Hot Tea Alert: Claudia Jordan Spills The Tea On Her Friendship With Kordell Stewart

Posted on Jan 30 2015 - 9:35am by BeachSpin

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Claudia Jordan has become the latest heroine of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” following her sound verbal spanking of resident big mouth Nene Leakes. She took to the road in an episode aired last week, with gal pals, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey, and she dishes on some behind the scenes thoughts on the fun road trip, in her Bravo blog.

“From the moment I linked up with the beauties, it was non-stop laughs! I felt like a college kid again hitting the road with the ladies .I will say this though — I thought we would never get there. I mean a 3 hour road trip ended up being closer to 5 hours! First we could not miss a Kenya Moore feeding, because anyone that is friends with her knows that Twirl turns into tornado if she does not get her food, LOL!” 

Claudia opens up about the friendship dynamic that has drawn her to these two women, and why she loves spending time with them.

“The fun girls. Women who are about their business but don’t take themselves way too seriously. That’s why every single scene you see with Kenya, Cynthia, Demetria, and me is consistently easy, breezy, and fun! Life is short; we should all be laughing and smiling as much as we possibly can! Don’t you think?”

Claudia gets to the subject that everyone wants to know about, namely what exactly the deal was with her time shared with Kordell Stewart, and if any sort of relationship was indeed kicked off that night. Claudia shares that she has known Kordell for many years, originally meeting him while working on a sports show. She also calls herself a “woman into sports,” and has always admired Kordell for all he has achieved as an elite athlete.

“Kordell was a black quarterback early on when it was a very tough position to get, because some idiots really thought that African Americans weren’t “smart enough” to QB a team. My sports folks will know this was a ridiculous theory that some tried to really perpetuate. With that said, I have the utmost respect for Kordell pushing right past that stereotype and reaching the heights he did as a great quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.” 

Did anything go on between them that night or has anything developed since then? Claudia shines the undramatic light of truth on that question by explaining,

“Hmm was Kordell flirting? I mean, barely. It was cute and harmless, and we were having drinks (I know, for me shocking, right? LOL!) and enjoying the successful grand opening of Sports One — that’s really all it wasWe exchanged info, chatted a few times, and became platonic friends. He never even really hit on me and was a complete gentleman. I’d see him here and there at events, and that was it. I saw him at a radio show, a party, etc. We just always had a mutual respect for one another. Nothing more, nothing less.”

She squelches the rumor mill, by addressing some social media backlash, accusing her of going after Porsha’s ex.

“NEWSFLASH: We are all someone’s ex! And it’s not like I was chopping it up with a married man or anything tacky like that. Kordell is a friend, and that is that. Besides, if you have been watching how I move on this show, I have tried to play nice with all the ladies on this show until they have shunned or disrespected me.”

Claudia Jordan has proven that she has what it takes to handle the toughest and most overbearing “Housewives,” and stay looking snazzy while she does it. That’s probably why her fan base is growing by leaps and bounds. Keep it up Claudia!


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  • Jane Doe

    Claudia is just as phony with her biracial woe is me storyline. Trust, I’m not team Nene, porsha, or even Phaedra. But everyone is tooting this women’s horn when she ill feelings towards dark skin people. She may have read Nene but she’s just as disgusting. She just knows how to hide it better like her good, manipulative friend, Kenya. Oh, I forgot she’s a victim to.

  • cait

    And we have the first Ne-hugger ! It was bound to happen as their “idol” in lock-up !

  • Jane Doe

    What? Most of the women on RHOA are fraudulent (Ask Phaedra). I certainly don’t ride for no NeNe. So you can cut the crap while you have a seat. Read my comment and then respond appropriately.

    • Dave

      Who are you replying to?

      • Jane Doe


  • TeeCeeWillow

    Maybe Claudia knows how to work a strap on? That would explain why the human thumb is so interested in her? Maybe she has a hot brother?

    • Dave


  • misstc

    Claudia is a breath of fresh air and class to the same ol, same ol ratchetedness that has become settled on RHOA. Now let’s get more gals like Claudia & get rid of hos like Nene & Dum-Dum Porsha! Phaedra can go too; tired of her eye rolling & funky faces.

  • She Stinks!

    As if Kordell has any interest in a woman! Stop the madness!

  • Mustang

    It can only be a matter of time before Claudia shows her shadiness. It is highly unlikely that Bravo would invite or allow any halo-wearing women into a RHO cast. I’m guessing she has been recruited to trade mess with Nene (we’re seeing it already aren’t we?), as it would appear that none of the other cast mates have the gut for it.