Love & Hip Hop New York Recap: “Regrets Only” [Episode 10]

Posted on Feb 24 2015 - 2:44pm by Wendy Owen


Last week on “Love & Hip Hop New York,” Jhonni gets sucker punched by Precious. This week, Rich gets sucker punched by Jhonni. She’s all like, “I’m sorry,” and how can I make it up to you? yada yada bing bang, and next thing you know, Rich‘s male bits have taken over and he’s gonna meet her in the bathroom for a little sumthin’ sumthin’. Even worse than that? They’re in Jersey City! Yuck! Talk about not wanting anyone to see you! You know a man doesn’t want to be seen when he makes you drag your ass on the PATH train and walk over to the Taphouse!


Mendeecees is having fun shopping when Yandy confronts him outside the store — anybody go home to talk anymore? — and tells him how she read Remy, his assistant. Now why Mendeecees needs an assistant is clear to everyone but Yandy, so you think she’ll wise up? Nah. She’s pushing the issue again, telling him he better talk to Remy about being disrepectful to her, or get rid of her. He looks so bored — you know, like he always looks but with a touch more insouciance.


Over at Peter and Amina‘s home in Yonkers — that’s how the show titles it, not me — Peter‘s in a tizzy because Amina ratted him out to Tara. He compares it to “the police ran up into this bitch and you be like ‘There’s a gun under the bed and coke in the freezer.'” Interesting. Not the analogy a normal person would use but definitely colorful. Paints a picture, don’t it? Kids, when you grow up and your significant other uses an analogy like that one, just leave. Otherwise, you get the situation like Amina‘s got where he gets the satisfaction of leaving. Yes, Peter picked his peck of denim low boys and left. Doesn’t look like he took any underwear with him. Maybe Peter goes commando. Oh well, don’t the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! Instead of having a party, Amina starts fake crying and threatening to take the baby to Germany with her. Poor baby. German food sucks.


Erica makes her mother fly on a plane and all just to come to her apartment and hear that Bow Wow asked her to marry him. Instead, she should have spent the money on getting her mother’s teeth fixed. Erica‘s shoving her kid outta the room to show off her big rock to a mother whose teeth look like — I don’t know. Words fail. Spread the love and get her some caps. Oh, and while you’re out it, figure out how you’re gonna tell your kid you’re getting married to someone he’s never met.

Peter meets with Cisco and Rich to complain about how he’s been betrayed, and Cisco jumps in an agrees. These poor guys — always getting played, eh? ‘Xcuse me while I go puke. They all raise a glass to the “creep squad.” Guess that’s them.


Chrissy has been asked to pose for an urban men’s magazine called, “l’adore.” Yeah. It is pretty funny. Their tagline is, “Sexy. Beautiful. Intelligent.” It’s $15 per issue, plus shipping and handling. It’s really classy because it’s just hooker wear — no nudity. Her moms must be so proud. Oh. She’s telling us she’s giving Chink and ultimatum. Like he cares. Better off buying the damn rag for $15 than getting a divorce. At least the rag won’t talk back to him.


We just knew Diamond couldn’t hold onto what little self-respect she has, and now she’s begging Rich to help her get back with Mr. Egghead Cisco. She gives Rich a letter to give him. He tells her to keep her cleavage in check.

Amina and Tara sit down A-GAIN because neither of them can seem to get this through their thick skulls that Peter is screwing them both over. So they keep arguing with each other when they should both be getting rid of Peter for good.

Rich and Egghead Cisco meet up because Amina is singing at an open mic night and Cyn is with Rich so that’s Cisco‘s next victim. Rich gives Cisco the letter from Diamond and he swears he’s done with that which makes Rich happy because he wants to hit it. Btw, Amina needs to find a real career, say like, stock girl at Toys R Us. Peter pops up and says he’s sorry. Guess he ran outta dime for the YMCA. Anyway, his move fails because Amina tells him she’s definitely going to Germany with the baby. He tells her she’s not. She says she is. I say she’s not because a U.S. Passport requires the signature of both parents to prevent one parent from taking a child away from the other.


Erica takes her boy, King, to the zoo. Not any old zoo, but the super fantastic Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, NJ. As if having to go to that zoo isn’t bad enough, Erica tells the kid that she’s been seeing a guy who she’s going to marry. The kids says he’s “weirded out.” Me, too, kid. Me, too.

Well, we see Amina getting packed and looking like she’s leaving for Germany so either a) she got a passport with Peter‘s permission so all his huff and puff about not taking the kid with her was b.s., or b) she’s breaking the law. Do I care? Not really. Just tired of being played by the both of them. Hope she stays in Germany and gets fat on sausage.

