Jim Marchese Speaks: Says ‘RHONJ’ Will Carry On Without Teresa Giudice

Posted on Jan 15 2015 - 5:02pm by BeachSpin

Jim Marchese RHONJ

The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is in transition, and rumors have been flying around, speculating exactly how this franchise will proceed with one of their resident ‘Housewife’ divas behind bars. Teresa Giudice won’t see freedom or the Bravo cameras for at least a year, while she creates her own new reality, behind the walls of a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut. WHERE will this franchise land without it’s resident table flipper?  My favorite Jersey dreamboat, and “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Jim Marchese weighed in to Fox 411, calling reports of the show’s demise, “fiction.”

“From what I understand, it takes a three or four month break after filming. The time frames I would start to expect shooting wouldn’t be for a month or two, and from the storylines — people’s lives — there’s so much that can still go on.”

While the ‘Giudices Goin’ to Prison’ story line was certainly the intended backbone of the drama last season, many would argue that until Marchese turned up the heat, the season was a bit if a snooze.  Jim, as well as any other honest viewer can attest to the fact that all  ‘Housewives’ franchise success depends on the ensemble cast and their chemistry, not any single persona.  Marchese sums it up by commenting,

“It’s not about just one character. It’s all the characters. There was one episode that drew a lot of attention and she (Teresa) wasn’t even there,” he said. “The show does well because of the dynamics of the group and the interaction of the group. I believe the show can go on without Teresa.” 

Hmmmm….I wonder what episode he’s talking about? Many would argue that the show could flourish without Teresa, and would welcome a felon-free hour in Jersey with open arms.  What do you think?  Would you watch the show on your comfy sofa, knowing that the show’s once glamorous star is lounging on a metal bunk?

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  • WestCoastFeed

    Dream boat??? Oh, Beach Spin, get you eyes checked ASAP!!

    • twifan2

      More like Capt. Kangaroo on the ship of fools! 😀

      • WestCoastFeed

        The guy is such a weasel. And just can’t seem to restrain himself from being utterly obnoxious. I happen to agree with him about Teresa being completely replaceable. But not with the likes of Jim.

        • twifan2

          Danielle &/or Kim G would be far better replacement(s)! imo. 🙂

          • Atomicbetty1000

            Definitely Kim G. She’s crazy. Put her on with Caroline Manzo! Caroline could spend all of her time trying not to interact with Kim G. Too funny!

    • MorningYawn

      I sensed some sarcasm there, lol! (I hope I did!)

      • WestCoastFeed

        If so, she has done a 180. She is known in the social media as Jim’s personal blogger.

  • She Stinks!

    He’s right. Of course it could go on. It’s just a TV show. People leave TV shows all the time and continue on. No news here. I’d love it if all the Gorgas Giudices Lauritas and Wakiles all got the axe, I’m bored by their silly antics and predictable behavior.

  • TartLemon

    I never got that Teresa was irreplaceable or unique. She was what she was made. Someone else could easily be molded into a main character of the show.

    • MorningYawn

      Someone more like able…. Oh, and honest!

    • September24

      When???!!!! haha! No-one in the cast can carry the show. I was amazed to see how Shannon RHOC took over in her freshman season! But no-one has done that on RHONJ.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Jim made a complete ass of himself last night on twitter attacking Teresa fans and hashtagging them #!Q 12. And insulting them in other terms, as well. I thought he had learned to hold his temper on twitter. but I was wrong. Andy warned him at the reunion to learn self-control on social media.

    • This man lives on Twitter! For a man who claims to work with prosecutors and the DA’s office he sure does have a lot of free time on his hands. Geez.

      • WestCoastFeed

        He even takes the time to read not just what the bloggers say, but also all the comments on the blog. He tweeted about the negative remarks made about him on one of the AAtT blogs yesterday.

        • LOL. What a sap. He tweeted me once after I said I didn’t like him or something along those lines. Can’t really remember.

          Jimbo: If you read this: get a life douche! My twitter name is in my info. LOL.

          • twifan2

            DITTOS! 🙂

        • twifan2

          DANG! Who has that much time for that?! & WHY!? :/

    • I would think him reading the blog is a good thing. I find Jim funny.

      • Rochelle Barozzi

        Me too. They can attack him but he can’t reply??? Screw that. He makes me laugh.

  • TartLemon

    I wanna hear from Kim G

    • Atomicbetty1000

      That would be crazy funny!

    • Rochelle Barozzi

      OMG that would be awesome! LOLOL

  • italiano bambino

    Aint that some truth banshee can be replace any time. What be her srotyline? Oh she got out of prison? WOW NOT!!

