Eileen Davidson Addresses Kim Richards’ Vicious Attack And The Glass Smashing & Throat Grabbing Fight!

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Eileen Davidson RHOBH

On last night’s explosive and emotionally charged episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills,” Eileen Davidson watched from the sidelines, as the heated exchange unfolded between Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna

The tense confrontation went down on  the group’s first day in Amsterdam, while out to dinner. Tension between Lisa R and Kim had reached a boiling point after a heated conversation during the plane ride to Canada. Kim, the resident druggie, was upset that Lisa R tried to help with her addiction issues, and lashed out in a vengeful rage by threatening to expose her “situation at home;” concerning Lisa’s husband, Harry. I suspect the “secret” is that Harry has suffered with sobriety issues for years. He wrote a memoir about his struggles….BIG whoop, Kim.

Eileen continues to be the real truth cannon, and took to her blog to weigh in on the incident. She starts off her blog by describing her arrival in Amsterdam, and Lisa R warning her about Kim.

“I was thrilled to arrive in Amsterdam…that is until the about five minutes in, when Lisa R filled us in on what happened on the plane with Kim.” Eileen continued, “It’s very disturbing (is this my most-used word of the season?) that Kim is being so vicious. I appreciate Lisa R. warning me that Kim was “coming after me.” But I have to ask, why? Even if she didn’t like my methods, I have been genuinely concerned for her.”

Eileen describes Kim’s behavior at dinner as a vicious attack, and lets us in on what she was thinking.

“That’s why I couldn’t believe that Kim exploded. Lisa R. started with an apology. I think this was about the fifth time she had apologized, actually. She wasn’t attacking Kim, but Kim definitely started attacking Lisa R. I was completely shocked by the level of viciousness, and I interjected. That’s when Kim calls me a “beast.” Really? For doing what exactly? Then she hits below the belt about Lisa R.’s “situation at home”—whatever that is supposed to mean—and then tells me to “shut my f—ing mouth”? What am I missing? This isn’t our first night in Amsterdam; this is our first night in Crazy Town.”Inline image 1 


The rookie Housewife shares her feelings on Kim’s obvious emotional abuse towards Kyle, and nails the behavior for what it is.

“Then, Kim starts in on Kyle, saying she’s not a real sister. There’s just no excuse for Kim’s abusive and degrading behavior.”

Eileen addresses the escalation of Kim’s CRAZY train when she went after Lisa R’s husband, as well as the and glass-throwing incident.

“When Lisa R. tries to defend Kyle, Kim hits again with an insult about Lisa R. It’s just getting worse and worse. Then she brings up this mystery insult about Harry. And that’s when it gets REALLY crazy. Lisa R. is pushed to her breaking point. I do not condone physical violence, but Kim is acting completely unhinged, and it’s actually frightening to see this. Lisa R. is provoked to a point that I’m not even sure what I would have done.”

The newbie, weighs  in on Kim’s mention of her ADULT kids, commenting,

“This is the first time I’ve heard Kim mention her grown children this way. I do have empathy for her and what her family went through, but honestly, aren’t her actions far worse than anything Lisa R. and I have said or done?”

Eileen goes on to describe her feelings from the dramatic incident as “traumatized by this upheaval” and “beyond shocking” while expressing compassion for Lisa R.

“If it weren’t for Yolanda, and the amazing hospitality she’s shown taking us on this trip, I would go home. From what she has said, Lisa R. feels the same way. This whole trip just started, and it’s tainted by this horrific behavior. I feel sorry for Lisa R., because I know how frightened she was by her reaction to Kim’s ambiguous accusations against her husband and family. Kim’s slanderous innuendos really pushed her mama-bear buttons.” 
“I’m having a really hard time being around all of this over-the-top drama. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine something so explosive happening over something that began out of concern. It’s beyond shocking”


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  • RealitytvJunkie

    Poor Eileen, she was attacked also and it was as equally ugly as the attack on Lisa.

    • dj j

      I agree. Everyone is talking about LisaR, but what about the VICIOUS things Kim said to Eileen? Eileen has done nothing, yet she is told she is ugly hair face and clothes, Lisa R got an apology, yet nothing for Eileen. If Kim cared about what her kids thought about her sobriety, her actions speak louder than words

  • TopGear

    Eileen was shaken and her tears were real. She’s a good person and tried like Lisa R to lend a helping hand that was smacked down by Kim.

  • Sunny

    It’s hard for me to believe there was a time I actually LIKED Kim Richards…but the worm has definitely turned. She is a cruel and vindictive person, not to mention irresponsible. Ugh.

    • Kaledrina

      i’m definitely team rinna, she and eileen have been great breaths of fresh air, but i do sort of understand where kim is coming from. lisa is coming from a place of care, yet inadvertently spreading news/rumour that kim is back on drugs or alcohol. it’s a tricky one as they’re both in the wrong from my standpoint.

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.
  • RubyT

    Lisa R. witnessed 1st hand how crazy Kim was on the limo ride to Eileens house. Everyone at that party witnessed Kim’s behavior the rest of the night. We saw the edited version…one can only imagine the unedited night. I have never seen Kim apologize to anyone for her behavior, only make excuses for the “pain” she was in. Any addict knows they shouldn’t take any pain medication. Just admit you messed up in your fight for sobriety.

  • chacha1

    Does anyone know why Brandi slaps LisaV next week?

  • chacha1

    LisaR is alway yapping about how ‘done’ she is with everyone then the next thing you know she is back air kissing them and calling them gorgeous …. and after Brandi threw wine in Eileens face LisaR tells her that Brandi is just a poor wounded little girl … everyone kisses those two low rent trashbags Kim and Brandi and then wonder why they are so nasty

  • miracles3337

    Great article. I was shocked it turned ugly so quickly. tim was going to attack someone at that table no matter what anybody said. Kim was looking for a fight and had fire shooting out of her eyes.what killed me was Kim said that Lisa had lied about her when really she didn’t lie about her. Lisa had concern for Kim due to Kim’s outrageous behavior. deflecting her addiction problems by talking about Lisa’s husband wasn’t low as you can possibly get but normal for an addict.

  • Terry Rogers-kulick

    What a shit show this was. If anyone wonders about Kimbecile being sober this is the time she was not. She probably went out the day it was filmed and ate a whole space cake herself. Brandi calling out Vile on smoking pot will ruin Brandi’s chances of every reaching to get more $$. Vile is a producer on that show. She made sure she would be one. Look at the credits peeps. Kimbecile is her only story line. Lisa R. Eileen, and Lisa VP are the only peeps that make sense after this last episode.Yolemons has probably no clue on even were she grew up. Lyme brain! Rant over.

    • Hi Terry Rogers! LOL @ Yolemons probably has no clue where she grew up. I was thinking the same thing!

      • chacha1

        poor blind Yolanda wants to buy a windmeal

    • Kaledrina

      where does it say kyle is a producer? just checked the credits on the recent episode and she’s not listed.

  • DoneWithBravo

    Something was “off” with Lisa R’s reaction to crazy Kim’s accusations. Her WIDE eyes and instant anger proved to me that this entire show is 100% fake. The glass? Fake. This was like a scene out of a soap opera. Exactly. All fake!!!! The only real thing is Kim’s addictions and mental illness (and Kyle’s mental issues too). At least the 2 newbies are real soap stars, but even for a seasoned soap actress like Lisa, it was too obvious that it was bad acting.