‘RHOA’ Sneak Peek: NeNe & Claudia’s Explosive Confrontation In Puerto Rico [VIDEO]

Posted on Jan 11 2015 - 11:14am by Editor

Nene vs Claudia Collage

NeNe and Phaedra visit Demetria in the studio and dish on what happened at Kandi’s party. They lend an ear to Demetria regarding her relationship, leading her to question Phaedra’s sincerity.


When the ladies arrive in Puerto Rico,  sparks fly when Demetria calls out Phaedra in Puerto Rico.


NeNe calls Claudia a puppet. Get a sneak peek at NeNe and Claudia’s explosive confrontation.


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  • Sunny

    Nene sitting there in her talking head, wearing her Dutch Boy wig, the lower part of her face much darker than the upper side, talking about Claudia’s BRAIN? LOL! Umm, okay!

    • Jersey

      LMAO @ Dutch boy wig… My sister said she looks like Bucky Larson in her talking head. :p

  • italiano bambino

    Oh claudia go hunt the moose… moose and fakedra finally met there match.

    • Marsbars09


      • italiano bambino

        I can already see or read on the blogs people calling demitria and claudia puppets or they just want to secure there jobs BUT at the end if the day it was about time those (moose&fake) get called out for there hypocrisy

        • Marsbars09

          If Demetria and Claudia are “puppets” that’s fine with me as long as somebody calls Moose and Fake on their BS.

          • italiano bambino

            Totally agree

  • Marsbars09

    It’s going to be on tonight! I can’t wait to see Demetria give it to Fake and Claudia give it to Moose.
    Moose and Fake think they can shade the newbies without any repercussions. Well they sure showed them. Ha!

    • italiano bambino

      Finally the show is picking up.

  • What the hell is Phaedra’s problem? Phae and Nene are both very insecure bitches to step to Demetria like that. Her relationship is none of their business. Geez!

    • italiano bambino

      But when they question there relationship they Go by oh should ask me in private.. double standard BS

  • Boy when Claudia told NeNe the S in Bridesmaid was not silent, I fell out of my seat laughing! It’s about time somebody said something. And that big buffoon NeNe, she’s always getting loud. I love how Claudia clocked her tea and remained cool, calm, and collected.

    • italiano bambino

      That nene only defense Get Loud

  • TGIP – Nene’s New Wig

    Oh Yesssss…”The only thing we have in common is 8….”.
    What a classic read! And Hydra’s I mean Phaedra’s game… just got SHUT DOWN!

  • italiano bambino

    What strip club was that at ???? Bloop lol

  • Kenya was hilarious tonight!!

    • italiano bambino

      I haven’t seen it yet

  • fred

    that insecure beast said compare bank acct.s she better enjoy it now because it will be empty again,

    • TGIP – Nene’s New Wig

      Such a poignant comment!