#MobWives Recap: “Forgive and Fuggedaboutit” [Episode 9]

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Mob Wives

We open to Renee celebrating her one year anniversary for “Mob Candy” with a photo shoot. Her look is very reminiscent of Big Ang’s shoot for “Lady Boss”.  Renee has decided to have a party to celebrate the company with its new jewelry line AND how far she’s come. Drita and Lee are giddy  over Gizelle scoring her first goal in soccer, which tickles Drita to no end because she loves soccer and nearly went pro, she tells us. Lee paid her $100.00. Hell, I would play soccer for $100.00 a goal. They realize that they’ve never been anywhere together, as a family – Lee has been away most of their lives.  He is finally free to travel since he is off parole, and they decide to take a family vacation. It’s the one time I expect to see people gather and have a good time without a fight breaking out – assuming VH1 cameras are invited to tag along.

Mob Wives

Ang stops at NatalieG’s and runs to “rat out” NatD. When did Big Ang become so petty? At some point in the conversation, they high-five NatG for not losing a boob in the fight with Karen; boobs intact, dignity gone. NatG swears she doesn’t know NatD, she swears on her son’s life that she would never say anything about the two women. Ang eats it up and wants NatG to sit with Drita. NatG can’t understand why Drita, who is her friend, doesn’t believe her, and tells Ang that NatD is a complete stranger to Drita, too, she can’t understand why she believes her. Uh… just want to point out that Karen and Renee have been making the SAME point about NatG, to Ang and Drita… just sayin.’

Mob Wives

Karen, still in AZ, meets with her attorneys. She learns that since medical marijuana violates federal standards,  with a minimal 250K investment, she can still be shut down by the feds. Pffft, worry about a felony conviction? Apparently she’s in good company since the industry, according to the attorney, is full of people who were once criminals… they laugh. It’s kinda creepy. As for Karen, as long as one of her felonies is not an excluded felony, she would go into a lottery and hope to be drawn from it. She “jokes” about there being no one she could bribe, like in the old days.

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Ang and AJ are shopping for their Thanksgiving dinner. Ang wants to host a “Friends Thanksgiving Dinner” to celebrate the holiday and the move into the new house.  She reports that being a dad has changed her son and he’s done with the criminal past. Ang thinks that Karen won’t come to dinner but hopes that Renee and NatG will make up.

Mob Wives

Meanwhile, NatG is visiting Drita and soon begin  discussing NatD’s bombshell. Drita starts raging and wants to know why NatD would say those things if they weren’t true, what does she have to gain? NatG looks like she has just wet herself and begins crying. She feels bad about always having to prove who she is, stating that she’s a damned good friend. The tears work. Drita begins to feel bad for her – I am still suspicious. NatG claims it’s about Karen and Renee wanting her head on a stick and that they’re jealous they can’t find her kryptonite. Drita claims that she was in a worse position than NatG, with the two of them, over Lee… really? Tortured victim? No.

Mob Wives

In AZ we learn that Karen has completed her business, but is upset that Karena has not been able to see her father, Dave. He came home from prison and started a new family without her. Karen’s brother reminds her that he also came home from prison and had to learn to be a dad. He hopes Dave shapes up before Sammy comes home because Karena is his heart. Karen breaks down because she took Karena to see her dad every week, in prison, to keep their relationship going but it backfired because he walked away.  Gerard, her brother, reminds her that Karena will never want for love and then hugs Karen. She tells him she’ll be ok, that he doesn’t have to “get all affectionate.” She’s wiping her tears, her sister-in-law is wiping hers, and Gerard is smiling. It’s a great moment.

In NYC, Drita is helping Aleeya and Gizelle get ready for their trip. Gizelle is a laugh riot and is  excited. Aleeya wants to know if her father will be ok on the plane.  Drita, of course, mentions what prison was like for him and she’s not sure.  Aleeya looks annoyed by the answer. The comment won’t make the school yearbook, but you just know some smartass kid in school is talking about it.

It’s the night of the Mob Candy party.  Renee jokes that she couldn’t make it with her husband but she made it with her homies!  She begins giving out awards.  Drita wins biggest bitch, an award she begged Renee to give her.  Proving she actually won it fair and square, Drita tells a HAPPY Renee that she thinks it is time to sit down and makes up with NatGRenee says she’ll talk to her, if Karen is ok with it.  Karen is very mature and says that Renee is a grown woman and can make her own choices – she doesn’t doubt Renee and is not worried about being betrayed by her.  As the women are sitting down, talking, the door opens and mouths drop. It’s CARLA! Go ahead, girl!  She looks stunning.

Mob Wives

I think both Drita and Ang saw what must have felt like their next season’s replacement if they keep pushing NatG in Renee’s face. Surprisingly, Renee and Karen have made up with CarlaDrita  suddenly leaves to grab her coat and says she has to go put her kids to bed for school… WHAT???  From Carla we find out that 1 – Drita snubbed Carla by pretending not to see her in the mall just a couple of weeks before and 2 – Big Ang warned Carla TWO YEARS AGO that Drita was not really her friend. Ang admits it and repeats what she said! In a TH, Drita says that talking to Carla was talking to a moth ball in her closet, and begins mimicking an awkwardly silent Carla.

Mob Wives

At Ang’s Friendsgiving Dinner, Drita is convinced that Renee and Carla “humping each other’s leg” means there is hope for Renee and NatG, as if Renee didn’t have decades of friendship with Carla to build on. Renee wants to speak privately with NatalieRenee wants NatG to apologize for the twitter attacks calling Renee a cokehead, among other things. NatG still claims to have a love for Renee, and admits that she crossed a line, apologizing. Renee openly says that she thinks that NatG has finally accepted responsibly. Renee pushes it and brings up Karen, who she calls her family. NatG refuses to apologize to Karen under any circumstances. They agree to respect each other, but Renee wants it understood that she is loyal to Karen. 

Mob Wives

The dinner starts. The good times will be short lived when NatD is back next week and realizes that Drita “flip flopped” about NatG. All I can say is “ruh” and “roh,” Scooby. Take cover!


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  • September24

    Carla looks fantastic! Sad that she and Drita are no longer friends. I liked them together.

    • Bad Barbie

      Drita says on her twitter that carla is faking this and waited to be in front of the cameras. That she sees her every other day and they speak. Why she found it odd that she was at the party and never told her…. and now wants to start drama because she wants back on the show. Season wrapped.

  • She Stinks!

    Renee looked like she was ready for a drag show during the Mob Candy photo shoot. As much as I love Big Ang, she is looking more and more cartoonish. The endless griping about both Natalies is getting boring. Hard to believe women in their 40s or higher really care what two
    20-something dopes from Philly are saying or doing? It makes good TV though.

    • Babson_Chick

      wasn’t sure if it was the makeup or what but Renee looked strange

  • Awesome recap Norrth. I’m growing tired of Rene’s dramatics. Karen is a G. Drita continues to prove she’s full of shit and a disloyal punk who flips flop. I like Big Ang again. I’m on the fence about Carla coming back.

  • twifan2

    Thank you Norrth for your awesome recap! 🙂
    IF Karen can get a legal license to sell marijuana…DANG! I’m going to try & get one too! 🙂

  • Babson_Chick

    If 3 words were omitted (bitches, ratbitch, f’ingratbitch) this show would last 15 mins.

  • Bad Barbie

    NatD just met these broads and she already has so much to say? Classic.
    How is she running her mouth about Drita and she doesn’t even know her and was really brought in by her? she is talking a bunch about NatG but she is no different.