Friday Funny: Watch Amy Phillips’ Amazing Lisa Rinna Impersonation [VIDEO]

Posted on Jan 16 2015 - 11:42am by Avigail


No Bravoleb is safe from Amy Phillips. 

Comedian Amy Phillips has delivered a special treat for us today: a hilarious YouTube video where she impersonating one of the newest Housewives, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Lisa Rinna

In the video, Amy and a massive pair of drawn-on lips take on the  star’s notorious hustle and her never-changing style. “I’m Lisa Rinna and I’ll do anything for a dollar,” Amy says as Lisa, “except change my hair. It’s worked for me for 25 years.” Watch the video below:


Lisa Rinna responded on Twitter and she’s a fan, “Super funny!” she tweeted. “I’m honored!”


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  • Sunny

    This really is funny! The only critique is that Amy didn’t draw her lips on quite big enough! JUST KIDDING! (let’s do the hustle 🙂

    • Birdie

      I wish she had done the voice exercises!

      • Brattus Rattus


  • Brattus Rattus

    When I saw the picture I thought it was Big Ang…. LOL

  • Birdie

    This is HILARIOUS and spot on…it makes me like Lisa Rinna even more. Love that someone finally doesn’t take themselves too seriously!

  • coinkydinkywinky

    I think this was a rare miss for Amy Phillips. She usually gets the look and the mannerisms way better than this impression. She should at least have taken a razor to the wig and done the signature soccer mom on the red carpet hair that Lisa has made her signature hairstyle. Honestly, I think Lisa would be better off with a different hairstyle, but people get into their grooves. Lord knows I have had the same haircut for years so who am I to talk?

  • September24

    OMG! Spot on! Love it!