Lisa Rinna Slams Kim Richards For Wanting People To Fight Over Her!

Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 12:45pm by Dani-K


If this acting thing doesn’t work out for “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Lisa Rinna, (and we think it will) she should consider becoming a personal life coach. Talk about “KA-CHING” Lisa! She was spot on in this week’s Bravo blog, seeing through the drama and calling it what it is. She asks the question: Does Kim want Brandi and Kyle fighting over her?

Though technically Lisa is not trained in the field of addiction, she has received practical experience in the area.

“I am a compassionate person that has had more than her fair share of loved ones die from addiction, starting at age six. As a friend, I do feel it is my responsibility to offer my help, love, and guidance in any way that I can.”

In her blog, Lisa gives the analogy to life on a reality show, to that of a road trip. “We’re all on the same crazy ride, just sitting in different seats.” From Lisa’s seat she sees a smoke-and-mirror tactic that Kim is using in the Kim/Kyle/Brandi triangle. Lisa explains,

“At Eileen’s, after the reading, we spoke with Kim about her vulnerable state and the feud her sister was in with Brandi, and I had this thought: The rift between Kyle and Brandi is because of Kim. Why do you want people to fight over you? Cause then maybe they become too busy to take a look at what’s really going on with you.

Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner! Lisa’s blog then switches to her thoughts on Brandi’s ignorant comment calling the ladies “Menopause Mamas.”

“I actually found Brandi’s comment calling Lisa V., Kyle, Kim, and I the Menopause Mamas, to be hilarious. I mean really, really funny. Look, it’s pretty clear that I have no shame in my game and am proud of where I am and what I have done in my lifetime. If Suzanne Somers is a spokesperson for Bio-Identical Hormones, then I can be, too, when I actually do hit that phase of my life (and by the way, I am knocking at the door).

Poking fun at Brandi’s classless cheap shot, Lisa continued:

You take those aging lemons and you make f—kin’ lemonade! And if Brandi wants to proudly show off in more ways than one that she still gets her flow, then she should wise up and snatch that tampon endorsement ASAP. Hello! KA-CHING!”


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  • Lila

    Lisa, that Brandi/ tampon comment….priceless! You know how to take shade and turn it into sunshine. Oh corny, but true! I thought the Menopausal comment was funny, but with Brandi, it comes from a place of meanness. And she should be careful what she says, there is no age discrimination for menapause; it might hit early. 😀

    • Dani-K

      Brandi is not far behind!

      • miracles3337

        Exactly. She is 2 seconds behind them anyway

  • LovetoLoveLoversareforLoving

    Lisa Rinna and Eileen have already brought so much to the show. My choice for next season’s cast would be Lisa R, Eileen, Lisa V, Camille, Kyle(only because I don’t think she can be fired and has some producer credit or something IDK) and Kathy Hilton(because on her few minutes of airtime she’s been so awful and nasty that it would be fun to watch her embarrass herself some more, although considering her children I’m not sure she’s capable of feeling embarrassment or shame).

    • cait

      Well she’s got role models to live up to ! Yicky, Trashra, Horsha, and DNE-DNE-less, so she should be fine ! Better if she has a crim record or awaiting prosecution !

    • Dani-K


    • MidwestMiddie

      Fiction – Kyle doesn’t have any producer credit or title. That rumor
      has been around forever. Did Kyle start the rumor? lol

      • LovetoLoveLoversareforLoving

        If she did start that rumor, she’s smarter than she looks or acts.

        • MidwestMiddie

          Spot On!!!
          : )

  • Tell it, Lisa. Kim is a master manipulator and she’s loving every minute of the fighting over her. I love the new Lisa Rinna and Eileen. I hope Brandi goes soon!! I don’t mind drama, of course it makes the show more interesting but Brandi is very juvenile.

    • Dani-K

      I agree with everything you’ve said. Lisa R and Eileen are such a welcome addition! Brandi needs anger management.

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    LisaR, Eileen and LIsaV have Kim’s number. They know exactly what they are dealing with. LisaR is well able for Brandi too. Love her.

  • Karma

    FINALLY someone said it good for you Lisa R it’s so obvious kim has been doing this for yrs deflecting I also believe kim is jealous of Kyle & LOVES the attention of anyone fighting over her & like Lisa said she uses it so no one notices that she’s not sober. Think again Kim you’re so transparent

    • Rochelle Barozzi

      I agree.

  • Rochelle Barozzi

    Lisa is spot on. And has the balls to say it.

  • miracles3337

    Lisa calls it like she sees it. For that alone, I like her. Lisa Rinna isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade, or an addict, an addict. She seemed sincerely concerned about Kim and Brandi. I like her honesty and sense of humor. She can laugh at herself, and others. To be honest I can’t wait for her to snap, crackle, pop on the chick that messes around with her husband.
    At least Lisa can own her age, and never disrespect someone else on their age.