The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Spoiler Alert: Shock and Tears

Posted on Jan 6 2015 - 11:12am by Editor


The ladies of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” return tonight for another installment of friendship drama!

Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump finally meet for lunch to talk about the status of their tenuous relationship. Brandi brought her fair share of shock value to the PUMP charity event last week, but it seems she’s the one getting a surprise this week.


The ladies attend a dinner party at Yolanda’s home in Malibu where tensions are high between Eileen and BrandiEileen and Brandi share marriage stories over dinner, but the evening quickly turns sour when Brandi hears Eileen was married to somebody else when she met Vince


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  • italiano bambino

    i didn’t see it last week kinda bored with the feud. If Bravo is going to drag the feud ima going to skip it. But tonight looks good.

    • Dani-K

      Tonight does look good, but you’re right about the feud. It’s so last year.

  • Sunny

    Brandi is so ratchet.

  • Ronnie

    I saw a new preview on the website and Brandi actually throws wine because Eileen won’t re enact a scene from Days of Our Lives. LOL

    • Rochelle Barozzi


      • gessiewtf

        Freaking hilarious to a dimwit, perhaps.

  • She Stinks!

    Looks like Brandi is auditioning for a role on a soap. All fake, all staged.

    • Susan Thorne Zavagli

      I really think she is trying to get on a soap…she doesn’t need a script just wind her up

  • Jersey

    Kyle’s crying voice annoys the heck out of me.

    • Susan Thorne Zavagli

      Kim’s voice too…what a pair of cry babies ……what is the story with the electronic cigs …..Kim carries one around like a iphone….there she was coughing with a cig in her hand while talking to Brandi for which she had the wrong day…..

  • MorningYawn

    Ok, did anyone else watch WWHL with Brandi and Jeff Lewis?

    • Ronnie

      Yup. Girl needs help.

      • MorningYawn

        Real or fake? I don’t think she cried. Read on another site they were fine on after show. And yeah, girl needs help!! Lol!

        • itsjustme

          I think it was fake. I watched it this morning and the whole time I was watching it, it looked too rehearsed and when Brandi turned her chair I’m pretty certain she was trying to hide laughter. She isn’t that good of an actress.