#VanderpumpRules Recap: “Ring On A String” [Episode 16]

Posted on Feb 17 2015 - 9:57am by Harmony McClintock


Last night’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules” resumes with the wedding “I dos”, between the beautiful couple, Schaena and Shay, with the stunning landscape and fountain backdrop at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, CA, serving as the perfect venue for this SUR bride. There were  mishaps and a bride in a closet for a few minutes, but the  ceremony was tasteful and sweet, and surrounded by friends and family, it’s official, they’re married.


At cocktail hour, a guest greeting occurs between Lisa Vanderpump and Kristen, and it’s awkward and weird at the same time.  It starts polite, then Kristen says, “I’m sorry that it came down to you firing me, but you never liked me.” Lisa responds, “I’ve never liked your attitude.” Lisa then refers to orchestrating  Miami girl to confront AT SUR. In the end,  Kristen doesn’t get it,  and after a fake hug to Lisa, Kristen walks off, probably towards her next encounter with drama.


The reception begins, with Vanderpump style centerpieces, roses dripping everywhere, and glowing romantic lighting. The announcement of the wedding party is fouled up by the famous Instagram wedding coordinator. Well it can’t be the brides fault, right? The food and drinks flow till Tom Schwartz pulls Kristen aside in a romantic gazebo. My heart broke for Katie, when she didn’t get a RING, she got a ring on a string. Ouch! No diamond, no knee drop., just a “I promise to promise.” Katie apparently felt the same way, as she looks so hurt and wounded.  Lisa Vanderpump finds Katie sitting alone later, and gives some more honest motherly advice. when she comments, “Don’t settle for second best.” Good advice, Lisa!


As the party goes on, the bride freaks over things not being done in order. Scheana blasts her requests to her wedding coordinator, who looks like  a deer in the headlights, who has no clue how to fix anything.


Jax really shows his true character at this wedding, hits on everyone, and manages to insult and belittle Carmen, all in a single event. Things really get turned up when Max points to a leaving Kristen, with her bearded trainer. Alcohol fueled resentments bubble to the surface as James storms out, following them to the parking lot. Things get ugly very quickly as the shouting begins. James says,  “You treat me with zero respect whatsoever.” James violates personal space, and Kristen pushes back. “F*** you Kristen,  everyone talks s*** on you and it’s true”. After hearing that, Kristen announces, “You and I are done.” It gets real when James, once again gets in Kristen’s personal space and grazes her arm, then Kristen slaps, then punches James right in the face..  She threatens to call the cops, which made no sense to this viewer.


A sweet bridesmaid pep- talk happens between Ariana and the tearful and frustrated bride, and Ariana is able to bring Scheana and Shay back into a blissful wedding state. After Tom Sandavol hears from James that he got punched in the face, by Kristen, he says, oozing with love to Ariana, “When I want to go on vacation, I just look in Ariana’s eyes.” Then right there, says he is in love with her, and she does the same, in front of smiling friends.


The night comes to an end for the guests and the party continues for the SUR gang in the bungalow.  Is it the end for James and Kristen?  Katie and Scwartz?  Jax and Carmen?  Tune in and find out next week on “Vanderpump Rules.”


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  • RubyT

    These guys are all cheaters, but Jax takes the cake. Kristen is certifiable. I think Scheana and Shay do love one another, but I see him being her lap dog…like Ken is to Lisa. She’s having a meltdown, and he’s standing idly by, saying and doing nothing. Hated the tube top. But I wish them well.

    • RonnieIsBack

      It was hilarious but she pulled off this wedding. They looked like they were having fun.
      Tom S. dancing..Lawd.
      I would have wrapped that ring around Tom Bubbie’s throat…tacky and was foul he gave that to a girlfriend of 4 years…Katie needs to dump his azz.
      James is a joke…he let’s Kristen use him just so he can have a part on the show..it is so obvious. Kristen knows it to which is why she doesn’t respect him.
      He put all her chit on blast with “you slept with everyone at SUR” It is what bitter betties do (James). She slept with you too chump.
      I have no idea what they see in her straggly dog looking self.

  • ZammyB

    I don’t get WHY James is with Kristen. He’s actually got talent. I wish they added a new better looking girl that he could date. But someone COMPLETELY different from Ariana. I want to poke her to see if she will react and stop being soooo BLAH.

  • DLister

    Fake Wedding(TM) by Bravo.

  • Brattus Rattus

    I was glad to see the wedding happen. I like them as a couple. I was really happy to see Stassy green with envy. Can’t stand her. Kristen is just crazy (like needs to be on meds or put away kinda cra cra) and I think that James is going to get off easy if all he gets is a punch in the face. He’s been putting up with her shit for way too long. He’s on the show now, he’s in! Now he can just be one of the gang. Katie..When women that want to get married put up with not getting a ring for yearssssss, it’s a great chance they never will. I don’t think Schwartz thinks she’s the one. And the majority of these men are all puzzies btw. And Jax… HE’S A HOE! No one woman will be able to keep him happy. (a man…maybe. But I digress.) I love Tom and Ariana. I just think Tom has lied to her about the past and it’s going to come back to bite him.

    • miracles3337

      I agree with you if Tom hasn’t proposed, this may not be the guy. The ring on a string was an insult, especially at a wedding, where single women fantasize about their wedding day. I thought Lisa gave Katie great advice, and always does.

  • She Stinks!

    I think Schwartz was watching a sex and the city marathon. Aidan got Carrie a ring and she put it on a chain so it would be closer to her heart. Bottom line, she didn’t want to marry Aiden. This seems really staged to me. Sandoval’s robot dance was crazy. Having your guests cleaning up the next day? So tacky.

  • miracles3337

    This wedding will be remembered. Wonder if Brandi watched this episode with a voodoo doll of Scheana? Ha ha
    Punching James was a bit overboard, the 1st slap grabbed his attention. I always thought this James and Kristen thing was just to hurt Tom, and it isn’t going to work. Just the Miami girl thing didn’t work either, and she lost her job. Can you say, backfire? Lol

  • Janice Provetti

    The fact that the bride wore a crop top wedding gown says just about everything you need to know about her. She doesn’t even need to open her mouth anymore.