Kenya Moore Hangs With ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star

Posted on Jan 18 2015 - 12:55pm by BeachSpin


The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kenya Moore was out hobnobbing with celebrities last weekend when she attended The Golden Globes, followed by some star studded after parties. She was decked out in a curve hugging crimson gown, and took to social media to share the glamorous event with her followers. One of the photos pictured Kenya hanging out with a star from “Orange is the New Black,” Danielle Brooks, a.k.a Taystee. “My chocolate sister so happy for all her success,” Kenya shared on Instagram.

Kenya Moore tweets RHOA

The celebrity hunt didn’t stop there, and Moore tweeted that many A-Listers were so cool, and even gave a shout out to Taylor Swift for being “so sweet’. However, some celebrities weren’t so keen or receptive to Moore’s camera armed advances, and one A-List snub in particular got under Kenya’s skin. The “12 Years A Slave” Oscar winner, Lupita Nyongo was evidently in no mood to twirl with Kenya Moore“@Lupita_Nyongo refused 2 take pics After 2 movies #girlbye” she wrote, later elaborating a bit more about the interaction to a fan.

Kenya Moore tweets

Kenya and Lupita apparently have no previous history, apparently it’s just a case of a celebrity not being in the mood to pose with a reality star. If anyone out there encounters Kenya, try and get a pic! She is committed to humility and will say YES!


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  • I love me some Kenya, but there’s a strong possibility that Lupita didn’t even know who Kenya was. JS.

    • italiano bambino

      Or care to know jk 😛

      • Ok. Academy Award winning actress. Reality TV star. LOL

        • italiano bambino

          Hahaha good one

  • Yolie

    I think Kenya overreacted and thinks a little too highly of herself.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    I like Kenya but I sense narcissism on her part. No one is suppose to take a pic with her if they don’t want to

  • italiano bambino

    OT the fitness model who is coming on the new show of bravo friends to lovers die yesterday sad 🙁 Greg Plitt

    • RealitytvJunkie

      I read that, very sad. May he rest in peace.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Oh wow!!! Horrible.

    • OMG! What a tragedy.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Yass I love Orange is the New Black and Taystee is funny as hell.
    I heard that Kenya wasn’t mad at Lupita for not taking a photo with her, Lupita chose not to take it with a friend of hers who isn’t famous..she turned down a fan…
    If this is true then I am disappointed in Lupita…Hollywood will use you and toss you away for the next IT girl…

    • 2015IsMyYear

      That is exactly right, if she’ll turn down someone like that she’ll definitely turn down just any old Blow Joe in the street! She needs to humble herself because I think Hollywood will be over her quickly!

  • 2015IsMyYear

    Well you know what, I think Lupita should have taken the picture, how would that have hurt her brand?!! If anything it would have made the others on her show very jealous that she got a pic with Lupita, especially NeHe. LOL. At least the others took pictures with her which is good! I was watching the Light Girls documentary on OWN earlier today and I must say that that dude who works with Tyra Banks was right. Lupita will be one of those “gone with the wind” stars soon. Yes 2014 was her year, but that will probably be the biggest year in her career. I can’t see her career lasting too long, at least over here in the States.