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    Of course the show can go on without Teresa. I would hate to think Bravo felt RHONj hinged on her at this point. I don’t think it can go on with the Twins and Bobby though. Bobby has revealed too much about how phoney they all are. It needs to go back to the Laurita/Manzo family days IMO.

  • Birdie

    LMAO…Jim saved a dying, BORING show. Kick Tre’s butt outta there…no one will notice she’s gone after the first few weeks.

  • SDC

    I long for the day I can watch a full season of RHONJ without Teresa Giudice, and quite frankly, without Teresa Aprea as well. That bitch is stuck up and arrogant.

  • Marsbars09

    I think Bravo places too much emphasis on Tre. I think that’s what brought the series to it’s knees. Instead of looking for more wives during seasons 3 and 4 they focused on Tre’s family drama. That is not what the original concept of the franchise was.
    I think the Real Housewives franchise has run its course. I don’t think Jersey will ever rise again regardless whether Tre returns or not.

    • Anne Green

      I totally agree with you Mars. The drama, the violent behavior and hatred toward one another on the show is exactly why I stopped watching.

      • fred

        that is why I started watching

    • Exactly!

    • I1ST5XS

      But, it would be so great for the show to thrive and gain more viewers without Teresa. I will give it a shot without Teresa. If she returns, I will not watch.

  • I agree with Jim, Teresa does not make or break the show. It will go on just fine without her.

    • Marsbars09

      I think so too.
      Hi Doc!

    • Sunny

      I agree also, and I WANT it too. I want NJ to do even better without Teresa.

  • September24

    First they glue themselves to Tre for tv time but now its oh no it’s not the Tre Show. hahahaha!

  • DLister

    It’s still all a roiling cesspool of egos, gossip and histrionics.

  • Brattus Rattus

    I dunno. Unless they do a MAJOR overhaul of the cast and keep Caroline away, the show (for me) is over. All Jac does is cry and talk about Autism and I don’t want to see that on this show. Dina is boring. I HATE those twins. They annoy the crap out of me. Maybe it’s their voices or maybe it’s just them? Can’t quite call it but I don’t like them at all. I do like Amber but Jim is not a Housewife so his part should be minimal and he seems to want it to be more about him and ummmm NO. Kathy was boring but her husband was the WORST. I love Rosie. Rosie and Joe together were hysterical.
    Then there is Joey and Melissa. Can’t stand her. I think he would be ok without her. That first season she was on she showed every evil disgusting bone she had in her body.
    If these people are going to be the cast, I don’t see it personally. I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again but I won’t tune in if the Manzo’s return, the twins, and Jac are on though. Just boring as all get out.

    • Rochelle Barozzi

      I am right there with ya.

  • Fritz the. At

    If teresa is so damn loveable, why did this season see a rating fall? I think it’s because honest fans of this clown show found watching a reality show based on lies disagreeable. Many people detest the fact that this criminal is getting paid after admitting her misdeeds and also detest the fact that she continues to lie, continues to blame everyone, continues to act like she has money and continues to insult all hardworking taxpayers who pay their bills. I am in the minority here but I don’t see a future for teresa on television. She may be a curiously when she gets out but her inability to take responsibility is a turn off for many. If she was so popular, ratings would have been through the roof this season.
    The show has run its course. The stories are staged, no one is rich and there is no likeability for any of these talentless famewhores. Teresa will be yesterday’s news in a year. She is no Martha Stewart.

    • italiano bambino


      • Fritz the. At

        Thanks handsome,

        Formerly rocky road

    • Brattus Rattus

      Part of it might be the jail factor but the rest of the cast was just jacked up. I mean, it was a horrible season all the way around really. Joey shaved his head so we couldn’t see that black mess get all over everyone. LOL The new people weren’t all that great.
      But look at all the interest that is STILL following Teresa. All the gossip sites still post daily stories about her. and they are highly commented on. She still has a following – good or bad. it’s like when you see an accident on the side of the road. You know you shouldn’t but you slow down to look. People are going to slow down to look at her and her family.

  • rasta

    I think show would be boring without Tre or at least her kidz and Joe. Bravo anticipated her sentence and hired replacements named Joe and Teresa. No duplication though guy sounds JUST LIKE JOE. And that Jim guy is toilet paper. When Tre gets out Bravo expects she will have a different outlook on life, new parenting skills and a whole new prison vocabulary. They’re taking a chance and likely paying big bucks for the wait. Hey, I say GET PAID Tre. This is probably the ONLY job you’ll ever have after this show. Changed or not. Your reputation precedes you thanks to this show.

  • cait

    This BS from Marcsleazy, who cheated cancer patients, even though his own wife had breast cancer ! Then the Feds gave him around $2m to reward his evil deeds !

  • misstc

    I think the show can do well w/o the Fraudices. Dump the twins, (they have no class) and get some fresh new blood. No Jackie, Dina either.