Blind Item: Housewife Desperate For Fame

Posted on Jan 16 2015 - 11:06am by Dani-K

Blind Item

*All About the Tea Exclusive*

Happy Friday AATT’ers!

After being demoted, this muy caliente reality housewife became so desperate for fame that she begged her way on to a popular dating show. Miss Sunshine worked hard to promote the episode… until she was told that her footage was too boring and might not be aired. Ouch! That had to have hurt!

She is so eager for a comeback that she has been contacting and trying to hang out with any past or present Bravo personality from any city. We wish this housewife would stop burying her head in the sand and face reality that her career is washed up.

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  • italiano bambino

    RHOM marisol patton

    • Birdie

      She is a HUGE snooze…I can’t imagine watching her on any feature piece such as M Matchmaker. Get the hook.

      • italiano bambino

        i remember the MMM trailer and remember seen her in it. and well all the description fits her.

    • SDC

      Makes sense, she loves to be seen with other celebrities, when she was demoted on RHOM she went ballistic on Lea to get more camera time and as mentioned below she was on MMM.

      • italiano bambino

        Yeah you said it… she was boring for the wives

  • rasta

    Must be Ramona.

    • Birdie

      It can’t be her…she is NEVER boring…painful sometimes, but unless the single life has changed her, I can’t imagine her being snoozy.

  • rasta

    I know that Sonya Morgan was shown on Millionaire, and yes…she was quite boring.

  • Mommyof4qtpies

    Jill Zarin!!!

  • Yolie

    The clues are “muy calinete,” “Miss Sunshine,” “Head buried in sand”……this must be RHOM. My guess is Marisol.

    • Babson_Chick

      Agree!! “muy calinete” no bueno

    • She Stinks!

      Not Joanna Krupa? Hmm..tough one….

      • Wrenniethepooh

        Isn’t she married though? So I’m not sure who she would be on the show with…but I doubt it would be for herself…or maybe I’m wrong lol I didn’t really follow Miami..They were all boring to me.

  • RonnieIsBack

    I was going to say either Jill or Sonja but they aired their segments.
    That that would leave one of the Miami peeps…KarenTEETH..

    • Addie2U

      Same here. I also thought Jill or Sonya & the article says “she was told her footage was too boring & might not be aired” but maybe it was aired anyway!? I could never get interested in RH of Miami but I think the clues lead to 1 of them.

  • Wendy Owen

    I’m betting the long shot with Horsey Joyce Giraud.

  • coinkydinkywinky

    Muy Caliente makes me think it’s a Miami housewife, also the quotation marks around housewife. The only single Miami housewife I can think of is Marysol Patton, who I would love to hang out with in real life, probably wouldn’t make compelling television.

  • Wendy Owen

    Can somebody tell me how Marisol ends up on Millionaire Matchmaker. Who’s the millionaire? Are they trying to find one for her?

  • TartLemon

    Marisol or Karent from Miami

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    Karent definitely seemed the most fame hungry of the Miami HWs to me. She would turn up at the opening of an envelope.

  • murlut

    Marisol or Karent. Both useless

    • aemish


  • RealitytvJunkie


  • She Stinks!

    Miami, That Joanna Krupa. She’s always trying to get press.

  • MorningYawn

    Jill zarin. Saw her on a clip for millionaire marcaker with allie

  • BaybeK8s

    I’ll take Marisol for a 1000, AATT.

  • LymeDisease_Fighter

    Joyce g.

  • DLister

    Housewife desperate for fame — ALL OF THEM.

  • Kate Kack


  • misstc

    One of the Miami Housewives-Marisol or the tall blonde w/ the magazine

  • Jill B

    Marisol and she was on Millionaire Matchmaker, RHOM

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  • GetReal2014

    Boring, demoted, and didn’t air. I’ll take Porsha Williams for the win.

  • Betty Opps