MTV’s Jenelle Evans Wishes Death On Veteran Brother-In-Law & A Fight Breaks Out [VIDEO]

Posted on Jan 16 2015 - 2:04pm by Wendy Owen


Jenelle Evans, the oh so fertile mother of two — thus far — by two different men and star of “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom 2,” has told Nathan’s older brother, “I hope you would’ve died in combat because no one’s supposed to –” in a snippet of an argument recorded and uploaded on to YouTube.

She’s cut off by a male voice saying,

“Hold on, hold on, hold on,” in a Matthew McConnaughy “All right, all right, all right” kinda way, and then a shrill voice comes in and yells, “Don’t say that! Don’t say that! I’m straight up! Don’t say that! That’s some fucked up shit man.”

Then we hear Jenelle say,

“I hope you f*cking die!” Then Miss Shrill pipes in again with “Don’t say nothing about no combat and dying. That’s some f*cked up shit.”

Have to agree again – interrupting our enjoyment of this fight is messed up. The next voice we can make out is a man saying, “I hope you f*cking die!” There’s certainly a lot of hoping going on during this vacation in St. Thomas. Jenelle‘s next statement is, “I heard your best friend got killed in the war — guess what?” And that’s when all hell breaks loose as a man yells, “Hey” and that’s when at least two people get up and go in the same direction, presumably towards the one who’s hoping for death to pay a visit.

Miss Shrill seems to be our videographer since while she screeches, “You get your f*cking ass off bitch!” the picture goes all crazy. Could the alleged videographer be none other than Candy Hennessey who also posted on Instagram her thoughts about who paid for what during this blissful vacation on St. Thomas? Seems Ms. Hennessey had a pretty horrible time of it. Here’s what she posted — typos and all — then later deleted, as candy3pat on Instagram:

“This trip has been awful. Worst trip of my life…jenelle and nathan have fought the whole time on a level to which ive never seen before in  my life… they have got in to fights with all of us over them being rude and stupid. Jenelle kicked nathans brother and all of use out of the hotel because she came in yelling at paula for no reason. If people only knew what us four have been through because of them no one would be saying its because of me paula [Nathan’s sister-in-law?] noah [Nathan’s brother?] or patrick [Hennessey?]… its hell here with them.”

She also posted the following:

“Mtv paid for our dinner and we said we woukd pay for it but nathan kept saying he would pay for it. .. which hes the one who picked out the most expensive restaurant here. So I said hey thank you Nathan. And when we got to tye taxi he said hey since i paid for dinner how about everyone suck my dick… wtf…he didnt even pay for it because we talked to mtv and she said they paid for us. Wait until i get home. I know so much shit im pissed. We dont even know noah and puala and we love them now. If i only had tmx number… jenelle and nathan made this trip hell. We babysit everday and had them through up money and talk about everyone like a dog…”

Watch the video below:


Jenelle is laying low on Twitter with vague answers and vague threats like this:

Jenelle Evans tweet MTV

Well, we’ll just have to keep our ears open on this to see if more pops up, or if MTV and 11th Street Productions put a restraining order on all parties involved to save it for the air date!


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  • Yolie

    Janelle is crazy and probably off her bipolar meds.

  • Gabby

    Why do men date this lunatic? It would have to be for the MTV Cameras because with her track record, nobody should want anything to do with her. She is NOT bipolar either like she said in the past. She’s a psycho.

    • Juliana

      A psycho is not so much a mental disorder as it is a personality disorder where you lack the emotion’s and skill’s that normal people have. BiPolar is a mental illness that’s treatable. To me she has a borderline personality disorder with other mental issues at the same time. Borderlines aren’t treatable either like a psycho, it’s behavior modification and Jenelle will never change her behavior.

  • Ravello

    I pray she never gets custody of Jake.

  • She Stinks!

    I don’t watch this show, but hear about this trash all the time – Jennelle and that awful horse faced porno loving Farrah Abraham!

  • BeachSpin

    Janelle needs to stay MEDICATED. This is a girl who thought a pregnancy could be an abortion that she JUST HAD that didn’t stick. SICK COOKIE.

    • Juliana

      Your not kidding beach – that didn’t even phase her when she was telling that story. It was like yea I ain’t gonna date anyone for a long time, and 5 minutes later she’s hooking up with her perfect idiot #???. Yea I don’t know if I’m pregnant by the ex or by you since I had that abortion between being with both of ya, yea like let me figure this out.

  • doggiedaddy

    Trash, all of them.

  • DLister

    Uh, there’s some real class there.

  • misstc

    Why in the hell do they broadcast losers like this? This is pure trash that should be completely ignored by any decent human being, giving them no traction & forgotten by any decent society.

  • cait

    Is this cretin for real ? Decrying your troops in battle, and wishing them dead ? Despicable and should be dumped by everyone !

  • Vogel Bek Dier

    heeeeeey webmaster. just wanted to say that I WAS enjoying your site until you all decided to code it like a bunch of ass hats. not allowing me to right click and open up pages in new tabs is just assinine. you make navigating the page annoying so I will happily not be perusing your site anymore and instead I will make sure to patronize people who knock off your gossip and site but have better browsing capabilities!

    hooray for your greed and lack of intelligence!

    • Juliana

      You’re so smart for pointing out something that has nothing to do with anything. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya! bye-bye

  • Juliana

    There is such a level of disturbance with those words from a girl who has spent all the money she’s made by being a wh*ore on tv and hasn’t spent a day in any war zone. She is an embarrassment to the Country she lives in with those words.