Mendeecees and Yandy’s first kid is left at school and they can’t reach Yandy, so Mendeecees decides to make it sound like the kid is in the hospital. Naturally, this upsets Yandy, so she’s running her pregnant butt all over and ends up at Mendeecees studio. Mendeecees thinks it’s a big joke and he’s got the kid right there and then Remy walks in all like “I’m gonna play U.N. negotiator,” and Mendeecees is sitting on the couch laughing his ass off and then he starts lecturing her about being a lousy mother.


What a world….


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  • Dave

    Diamond…go home to her child and STOP chasing d*ck.

  • Yolie

    Tara has the gall to blame Amina for being a home wrecker when she slept with Peter while he was married to Amina. And when Tara met Peter, he had a family and she knew it and still carried on with him.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Tara makes me sick and is getting everything she deserves..

    • Bad Barbie

      Amina is a homewrecker. So is Tara. But that still doesn’t take away the fact that Amina is and was fully aware that Peter had a woman and a family. She wasn’t in the dark about it now she is acting like she is a victim and was betrayed.

  • Bonita Gee

    I’m soooooo, sick of Peter, Amina and Tara’s love triangle. Tara act like she’s over Peter till he comes up with another sad story about loving her more than any one. He’s playing the hell out of both of them.

    Diamond just looks sad, thirsty and desperate at this point. Desperate enough to get a fake boyfriend to try and make Cisco jealous, and desperate enough to pass Rich Dollars a FIVE PAGE LOVE letter to give to Cisco. Girl bye! And it seems Cisco is ready to move on… ON TO CYN! His eyes lit up when they were introduced….. Now we see in next weeks preview that Rich tells Cisco he smashed Diamond. Now Cisco seem upset with Rich, but HE TOLD RICH he WOULDN’T CARE IF HE SMASHED Diamond! Sheese…..

    It seems to me that Yandy has bit off way more than she can chew; having to raise her own son, taking on a step son, and taking on having ANOTHER BABY! AND trying to handle a full time career…Putting up with a fatally attracted assistant to her baby’s daddy…… OMG!! She’ll be in the nut house by the time she delivers……..

    Oh and Chrissy’s photo shoot is a JOKE! What men’s magazine likes 50 year old pot bellied women… Sorry Chrissy but eeerrrrr………. Uuuummmm!! You can’t be serious…… LOL!

    • RonnieIsBack


    • Bad Barbie

      Was that what he said? I thought he said she was looking “right”.

  • RonnieIsBack

    MNDC and his teeth bother me..but at least they are not phucked up like Erica’s motha’s teeth, WTF…
    Amina is talented but she needs a big ole heap of self esteem…
    I just despise drunk azz Peter Gunn…how any woman can let him play he make her beg…

  • Bad Barbie

    Erica’s mom looks like an old skool crackhead from Hunts Point. Erica has a Bentley now, compliments of Bow Wow, hope she gets some bills to get her new teeth. Jesus! She is so pathetic and you can see that her son has like no connection to her. They live 1,500 miles away.

    Amina- I can’t stand how she cries and talks. She can’t ac for ish. At least Tara has acting school training. She is a better actress. Amina is a fool to think that Peter is not going to do to her what he was doing with her. She knew about Peter having a woman with kids. She didn’t care. She is the typical side chick, just married for that greencard and now wants to act hurt. Peter is to blame but Amina was an enabler to a cheater.

    Tara-zzzzzzzz girl bye! Go date someone that you can enjoy.

    Yandy- aint Karma a bish!? Wasn’t this the same reason she was fired from managing Jim Jones because she kept on disrespecting Chrissy? LOL The only reason why she is the HBIC on the NY show is because Jim and Chrissy left the show because of the fight with her. Mendecees is a fool.

    Cisco and Rich are going to end up fighting. Watch. Cisco is of the worst type. He don’t want to be with the chick but she can’t be with anyone else. Hilarious.

    Chrissy. Lady sit down.

    • Aaliuz Mack


  • Brattus Rattus

    I just…The words escape me. All of them are idiots. I think that about covers it.
    Great recap, Wendy.
    I heard a radio show talking about this mess of a program and they were all WTF? No one real is on the show any more and it’s a complete mess. I was laughing my ass off. hahhaha

    • Aaliuz Mack


  • equinox2009

    Peter and Rich are thugs. They got kids all over and has left them all to fend for themselves. Disgusting! Rich as 10!-Peter has 8! Give me a break. What is wrong with you women? They both look like they need to bathe and are walking STDS. Rich in the bathroom with that hoe Jhonni-yuck! Take this show off It’s a disgrace!!

  • Aaliuz Mack

    All you niggas are some fucking haters why can’t y’all just stop sucking celebrities cause you can have as much money as them just stop hating people dead ass