Watch What Happens Live: Claudia Jordan Says NeNe Leakes “Half Breed” Comment Was Offensive

Posted on Jan 12 2015 - 11:22am by Nancy

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Claudia Jordan appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” last night, following the explosive showdown on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with NeNe Leakes. She was joined by “Today” show co-host Willie Geist.

Claudia was incredibly outspoken and dished on everything from NeNe’s racial slur, referring to her as “half breed” to NeNe’s crude comment about her genitalia. Claudia told Andy Cohen why NeNe’s “half-breed” comment was the most offensive thing she said during their fight in Puerto Rico.


Claudia spilled some tea about her first time meeting NeNe, when a caller inquired if NeNe was nasty when she met her in the past. Claudia responded:

“NeNe reached out to me on Twitter,” Claudia explains. “She’s been following me for about five years. She wanted me to replace her on a hosting gig with Charles Grant. There were some sort of rumors about those two? She wanted to back out. So I went down there and we met, we took pictures, we hung out, I’ve interviewed her on the red carpet. We’re not friends. I’m not trying to be her friend, but I wasn’t a stranger. She was cool until Kandi’s sex toy party.”

Claudia and Willie played a game of “You Goat Girl” where they had to guess the prices of items in the game.


A caller asked Claudia if she had any regrets over anything she expressed during the NeNe argument in Puerto Rico. Claudia’s response was spot on:

“Absolutely not,” Jordan said. “She started with me and when you bully people you have to be prepared for what comes next, so no.”

In conclusion, the two partook in a playful game of “Teach Me Your Talent,” Claudia taught Willie Geist how to amp up his reads! Watch the funny clip below:


The poll question asked: “Who’s side are you on…Claudia or Nene,” and the results were an even 50|50 for the first time in”Watch What Happens Live” history!

Whose side are you on? NeNe or Claudia? Sound off in the comments.


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  • Anne Green

    Nothing and no one can ever take the “hood” out of Nene Leakes! She is the poster child for “it is…what it is”

  • Marsbars09

    Nene is nothing more than a mean, spiteful, jealous person. Any person that befriends her ought to feel shame.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Claudia slayed em and was funny as hell on WWHL.
    I think she actually beat NeNe at the poll but Andy didn’t have the heart….
    Linethia embarassed herself….and it’s her own dayum fault. First Porsha, then Phaedra and Apollo now it’s Nene’s turn.. #Karma

  • Claudia looked fab last night, and the fact that people can side with NeNe says a lot about society. It’s not ok to bully and demean people, and it’s certainly not ok to play the race card, especially considering all the racial tensions going on in our country at the present time. Sad when you look at it.

    • Shelly Jones

      Nene is a big disappointment. She and Phaedra were mean girls. Going I on Demetria like that when they first meet is baffling. Why not establish a rapport and see if she wants your advice before randomly dishing it out. At the dinner table they were extremely rude and immature. Kudos to Claudia and Cynthia for standing up to those nasty adolescent chicks.

      • misstc

        Seems to be a trend that women that get screwed by own men- Fraudra, Brandi G, Poorsha & Nene (she’s not really happy with nursemaid Greg), tend to lash out at women who are happier than them. Obvious sour grapes.

  • Shelly Jones

    IMO Nene was getting slaughtered to she had to resort to vulgar insults. What 45+ y.o. woman talks about someone’s p*ssy and uses the word cl*t at the dinner table. Then calls her a half breed. Nene needs to be gone.

    • Lucy94

      I thought the same thing. The only other cretin(s) that would do that are Brandi (the white version of Nene) and Tamara. Trash, trash, trash. Miss Nene must have really P.O.’d someone at Bravo to get the edit she’s getting. I don’t know what’s worse, the wigs or her mouth. And her skin is a mess too. But she does have those bootiful teeth…NOT!

      • Shelly Jones

        I agree. Nene, Phaedra and Poorsha are getting the b!tch edit. They are looking like monsters this season. But I cant blame bravo, the ladies (and I use that term loosely) gave bravo the footage.

        • LymeDisease_Fighter

          Why do you assume it’s an edit? Nene has always been this way, I wasn’t shocked by anything she did or said. Nene always acts foul.

      • misstc

        And dried ramen noodles in place of a bad wig. ROTFLMAO – spot on!!

    • ldeimler

      i really think this is the beginning of the end of nene’s popularity. her diehard fans cannot excuse this behavior. talk about a trash mouth. i was shocked at her, phadra and porsha. so nasty and so rude.nene is in for a real wake up call. i can’t wait to hear the spin she puts on this one. there is no excuse. god lady you are on tv. if you can’t control yourself on tv how are you in your everyday life? people are finally seeing her for what she is. and please get rid of the ramen wig.

  • misstc

    I am DEFINATELY team Claudia! She is a class act and brings fresh air to NayNay’s fart mouth.

  • cait

    Ooohh, purleeaase ! The Tree Huggers must be lonely and looking for some other idiot, cretin to deserve their luurrvve ! GO CLAUDIA !

  • 416rocks

    Claudia is a great addition to this cast.

    She didn’t need to raise her voice or go charging after Top Ramen to make her (valid) points.

    If anyone is a “half breed”, it’s NeNe–half horse and half moose.


    • LymeDisease_Fighter

      No, half Big-Foot, half moose. 😉

  • TGIP – Nene’s New Wig

    Nene took a total cheap-shot at Claudia with that “half-breed” comment…for a person who claims any ethnic background. She overstepped her own commenting boundaries.
    “Half-breed” is a full-steam-ahead racial slur that is meant to be extremely demeaning. And when it is said it can then become a catch-all slur against any number of supposedly influential people. For example…B.O., the pres. It hasn’t achieved the echelon of rude that the “n” word has, but it was designed to do just that…be that rude!
    So, I wonder how good Nene would feel if she verbatim said the same thing to B.O.
    Money in her bank…well, Larry Flint probably has a bucket load of money too…and I don’t know about you but I have total disrespect for that guy and I don’t give a rats how successful he is.

  • Cai Kelly

    The WWHL poll was skewed by NeNe’s army of sycophants. Claudia is much more likable.

  • msxmargo .

    I loved watching HeHe get put in check! It’s been way over due, Maybe HeHe will tone it down stop treating people the way she does and hire a new hair stylist that knows what HeHe can wear and what she can’t NO TOP FINGER WAYS OR TOP RAMEN BOB! HeHe looks mean and jealous of Claudia and Kenya, I’d like to know where HeHe stripped at- I know it wasn’t a high end club

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    Nene crossed the line with her racial comment