Hot Tea Alert: Did Nene Leakes Get A #RHOA Producer Fired?

Posted on Feb 15 2015 - 3:07pm by Wendy Owen

Nene Leakes RHOA

Rumors are spreading regarding an interview Nene Leakes did with Ryan Cameron on his popular Atlanta Morning Show. During the interview, NeNe let it slip that she may have had a hand in getting a “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Executive Producer FIRED!

While discussing her RHOA castmate’s propensity towards goading her, NeNe remarks:

“I definitely think there’s a lot of cast members who create story lines. There’s cast members who feel like they need to amp it up. There’s cast members who feel they got to speak up and change and do this and do that. I’ve never needed to do anything but be me. And I’ve just remained me throughout every season, and that’s why I’ve been able to just be on the show. I’ve outlived people and I’ve even outlived Executive Producers. [Emphasis added.] Shade, honey, catch it!”

The full “The Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith” interview can be heard here:

According to the IMDB website, there are two Executive Producers who have not returned for the 2015 season: Matt Anderson and Marcia Mulé. Both had been with the show since 2009.

Back on November 25, 2014, NeNe did an interview with the New York City NBC-TV affiliate’s website reporter Dave Quinn, on her Broadway debut in “Cinderella,” and mentioned the producers in general in a negative light.

Working on “Housewives” can be very negative at times. I think that’s the way (the producers) position the show. [Emphasis added.] I’m the original — I’m the center of the show. Every season they want someone to come for me. [Emphasis added.] It’s tough. Broadway is more about the work and the art. It’s being creative. And every one wants to go out there and deliver and put on a good show. It’s very positive.”
“It is hard, I’m telling you. I promise it will take everything in your body to do that [RHOA]. The show has definitely damaged me to the point where I don’t want to make friends with new people. People who I open up, later on they turn on me once they get a raise on the show. [Emphasis added.] I always think to myself, “God, these people will work for a $1.50 to do ANYTHING.” I just can’t do it.”

The rumor mill has it that the reason NeNe outlived an Executive Producer is that one of them was involved in helping to stage the attacks on NeNe, which she didn’t appreciate to the point of complaining that she might leave the show if the Executive Producer stayed on. There is no independent verification of such an incident taking place, nor any reports of a producer being fired from the show.

Many sites have been quoting an In Touch Weekly magazine interview where NeNe allegedly says, “I feel like girls are purposefully hired to gang up on me – doing exactly what they’re told, like robots. The show has opened up so many doors for me, but it has a negative side.” In Touch has yet to post the interview online.


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  • She Stinks!

    Nene doesn’t have that kind of power. Whoever left probably got sick of her attitude and quit.

  • not you

    Someone, please, take the trash out. It really stinks like shitake mushrooms.

    She has got to go

  • Babson_Chick

    and she’s the nicest person in the world or so she thinks – not impressed – bye gurl!!!!

  • Chloe

    I used to love her when the show first started but she changed on me…too much of a bully /controller. ..nasty attitude.

    • TGIP>>Now That’s Mister Darcy

      What is it that you said to me…I can make my point by not putting posters down….

      I happen to agree with you on Nene and her arrogance plus her incredibly egotistically narcissistic attitude. She’s so full of herself that with her head the size that it is, it’s amazing that she can get through absolutely any door without brushing the door frame with her ears.

      How did that work for you?

      • Chloe

        How did what work for me?

        • TGIP>>Now That’s Mister Darcy

          I said that because for some reason you had a desire to spank me for making a rather innocuous comment that, according to you, was rather disparaging of another poster.

          So since you were parenting me, I was seeing if you recognized that your previous comment to me had an impact. I mean that your parental reaction to me made the child/me toe your line.

          Or don’t you remember making a comment like that recently to someone/me.

          • Chloe

            Get some help and learn to let things go. I’ve flagged your comment and if you continue to respond to me in this antagonizing manner I will report you to the moderator. I will never respond to you again so need to respond and turn this thread into some long blathering rant.

          • TGIP>>Now That’s Mister Darcy

            I have a right to respond to you any time I choose. And you deserved to have YOUR judgmental attitude exposed to YOU.
            I don’t give a rats whether you reply to me or not.
            That you made such a disparaging judgment of me is really rude and indicative of your overly disrespectful nature. I wouldn’t doubt that you have been called out before for your unwanted and unnecessary judgmental comments, probably from your family members.
            In case you don’t know this, I’ve been commenting on this website since it’s inception.
            Have a lovely day.

    • anonymousfckr

      I was taken aback when I saw your comment, thinking my account was stolen lol 🙂

  • Lucy94

    Oh, Nene, put that big old ET finger down! Only in your deluded mind do you think you have that power. What storyline does this gross woman have? Teaching her kid to drive? And if I have to hear one more time about her 3 minutes on Braway, I’m going to rip out my eardrums!

  • cait

    This woman is NE-NUSIONAL ! “I’ve remained me” Well you’ve just admitted that you’ve always been a dumb ass, nasty, mouthy bully !

  • italiano bambino

    MOOSELUSIONAL thinks she’s the star of the show the original.. yes you might be the original left of the show but still an asshole

  • TartLemon

    I happen to like NeNe and agree that new cast members need to dial it back on the attacks towards her which are obviously scripted and planned. Snappy, sardonic comebacks are great, but NOT attacking someone as soon as they sit down in a restaurant on a planned trip away.

    • nn

      I generally agree…but in Puerto Rico, she fired the opening shot at Claudia with her “ask Ricky Smiley” comment. It was ill fitting in the conversation and set everything off in an ugly direction.

      • Meadow

        Thank you. She’s always starting drama then claiming people are trying to take her down. Delusional. She started in PR, she started at Kandi’s party, she started at her pajama party. This one is too much.

    • Norrth

      That’s the real problem, IMO, she starts it, and when someone finally takes her down, as Claudia has, suddenly she’s a victim.

      • Jersey

        ITA Norrth. She hasn’t had someone stand up to her that way. I’ve never seen Nene speechless in an argument before. She had NO comebacks and I believe that was a first for her on this show.

    • GinaXOXO

      I’m not a fan at all. But, I think you’re right. And, I think NeNe is telling the truth about this. She is quitting for sure after this season, right.

  • Babyruth3944

    When is Ne Ne getting fired? That’s what I wanna hear about! Enough of her. She thinks she is all that. And really not even close.

  • Norrth

    I think she is despicable. She has done her fair share of attacking others, in public forums, no less. When she is finally gone from the show, I will not miss her less-than-special brand of arrogance.

  • Babson_Chick

    saw a little of WWHL last night with “her” on – had to turn it

  • GinaXOXO

    I believe her. I don’t doubt for a second that producers hire people to get a reaction from the cast. That doesn’t change my impression of NeNe but I believe her on this. Also, I can image that RH would make a person cynical of friendships–I am sure NeNe has had a hand in doing that for the cast and non-cast friendships as well. And, lastly, if she could get a gig that has a more positive atmosphere I think she should sign the dotted line and get off RHOA.

  • classycns

    If true, they call still find work on other shows. RHOA will probably hire them back after Nene is gone.

    • Sno White

      Nene is not leaving the show!

  • colleen

    Did NeNe just compare #RHOA to Broadway???