Love & Hip Hop New York Recap: “Worlds Collide” [Episode 8]

Posted on Feb 10 2015 - 1:37pm by Wendy Owen


On last night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop New York,” Yandy just can’t believe that the moms got into a fight during the Lil’ Mendeecees sit down. So now, she tells us, she will have to get involved. How ’bout this? Since he’s going up the river anyway, give the kid back to his moms and be done with it?


Sin City — The Bronx is the name of a strip club — oh, correct that — “New York City’s largest upscale gentlemen’s club” according to their website — that Rich has trouble understanding how they got there. “Two hours ago, I was texting my boys trying to get them on the ball court, and we end up in a strip club. Go figure!” says Rich. “I’m in a good mood, seeing some faces I haven’t seen in awhile. We all busy as hell, but you gotta remember to take some time out for your friends,” Rich tell us. And, I might add, everyone needs to take time our for a bit of culture, too. A little mind expansion, so to speak. (BTW, touristas, if you’re looking for a good G.C., avoid this place like the plague. Check the google reviews before you go. You’re better off at the much friendlier Satin Dolls in Lodi, N.J.)


Rich tells Cisco and Mendeecees about Jhonni Blaze, and they interject, “The stripper?” and “From Houston?” Rich confirms it’s the same girl and told the boys how he “smashed that” a couple times and now he has to have a sit down with her to get some things straight before he makes her his girl. Mendeecees warns him about sit downs with persons of the female variety. Cisco tells his tale of woe — Diamond taking up with another man so quick after learning he’s having kids with his baby mama still and never told her. Mendeecees jumps in with more advice: Annoy Diamond by ignoring her. Than it’s Chink‘s turn. Still married and still complaining about Chrissy wanting kids. He tells the boys he “love her to death.” Well, there you go. I dare say Shakespeare couldn’t have put it better.


Amina and Peter are going to meet with his babies’ mama. How nice. They’re going to introduce the kids to their new half sister. Tara walks in like she’s walking onto death row. What fun this must be for her. She’s having none of this polite attitude an she’s playing it as cold as ice. Neither are the boys. They could care less about the baby and are only interested in the pizza.


Yandy sits down with Kim, Lil’ Mendeecees grandmother on his mother’s side in case you’re losing track like I am. Yandy‘s acting like there something adult going on; Kim just wants Yandy to give Mendeecees the dry cleaning bill for the suit his mama threw the drink on. Seems the suit was not washable – dry clean only, baby. That’s how Kim rolls. She’s also ready to roll right into court, calling Yandy‘s bluff. Everyone knows no judge is giving majority time to the jailbird.


At Made in Mexico restaurant in Inwood, NYC, where the ladies’ room mirror is perfectly lit for selfies, Cyn is checking it out to hold a party there for her suicide event, and asks Precious Paris to help her. Instead of checking it out, though, Paris goes on and on about how she’s getting no attention in the studio.

Erica, meanwhile, is meeting her friend Albee at the nail salon in Brooklyn, and he’s already getting his pedicure. Guess protocol at the salon is to just dig in and not wait for your friends. Or, he needs some serious work on those feet that takes longer than Erica‘s pedicure will take. They jump right in to discuss the Cyn situation. Why anyone’s pretending that they were ever a real couple in the first place is beyond me. No sooner do I type this, take the DVR off hold, and Cyn tells Albee she’s seeing Bow Wow, who’s real name is Shad Moss. She adament she was just talking to him while she was “with” Cyn. Yeah.


Chink and Chrissy meet up. He’s like Ghandi. He’s willing to wipe everything off the table if she’s willing to do that. Of course, the little fact that he’s still married ain’t coming off the table without a divorce decree, is it Chink? Then Chink reminds her that she could have had a baby with all of the men she knew before him so this pressure is really unfair. On the other hand, Chink must have trouble finding women who find him and his situation attractive, since he now tells Chrissy he’s willing to do whatever she wants but in his time frame. He tells her to write a contract and if he approves, he’ll honor it. Chrissy is all kinds of crazy happy. So is Chink ’cause this means he doesn’t have to go out looking for a new idiot to sleep with on the side.


Yandy just won’t let it go. Now she’s meeting with Judy to try to sort out why the drink was thrown because that seems so instrumental in the custody issue. Just pay the dang dry cleaning bill, Yandy. We know Mendeecees can’t afford it, so pay for him like usual. Then tell him to let the Samantha and her moms have the kid full time. Judy tells Yandy her loyalty is in the wrong place if she wants to marry her son. She gets up and walks away. Finally, someone with some sense.

Tasha flies up from Atlanta to speak to Cisco about reality, and he starts off by lying to her. He tells her he was never serious with Diamond and never saw a future with her. He also claims he wasn’t in L.A. when Tasha gave birth to their baby, and she just heard that wrong. Either way, he wasn’t in the hospital with her — that much she knows for sure. Tasha lays down the law. No more sex with Cisco.


Let me get through this next bit real quick: Chink meets with his cousin Black and tells him, “…it’s very. very unfamiliar for me to be serious with somebody else besides my wife…”  Enough said, right? I think we can all move on.

Yandy just won’t give up the air time. Now she’s meeting with both Kim and Judy about the drink-throwing business. I hope somebody is paying somebody for somebody’s man suit dry cleaning bill. Kim hands Judy the bill, and they hug it out.

Love & Hip Hop New York Recap LHHNY

Jhonni is sitting in a studio singing, which should be federal offense. Rich comes in to make sure she’s cool. Precious Paris shows up because Rich doesn’t spend any time with her. Rich told her he wasn’t working with anyone else. It gets into a three-way b.s. fight Paris and Jhonni ending up jumping each other while Rich just sits there. End of episode.


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  • Bad Barbie

    Kim and her cleaners bill. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Who knew Jhonni Blaze is that talented?! Why is she stripping and going from one bad thing to the other? Not long ago her fiancee was fatally shot right next to her and she was locked up and all. Go play one of those six instruments and warm up those pipes and not the poll, gurl!

    Erica Mena- such a set back, Latinas’ taking a loss there.

    Chrissy is like almost 50… her clock expired.

    Amina is such a fool.

  • Yolie

    Great recap, Wendy! These shows are exciting and uck’d up. Peter is straight up confused. Amina seems just as confused and lost as he is. Then Taras looks and talks like an intellectual woman but she’s shown to be weak minded. Like attracts like all day. I am not one to pass judgment because everyone has faults but daylum…at least some people learn from their past relationships and try not to make the same choices twice and more twice and even more twice until there’s no more numbers left.

  • Brattus Rattus

    This show is just a great big hot mess. I just can’t stop watching though. It’s like an episode of the old school Springer where they encouraged fighting. You know it’s bad to watch but you just watch anyway. LOL
    Great recap.