#MarriageBootCamp Reality Stars: Aviva Drescher’s Husband Throws Her Leg At Her!

Posted on Feb 6 2015 - 9:47am by Avigail


On tonight’s all-new episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” the drama escalates when Reid Drescher throws a prosthetic leg at his wife, Aviva Drescher and it doesn’t go over too well. Watch an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s Marriage Boot: Camp Reality Stars below.

In the video clip, Aviva and Reid participate in a roleplaying exercise where they have to play each other during an argument.

“Aviva, you didn’t need to throw your leg on national television,” Aviva says as Reid.

Reid really gets into the exercise and removes a fake leg and throws it down, saying “I’m sick of this s—, OK?” Holy cow!!


All the other reality star participants are SHOCKED! Even Heidi and Spencer Pratt are in disbelief at the behavior. All this goes down in the Shocktagon, a form of shock therapy to teach the couples how to communicate. The fallout extends to the bedroom when Aviva is hurt that Reid mockingly reenacted her throwing her prosthetic leg.

“You didn’t need to, like, make fun of me for doing a job…it was low. It wasn’t funny,” Aviva tells him after they exit the Shocktagon.

Also in this episode, an enraged Natalie Nunn confronts Heidi regarding Jacob Payne‘s shirtless pics, there’s an obstacle course with a twist and defiled lunches. Also, Heidi gets mad at Spencer after he repeatedly mocks her, but when he refuses to apologize.


The couples….

  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of The Hills
  • Aviva and Reid Drescher of The Real Housewives of New York
  • Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne of Bad Girls Club and Bridezillas
  • Tyson Apostol and Rachel Foulger of Survivor Blood vs. Water
  • Syleena Johnson and Kiwane Garris of R&B Divas

Read our recap tomorrow and tune in to “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” tonight on WE tv at 8|7c EST.


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  • Trippinhhard

    He should just take that leg and throw it at her, that’s what he wants to do…

    • RonnieIsBack

      You know he does….or smack her with it.

      • Trippinhhard

        She deserves that smack, Can anyone fanthom what this man goes thru on a daily basic???
        She’s a big time whiner

        • Susan Thorne Zavagli

          she is a nut job with all her phobias

          • Trippinhhard

            And the ones she makes up in her head. She’s clearly accustom to be the center of attention.

    • Dani-K

      I was so happen when we learned she was no longer a ny housewife. She comes off as righteous. Boring!

  • RonnieIsBack

    I ilove this show..but I cannot stand that cow Natalie…always showing her nasty azz all over the internet but mad when Jacob shows his fineness..
    Bish is cray cray and a legend in her own mind…
    Heidi is fake…I actually like Spencer
    I am really rooting for Selena and her hubby..they seem sincere.
    ADiva and Reid…robots…

  • I love this show. Also, I watched a new show on We last night called “Love Thy Sister.” OMG, that show is da bomb! Anyone else watch?

  • ChristianMotherofAte

    I can’t imagine anyone in the world of finance doing business with Reid at this point. He has just humiliated himself by letting Aviva go on RHONYC and letting himself be filmed to boot.

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    his problem or one of them is Aviva on reality tv and where is he but on another reality show airing all the dirty laundry…he is as bad as her …he is a fame seeker