but I could be wrong she may still be on life support but I really think I read that she’s off life support & Breathing on her own.

      I’m just as confused & what evidence do they have on Nick are they keeping quiet because Nick has no idea what the evidence they have on him somethings not right

  • Karma

    WOW that was so hard for me to watch it bought back some awful memories I also believe like #misstc that the three of them Whitney Bobbi & Nick did enable each other. I really don’t know if Nick had anything to do with Bobbi Kris accident or not I’ve not sedoing & maybe anywhere the evidence the Brown Houston family claim to have. It’s very clear to me Nick really loves Bobbi Kristina as for it being creepy that their step Brother and sister well Nick was adopted they don’t share any DNA I find it a little creepy also but if their ok with it who the heck am I to judge shit I went out with the most awful men in my younger days thank god I married well I married the Complete opposite to what I was attracted to.

    I certainly hope Dr Phil did succeed in Nick going into rehad & I’m not saying a 28day rehab he need at least 90 days maybe when he’s sober & with the help of the counsellors if he had anything to do with Bobbi Kristina ending up in hospital in the state shes in he may confess but something tells me he didn’t do it obviously he was there with her doing drugs and alcohol& something went terribly wrong so I suppose he’s guilty of doing &providing drug& alcohol but Bobbi Kristina is old enough to say no.

    Whatever the outcome I pray she lives & gets better in time hopefully her brain damage isn’t too severe & can be repaired with rehabilitation eg speech therapy learning to walk again all those things are doable I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

    All I can say is god bless & I really can’t judge or blame Nick because i have no idea what evidence they have on him i do hope he had nothing to do with Bobbi Kristina ending up in the hospital

  • colleen

    Now that we know Nick refuses to talk to police, suspicion heightenens. IF Nick killed Whitney and got away with it, why not do his perfected crime on Bobbi K? Money makes strange bed fellows; or something like that